Methods of organic farming

Pesticides used in organic farming

There are many types of pesticides available in the market to control crop pests for higher quality and higher production. All these pesticides protect our crops from pests but the crops produced from their consumption are very harmful to the human body.Fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, beans, peppers grown with such pesticides are very harmful.

So how do we control pests or insects in our crops? Is there any other way to control the organisms that are destroying this crop? The answer to this question can be found according to our organic farming method and we have to make a concerted effort so that it is used to the maximum and people get pure and excellent quality agricultural produce.

Total use of pesticides in general Since 90 to 95% of the consumption is in agriculture. Significance depends on the size of the problem.
The main enemy of the peasant friends was found in various crops.There are diseases and pests 80% of crops are destroyed. Suckers, whiteflies, droughts and viral diseases. Usually causes crop failure Some even when grain is stored Insects and rodents cause damage
Factors that directly or indirectly affect crop production. Accurately and effectively The use of pesticides is essential for prevention.

By using pesticides indiscriminately Deficits are likely to contain residues. Which has a detrimental effect on the health of the consumer. In addition to its export of export oriented farm products Reaches the opposite effect. Of pesticides in general Insufficient time between sprinkling and harvesting, Use and requirement of pesticides without recommendation Deficit in excessive amounts and frequent use Substances are likely to contain pesticide residues.

In order to protect our crops, it is very important to first identify the pests and insects that cause damage. When are these pests more common? How does the damage? This is very important to know as it is very important to take precautionary measures to protect your crop from such pests especially at the time when the crop is beginning to germinate.

Residues of pesticides in crops

The question of pesticide residues is now spicy.Crops like cumin and fennel are more common.This results in stagnation of exports and also in consumption in the domestic market due to increased consumer awareness.Decreases may be noted. The second is vegetable crops is coming. Including pesticides in some types of vegetables.Remains questions are more prevalent.

Of vegetables Apply pesticides only after weeding Should. Dudhi, Turiya, Galka, Karela and some others Vegetables in which the top can be peeled Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice Should be removed. Vegetables and fruits Insecticides in crops Determining the intervening period (waiting period) Vegetables and before the waiting period Deficiencies due to not peeling or weaving fruits The question of pesticide residues does not remain. Of vegetables Rinse it well with clean water before use Should be washed.In doing so the outside of the vegetables.The amount of pesticides on the surface is reduced.Washing vegetables with water reduces residue Proportion especially vegetables with rough surface.There are more than smooth surface vegetables.

Some types of fruits or vegetables, after using the pesticide, do not go away completely even if we clean it in any way, such as cauliflower because its composition is such that the pesticide liquid is inside it.

At present, mangoes are infested with gold which stings and rots for a long time. The pesticide used to control it is very harmful. Similarly, the insecticide called Corrosion used in eggplant crop is very harmful to the human body. The amount of powder given for the control of the root in such crops is also found in the oil obtained from it in the laboratory.

Residues of pesticides in export oriented crops

Various farms exported from Indea Products include cotton, mangoes, grapes, bananas, peppers, May include chillies, chillies, etc. This
Their analysis before exporting farm products It is important to know the amount of pesticides used. In such crops maintaining the interval between sprinkling and sloping. Comes and adopts integrated pest management. If so, this kind of question can be solved to a large extent. There is currently a very popular good farming approach. In export oriented agricultural products if adopted Residual questions of pesticides can be avoided.

Excessive use of pesticides, spraying and Inadequate interval between harvests, recommended More and more frequent use of pesticides and counterfeiting Use of pesticides.

Reducing pesticide residues as well as side effects Remedies for

  • Farmers bring vegetables to market First wash with clean water. because. Disinfectants by washing vegetables with clean water Residues decrease. Residues decrease. More in proportions smooth surface vegetables Absorbent type pesticides Than the remnants of tangent disinfectants A way to wash with clean water to minimize Effective.1 hour after spraying Of different drugs by washing the samples taken Reduction of residues in different vegetables The proportion was 20 to 70 percent, while on the fifth day. The reduction rate from washing the samples is 15 to 68 .Percent. Thus fresh vegetables have a higher rate of pesticide reduction.
  • Agricultural Chemistry Recommended by the University of Agriculture Appropriate amount as required Use only. Vegetables in any case Do not use monocrotaphos in crops.
  • Do not harm predators and parasites Do not use such agrochemicals.
  • Lemongrass is a herbicide And the manufacture of lemon oil, corn oil, Custard bean powder, mint leaf powder Etc.
Organic pasteurized list
  1. Jivamrut
  2. Nimastr
  3. saptparniextrext
  4. Dashparniextrext
  5. fireim
  6. etc……

Virus of papaya

The virus of papaya crop is responsible for reducing your farm income. Our papaya farmers are very much bothered by the virus of papaya which is spreading very fast and has a bad effect on our crop production. This type of virus can be active up to a radius of 5 km and if it is present in the crop of last 4 years then it can become active if this crop is taken in that soil again at the present time.

Is there no permanent solution to the papaya virus? How can we protect our papaya cultivation? Can we control this virus in the way shown in organic farming?

Before solving the above questions, it is very important that we identify the virus of papaya.

Symptoms of papaya virus

A virus called yellow mosaic causes its leaves to turn yellow and dry.Its leaves become visible during the fall season.Its new leaves are also found to be hard and distorted in the wells so that the effect on the full growth of the plant is not less or no fruit at all. Therefore, control of this disease is very important for good production.

The leaves of any plant are found to be green.This is because of the chlorophyll in the leaf.But the virus destroys the chlorophyll in it so in its initial symptom it starts to turn yellow and deform.It is impossible to get excellent fruit across the road as it affects the fruiting process.Although sometimes the leaves look yellow due to lack of magnesium and zinc. But we can get it through manure.

organic crops

Learn how to grow hydroponics grasses.

Hydroponics farming has proved to be a blessing in disguise with less land and heterogeneous environmental conditions. Today even the uneducated farmers of the world are becoming economically prosperous by adopting the hydroponics farming method.

Global trends in livestock production show that the use of livestock products has been growing rapidly and widely. It is estimated that in the coming days, the use of pesticides in developing countries like India will increase by about 4.5 per cent. It can be said to be the backbone of Indian agriculture which contributes about 5 per cent to the national GDP.

Rural areas are an important source of employment and livelihood for 70% of the population. Hundhan contributes about 12 per cent to the total household income in rural India and animal husbandry is especially important in the lives of small and marginal farmers as well as landless individuals. Increasing milk productivity per animal despite production is a major challenge.

This challenge can also be attributed to the fact that our India does not produce enough hay due to its seasonal climate. There are many areas where there is not enough water for grazing and hydroponics can be produced to feed our cattle for more milk production.

Milk-productivity of dairy cattle in India averages 1200 kg per animal per year, which is much lower than the average milk productivity of the world, and low yield and scarcity of green and dry weeds are the main reasons for this poor productivity. The cost of greenery is about 30-35 per cent. Therefore, it can be said that for the economic and sustainable development of dairy farming, it is very important for the milch cattle to get adequate nutrition of quality greenery. Indian pasture land and fodder. According to the Vision 2050 document of the research institute, the demand for green and dry grass will reach 1012 and 631 million tons by the year 2050 respectively.

At present, the country consumes an estimated 65 per cent of the greenery and 25 per cent of the fodder due to declining grazing land and many other factors due to urbanization. And given the current declining resource growth fears, this food will also be around 18.4 per cent and 13.2 per cent by 2050, respectively.

There is an urgent need for alternative and immediate arrangements and techniques for pastoralists to cultivate vegetables continuously. Amid rising grass production costs and declining natural resources due to high labor rates and scarcity of irrigation, many innovative sustainable technologies are being researched as an alternative to the traditional method of coping with green sugar. Under which, four production methods by hydroponics are very much in discussion nowadays.

This hydroponics technique is being seen as an agricultural revolution in solving all weed related problems. It can also be said that this technology of hydroponic four production will be the major aspect of the future for the pastoralists.

What is Hydroponics Greenery ??

Hydroponics greens can be called sorghum in simple language. That the soil is grown without soil in normal water or in a water solution containing nutrients that the plant needs. Hydroponic fodder is also known by other names such as Fresh Fodder Biscuit, Sprouted Fodder, Sprouted Four Seeds or Alphaculture. In order to maintain the milk production and fertility of the cattle during the season, the cattle were given sprouted grains in rows.

Progressive pastoralists in the Middle East, Africa and some countries in Asia who are interested in green fodder shortages are showing interest in the hydroponic grass method.
Hydropink greens can usually be grown in large state-of-the-art and automated systems under atmospheric control or in low-cost systems where there is a favorable environment for four products.

According to most research reports, hydroponic fodder production may be more favorable in arid-drought and drought-prone regions, where there is water scarcity or in areas where there is no strong irrigation structure. It is possible to feed the vegetables grown in this way to sheep, goats and other dairy animals.

Advantages of hydroponic fodder system

Discussions about the following advantages of hydroponic fodder method in publications related to hydroponic fodder production by various organizations seem to be all-encompassing.

  • This technique is advantageous when compared with conventional fodder production as it can control the atmospheric conditions as well as the nutrients required for seed germination.
  • Conventional green hydroponic fodder contains nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, etc.
  • The production of this fodder saves labor water and time.
  • One kilogram of fodder seed 6-8 kg of green fodder is produced in just 7-9 days.

organic crops

Whether grafting is useful for enriching agriculture.

What is a grafting? How should a grafting be done?What should be kept in mind for that? These questions keep coming to our minds. It usually means that the best plants with better productivity have a connection with other plants.

When we hear the word grafting, the only picture that comes to our mind is that it is a process for excellent fruiting in horticultural crops This method is very popular and scientifically taken in modern farming.

In this post I will show you the use and benefits of grafting method in vegetable crops. Vegetable crops are rich in nutrition. So it is known as protective food. It is beneficial to change the subsistence farming. Climate instability at any stage of crop growth therefore affects normal growth, flowering fruit development and subsequent yield. Grafting in vegetable crops is emerging as a promising and relatively slow alternative to traditional breeding methods.

If we want to increase our tolerance to biological and inorganic stress, we need to adopt and understand the need for grafting in vegetable crops. The plan to transplant these crops is a unique horticultural technique to solve the problems that have been associated in Asia for many years. Grafting on a specific rootstock usually protects the crop from soil borne bugs and worms. It also protects crops against other diseases and organisms. Numerous studies have shown that it can increase production per unit area.

Grafting method

Grafting is an art and technique in vegetable crops. In which two living parts of different plants like Rootstock and Sion Avery are connected so that they grow together as a joint plant.

In addition, grafting is becoming popular as a climate resilient technology due to its ability to withstand salinity, drought, floods, thermal stress, toxic and saturated metals, diseases and pests to reduce the adverse effects of climate change on productivity and quality of vegetable crops.

Grafting purposes:::

  • Plants grow well because of their tolerance to soil borne diseases and worms.
  • There will be a new option against sterilization in the greenhouse.
  • Yields increase.
  • Improving quality features
  • Tolerance against low temperatures
  • Relief in labor costs as changes in the period of harvest become possible.
  • Reducing his own autotoxin.
  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals

Objectives of crop wise grafting system:

The objectives of grafting according to different crops for successful growth of crop under organic and inorganic stress are shown in the table below.

VegetablesThe purpose of the grafting
KarelaEndurance against Fusarium wilt
EggplantFusarium wilt, Phytophthora, Melones, cold tolerance, favorable sex, ratio, fruits without shade.
SucculentsFusarium wilt, Bacterial, Verticillium, Endurance, Low Temperature, Worm tolerance, Increase physical strength and yield of crop. .
TomatoesEndurance against cork roots, endurance against Fusarium wilt, dark red color of fruit and more lycopene, tolerance against worm.
WatermelonEndurance against Fusarium wilt, relief from physical deformity, endurance against cold, endurance against drought.
Objectives of crop wise grafting system:
Tools for grafting: Grafting making clip, tube, pin

Basic prerequisites for making grafting:

  • Root stock
  • Sion Root Stock and Sion
  • Compatibility between root stock and sion
  • Grafting tools
  • The screen house is used to prepare the above and original stem plants before it.UV resistant polyethylene plastic cover with two door arrangement is required when making screen house.
  • The main purpose of the healing chamber is to provide an excellent environment for the graft connection process. The healing chamber is a covered structure. In which it is necessary to have a system of control of elements like humidity and low light. The connection of the graft can be done well using ordinary plastic tunnel. The temperature in the healing chamber is 25-30 degrees Celsius, 85-90.5 Relative humidity and low light intensity are likely to be more successful in graft attachment.
  • The acclimatization chamber is used to transplant grafted plants. And the plants are ready for planting in 7 to 10 days.

Important points to consider when creating a grafting:

Plant the first true leaf stage cyan. The size of the true leaf should be 2-3 mm. The size of the true leaf lift laminate should be about 2 cm. A surgeon’s knife with a handle is best for this grafting method. Use a well-moistened substrate such as a cockpit-filled plug train.

Place the cyan and rootstock in sunlight for 2-3 days before grafting. Make sure that the trunk of the cyan and rootstock are the same size. The cut surface should not be allowed to dry out.It should be placed in a shady place or in a polycarbonate house. Stop watering the plants to avoid unwanted growth.

Different methods of grafting

(1) Cleft grafting: This method is used for grafting of tomato crop.In order to use it root seed stalks are planted 5-7 days early.2-3 Leaving the leaf on the trunk, the cyan and rootstock are cut from the ground side and fitted in the cracked cut part of the rootstock.The pen is reinforced with a plastic clip.

(2) Tube grafting: Grafting is done in the early stages of small plants in the tray.And that requires a small addictive tube.The rootstock is cut first.The sign is cut in the same way.An elastic tube is mounted in the area at the end of the cut of the rootstock.The cut area of the cyan is placed in this tube.So that the sion and root are connected to the outer surface of the stock.

(3) Tongue grafting approach: This method is commonly used in vine vegetable crops like cucumber, sweet potato, watermelon.In this method, the upper and lower stems are sown in such a way that the diameter of the hypocotyl of the cyan and the rootstock remain the same.The hypocotyl of the rootstock is cut in such a way that it fits into each other’s tongue and is secured with a plastic clip.The hypocotyl of the cyan is kept for healing for 3-4 days and then it is crushed between the fingers.This crushed hypocotyl is cut with a razor blade after 3-4 days.

(4) Slant cut grafting: This method has been developed to create robotic grafting.In this method when the seedbed of the rootstock is cut into the slant it is necessary to remove the first leaf and side buds.This method can be done manually in addition to the robotic fly and can be commonly used in all types of vegetables.

(5) Hole insert grafting: This method is most popular with vines.This method is used when there is a polo hypocotyl in the rootstock and cyan. A person can produce 1500 or more cuttings per day. To achieve a high success rate, relative humidity should be maintained at 95%. Temperature should be 21-36 degrees Celsius after healing.

(6)Mechanical grafting: Some of the basic factors that shape the success of grafting by machine or robot such as seedling shape, cut location, gripping, cutting method, fixing material and tools etc. Mechanical this method increases graft success rate. Semi-automatic machine With operators can produce 350 to 600 graphs per hour, while a fully automated grafting robot grafts 750 per hour with a 9.-93% success rate.

(7) Micro-grafting: Micro-grafting is the process of making an in-vitro graft using very small or microscopic implants from meristematic tissues. This method is often used to remove the virus from infected plants because the ears of the virus do not exist in the anterior part of the meristem. This method is expensive.

Tired of using the grafting method, let’s revolutionize agriculture.


Do you know the list of organic farming tools?

The demand for organic farming tools is increasing a lot today. Seeing that, where are the organic farming tools? It is important for every farmer to know the details of how to take care of it. As people today are beginning to understand the importance of organic food, you have to start organic farming to meet the demand of the people.

Today the cultivable land is getting less and less while on the other hand the demand for non-chemical food like vegetables, fruits, grains, ghee, milk is increasing. To meet this situation we have invented many technologies to get more produce. Organic farming tools have played an important role in making this task easier.

In organic farming we use implements like tractors, various tools for tillage, various implements for drawing water for irrigation, drip system for conveying liquid roots, pumps for spraying. If we do not take proper care of these equipment’s then we will have to buy new ones or repair them later. How can we afford this?

We use farm implements for different purposes. First we plow the land, level the land after plowing or break up the piles, sow, weed, irrigate, control other crop damage caterpillars or micro-organisms. After the crop is ready, we use many tools to harvest it.

The government also gives us very good financial support when it comes to buying all these organic farming tools. My post for that. After buying these tools, if you do not take proper care of them, you can get loss, so let us know about various such tools.

For plowing list of organic farming tools


Rotavators are used today to prepare the field immediately after plowing instead of plowing. If we understand the importance of organic farming, it cuts the crop we have already planted and installs it in the soil. That is very important for mulching. As the crop is ready it burns its roots which damages the soil. Instead, an organic farm tool called a rotavator is very useful.

2.A machine for cutting cotton stalks

When it comes to harvesting crops like cotton, tur, eggplant, there are many benefits of cutting the stalks and burying them in the ground instead of burning them. Which establishes natural elements in the soil. In addition, the elements present in this crop decompose and make the soil more fertile. The moisture holding capacity of the soil is increased.

3.Hydraulic reversible disc plow

This type of plow consists of main frame, disc assembly, rock shaft and spring based furrow wheel and gauge wheel. Other few models have disc plows with 2,3 and 4 discs which can be rotated due to hydraulic system so can be plowed simultaneously.It can be increased or decreased as required. It depends on the disc angle 40-45, the cutting width and its tilt angle 15 to 25 depth.

The more depth we cultivate, the greater the benefit. This will deepen the weed seeds on the surface of the soil and improve the growth of the crop on the nutrients deep in the soil. Plowing should be done every three years with the help of this tool.

4.Laser Land Leveler

The soil should be level so that we can get the required water to the crop well and its roots are not washed away. This tool helps you to level the soil which can increase the productivity of the soil. Land erosion stops. It works well once the alignment work is done.

The more fertile the soil, the easier your organic farming will be. Crops like paddy can be filled with the same amount of water. It maintains the same depth.

In addition to the above tools, shovels, shovels, five or eight donor tools are also used to plow the land or cultivate a horticultural plant. All these organic farming tools that make the soil loose help in planting another crop.

For sowing list of organic farming tools

1.Paddy transplanter

The equipment is powered by a single wheel and is connected to a diesel engine. The machine is of the riding type and passes through the nursery in four, six, and eight rows. The front wheel receives power from the vibrator, angle clutch and gear box. The propeller shaft receives power from the gear box for plant transport. Includes tray-mat type nursery. It is manipulated by the scroll shaft mechanism.

The belt converts the motion obtained by the pulley into a spherical motion. The gear and the joint are connected in such a way that it moves in the same direction.

Paddy crops like paddy can be sown very well.Now such machines have also come for sowing crops like onions.The place where the plant is planted is broken and the rest of the body remains the same.A proper distance is maintained between the plant and also.Fast work saves time.With the invention of this organic farming tools, the work that lasts for working days is completed in just a few hours.


In the first field, a wooden spade was used to sow the seeds and the seeds were lowered into the soil with the help of pipes and teeth. In which the man himself planted the seed can sometimes be more or less. It was a lot of hard work to get it fitted and ready to be planted. Which looked very irregular.

There are many tools available today to do this job. It is capable of sowing very well. In which we can give the required nutrients in the seed and soil together in the form of compost. It has the setting to install the seed at yoga depth.

3.Zero teal Sowing.

It is very useful to plant a crop like wheat immediately after taking a crop like rice. Since the soil does not have to be plowed to do so, the previous moisture helps the next crop to grow and less water is needed for the soil.
Which is mostly useful for sowing non-irrigated crops.

For Harvest list of organic farming tools

Most of the time we need small tools like daily grinders for harvesting. But it wastes a lot of human labor and time. Today it has come very fast in the work.

1.Wheat cutter

Wheat is one of the most widely used wheat harvesters in the world for its wheat harvest.In a more productive region like Punjab, this machine is very large which is used for cutting wheat and separating grains from it.


Threshers are used to separate peanuts, any type of cereals, pulses.Earlier this process was very time consuming and equipment like tractor had to be driven on its heap to separate the seeds which also caused a lot of losses. Today this task has become very easy.

Today such tools are also available for weaving green groundnuts as well as cotton. These organic farming tools have made our farming much easier and faster.

3.Combine harvester

Different types of combine harvesters have 2 to 6 friendly long cutter bars. Its function is to cut, press-cut and disassemble donations.

This machine is uniform and well company and also presses and cleans the donations. The work can be done on time.The crop can be delivered to the safe house in case of sudden change in the environment.

For Sprinkle list of organic farming tools

Earlier, hand pumps were used to protect crops from pests.Today, battery powered or solar powered pumps are also available.Vehicles like large tractors can be fitted with multiple fountains at once and can be sprayed into more land in less time.Helicopters are also used for this purpose in some countries.

For Irrigation list of organic farming tools

Rental was first used for irrigation and then diesel engines were used which were very expensive. Irrigation work became much easier with the advent of electric pump sets after the discovery of electricity. It also uses drips or sprinklers to grow more crops with less water. This method works very hard to provide fast nutrient-rich liquids.

There are also other types of organic farming tools such as a tilting current machine for crop protection, a solar ferment trip for catching fuds. These tools have created a great agricultural revolution.


Is Farm Animals The Most Trending Thing Now?

Farm Animals is One of their businesses that can be done with low-cost farming.Farm with an animal’s business goal is done for milk, wool, meat, or for travel or for breeding animals with load-carrying capacity.

Even if we don’t have much land in Farm Animals, even if we don’t have much land, we can raise a good income by raising them in a small barn. Today, many people are earning good money through this farm animal business. According to the geographical situation of the world, animals everywhere. There are different types of birds found on our farm.

What are the types of farm animals?

Today the demand for milk, meat, eggs, beef, wool, leather, and all these things is increasing tremendously. As the demand increases, so does the profitability of the business. This is why it is natural for people to be more attracted to this profession. Here are the details of the animals and birds for those Farm Animals.

1.Farm Animals of Cow

There are many breeds of cows in our world. Its milk is very beneficial. For the intellectual development of the child, very easy for digestion, to increase the number of sperm in the male, for tuberculosis, to give a malnourished child with nuts, to give strength to the old or infirm. For the beauty of the face, the yellow carotene in milk gives it a lot of benefits in increasing the brightness of the eyes.

Looking at the above benefits, can you imagine how much profit you can get from raising this cow in the future? You can start a farm animal business by choosing a less fertile place for it as well as providing suitable accommodation as well as suitable facilities for grazing and drinking water. For that, choose more and longer lactating breeds. It should be properly groomed by an experienced person to give us more milk. It should be provided with essential nutrients.

2.Farm Animals of Goat-Sheep

The main purpose behind raising sheep and goats is its wool from which warm garments are made.This animal is specially reared especially in cold countries.Merino sheep which gives good quality wool is found in Australia.

Chickpeas should be soaked in the diet of sheep and goats for 4 hours to increase their weight. Shake off the cake that grows after removing the oil from the cottonseed for more milk. Due to a large number of these animals, many people have to take care of them which affects our profits. In today’s market, such an animal should be milked or other grooming machines should be installed in our Farm Animals in a short time.

3.Farm Animals of horse

Horses are helpful for people traveling in inaccessible areas in mountainous areas where our modern vehicles cannot reach. Many people also raise them for hobbies. There are many breeds of them.

Horses should be taken care of more than other animals.They should be given food that gives them more strength.There should be separate living facilities for females. Special knowledgeable people should be kept in the breeding school.

4.Farm Animals of camel

The camel is more adapted to desert areas. Therefore, it is bred systematically in many parts of the world, including many breeds in Rajasthan, India and Kutch, Saudi Arabia.

There has been a lot of research on camel’s milk which has very good benefits. The first is herbal medicine for diabetes, which is useful for both types of diabetes. It needs more calcium for a high bone structure. It can be used.It has proved to be a very beneficial factor for mentally retarded children. If we do not get this milk easily, its powder can also be obtained online.

These Farm Animals can be said to be excellent due to their high demand due to the good demand for camel milk.

5.Farm Animals of Alpaca and llama

It is very beautiful and lively. You will also be tempted to gal with it when you see its baby.It is raised for its wool.Which is used to make very precious woolen garments.

6.Farm Animals of Rabbits

Farm Animals of Rabbits
Farm Animals of Rabbits

There is a belief among the people behind raising rabbits that it is very useful for rainfed in our house. But it is mainly used for beef. Many people also buy it from your Farm Animals for a hobby by paying a high price. Carrots and coriander are very popular. For its rearing, a protective wall or fencing should be made to protect it from other prey.

Rabbits are very timid in nature so choose a place with a quiet and natural environment for their rearing.

7.Farm Animals of Poultry

Today, people in and around big cities prefer poultry farming. Poultry farms are in high demand for eggs as well as non-vegs. I will tell you what to take care of before you talk about this business.

The poultry farm used to make a good profit but now the cost has gone up.
The food you use to grow it is currently costly. In addition, many poultry die at times due to viral infections. So if you try measures to protect our bird from such viruses, you will surely succeed in this.

8.Farm Animals of duck

People who want to raise ducks should first buy their chicks which can be started with less money. Depending on the species, it is decided whether you will get income from it through eggs or beef. More work happens more in the cold season.

Duck eggs contain more protein as well as eggs produced by male ducks for medical use. Therefore, for more income from our farm, we should also raise male ducks.

Dirty and clean farm animals

Dirty farm animalsClean farm animals
Poultry – Poultry is often chewed.
Its chew is very smelly.
It is also included in dirty farms
as it is in large numbers in very small space and cannot be cleaned well. But this dirty chew is very useful in organic farming. Which makes a good profit by selling.
The rabbit looks clean and beautiful to all the animals. You don’t like dirt so its farm is clean.
If you refuse regular cleaning of water made for ducks, it is also included in the dirty farm.Large animals like cows, buffaloes, camels, llamas, alpacas urinate and defecate for a short period of time in a day so they can be included in pure Farm Animals.

Special care of for farm animals

The business for Farm Animals should be done very carefully and the loss can be more than the profit.

  • We need to take precautionary measures to protect our birds from infection.
  • Choosing high breeds for the purpose for which we raise animals or birds for maximum profit.
  • Behaving lovingly for the grooming of the organisms in it as it will give the organism more product for you.
  • An experienced person who can take care of the farm animal should be taken care of before setting it up.

organic crops

The health benefits of organic wheat for our body

organic wheat

Organic wheat is sometimes included in our diet within the variety of bread, bhakri or bread. We tend to eat wheat ready by organic farming method?We use wheat-based dishes daily.We have a tendency to use several dishes made of wheat in our plate or as breakfast. To keep our body healthy, it’s vital that it’s ready by organic farming methodology. We know what’s made from wheat.

General concerning wheat: Wheat could be a common winter grain crop, that is additional susceptible to condensate. Whose scientific name is monocot genus. it’s a crop of family Graminaceae category. This will be high-priced for us to shop for because, the farmer has worked exhausting to arrange it.

How is organic wheat Prepared?

In India, geographical region and Bhal area in Gujarat are legendary for wheat. America is additionally its producer country. Wheat is winter crop. Farmer for additional production and profit use chemical pesticides to get rid of weeds and pesticides to shield them from alternative pests.

Wheat ready from organic farming doesn’t use any chemicals. It uses natural ingredients like junk, urine, leaves of sure plants. In wheat ready by organic farming methodology Environments developed additional robustly, permitting them to attract additional minerals from the soil. This caused them them to be healthier and additional nutritious for shoppers.

What is the health benefit of wheat?

There area unit several edges to exploitation wheat as food. That it’s digestible quicker therefore less labor intensive voters use it in their diet. Organic wheat has additional fiber and additional nutrition. It reduces the chance of heart condition. It’s wonderful for diabetics. The doctor tells U.S. the unfortunate to continuously eat wheat bread.

Wheat we tend to sometimes see additional in yellow. In some countries it’s conjointly seen in red.Today the cultivation of black, blue or purple wheat is increasing at a decent rate. within which anthracnose is torrential.

It benefits a person who is experiencing mental tan, a person with obesity, a person with cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Wheatgrass, a herb that is known for various health benefits, is prepared from the cotyledons of the wheat plant, which are. Biologically known as Triticum aestivum.It is a of nutrients and is known for its ability to increase immunity and help deal with cancer.

What is wheatgrass?

organic wheat could be a food made of the corn plant.It’s thought to be super potent food with wonderful edges.It’s sometimes consumed as a contemporary juice. But it conjointly comes in fine-grained type.

whereas you wish some cholesterin to create hormones and manufacture gall, an excessive amount of cholesterin in your blood will block blood flow and increase your risk of heart condition. There area unit several edges of cutting the wheat crop once it’s nano and golf shot it in an exceedingly mixer and drinking its juice. It’s helpful for excretory organ stones.

grass contains thylakoids, that area unit small. Another study found that giving thylakoids to rats on a high-fat diet resulted in belittled food intake and weight, compared to an effect cluster. Will a wheat dish injury the organic process system?

Does a wheat dish damage the digestive system?

Mendo that is created from flour. A number of the dishes made of it stick within the gut for a protracted time. The protein in it’s accountable. For this we must always take less in food until such a dish is created.

embody organically ready organic wheat in our diet. which can keep your systema alimentarium and alternative abdomen ailments away. This methodology doesn’t use any reasonably chemical plant food or alternative. Weed killer or chemical and is sauteed naturally. Save my name, email, and web site during this browser for future time I comment.

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The benefits of moringa for our body

There are many benefits of Moringa. Everyone must know about benefits of Moringa. Everyone must have eaten its vegetable. benefits of Moringa. Promotes Heart Health. The incidence of heart disease is very high today.
Cholesterol is responsible for this. As the amount of alcohol in our body increases, the arteries that supply blood to the heart become obstructed, which is responsible for heart attack in human life.

Protects Skin and Nourishes Hair. Moringa has all the qualities that keep the skin healthy.

benefits of moringa
Benefits of Moringa

Excessive salinity and poor water quality in bathing can lead to hair loss, dandruff, hair loss or coarseness. moringa is very beneficial to such people. It is rich in vitamin A which makes hair soft and silky.Dandruff in the scalp will also be removed.Moringa is very benefits for the health of your hair.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves?

::::Importns on Diabetes:Moringa is also rich in vitamin C.People with diabetes, people with chest pain, stroke as well as blood vessel damage can be reduced.. Some people credit the Moringa herb for reducing tumour size and blood pressure

:::::Cardiovascular system:Protects Heart. Moringa leaves is said to protect the heart & support cardiovascular system. Cholesterol buildup in your arteries protects your body from heart disease.

::::Brain Health:Powerful benefits of Moringa. According to the demands of a balanced diet, acids, most of the minerals I need as well as most of the vitamins in Moringa are good.

Moringa Juice Benefits

Moringa leaves juice has great benefits for your skin and health.Have this juice for a beautiful skin and good health.

Most of the people adopt new tips to reduce their bloated stomach. Moringa is very useful for those people to reduce their stomach cramps.

Because of heavy rains, and no sunlight nothing blooms or grows well during this period.It has the ability to suck lot of water along with other toxins and store it in its trunk.

Make at home a very tasty moringa vegetable

There are several benefits of eating Moringa or drinking its leaf juice.
If we see so many benefits above, today we will also see its recipe.

To make Moringa curry, its long fruit are cut into small pieces about 3 inches and boiled in water. After boiling, remove the water in the pot. These boiled fruit are also very tasty.

Put your household members in a pot on the stove to boil as much oil as you use to make vegetables.Check that the rye oil is completely hot and then add it.Add the mixed solution of chickpea flour and buttermilk, add boiled fruit and let it simmer.Your curry is now ready to add sweet neem leaves to make it better .I don’t feel like eating this summer.

Moringa Smoothie:Many of us wake up in the morning or get in the mood immediately after drinking tea or coffee. This is very useful for such people as energy bursing.To make it, add lemon juice to the almond powder and mix it with a blender to mix the moringa leaves.

Moringa stir fry:

This Moringa recipe is very popular in the state of Kerala. First make its kuna leaves. Dip it with good water. Heat oil in a pan. Oil is better than Nile. Add chopped onion. Cut into two or three chillies. Fry for one minute. After that add salted Moringa leaves.After one minute of hot work, apply the powdered coconut powder.

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Best onion seeds Choose tips.

There are several criteria for the way to settle on the simplest onion seeds. Its choice is incredibly necessary as typically it prices around Rs. 2000-3000 per kg. Because of its deficiency. At that point, if somebody offers as onion seeds that don’t grow wrong, we’ve got to suffer a great deal.

  • When we want to buy onion seeds, keep the seeds in a container. This is worth buying if the seeds germinate after a few days.
  • Put the seeds on a griddle and buy it like hot popping.
  • Take water in the cooker, add a handful of seeds in it and wait till three whistles. If onion seeds germinate, understand that this is a very good seed. Buy it.
  • Add onion seeds in a liter of water in a container if you never buy those seeds over water.

Friends, even once such a busy work, typically weak seeds still germinate, thus believe me, put into effect shopping for from a warranted closed certified company.

There are two varieties of onion seeds. One is white and also the alternative is black. That during additional black seeds area unit seeded which area unit red onions. Onions area unit the foremost eaten up vegetable. Onions area unit eaten up particularly in cold countries. Onion could be a tuber. It is big in many nations of Asian nation. Onions area unit seeded double within the ground. Its seeds are a unit seeded within the ground. It is vital to confirm the seed. Typically these seeds don’t grow or germinate cheaply.

What grows from the black onion seed is known as rope.Once this rope is prepared, it’s revolved.It is prepared it’s referred to as onions.Onion could be a crop that’s prepared in four months. For this, a great deal of care has got to be taken by the farmer. Onion contains a Disease known as Chitari. To manage the un wellness, high-priced pesticides area unit sprayed to manage the Disease. It is terribly high-priced and onions area unit harmful if used as food

According to my own experience on onion seeds

However if we have a tendency to strive organic farming. We are going to not waste cash or damage the body. Organic farming is that the key to growing onions. The additional onions grow, the additional onions are created. Jivamrut could be a terribly helpful consider developing its roots. Data on a way to build jivamrut it’s conjointly obtainable on my web site.

If you would like another technique of developing the roots, once it’s to be irrigated.Iit’ll be terribly helpful if it’s given with Cow excreta.Onion roots typically have root diseases.For that, seven leaf extract, 10 leaf extract may be created and given with irrigation.The on top of mentioned extracts may be given for bar of plant disease in onion seeds. Onions even have a unwellness known as Boil which might be simply cured by organic farming.

The importance of onions

onion seed are terribly helpful in winter season. It contributes a great deal to cure cold cough. If onion is eaten up in summer, it provides protection against heat. Onion seed will increase sex power. Onion seeds is most wont to build most of Viagra. Eating onions will increase appetence that helps to create lean and skinny hair by uptake additional food. Making gravy from onions and adding it to any vegetable becomes terribly tasty. Eat whole onions reception typically. In the monsoon season, onion fritters area unit highly regarded, brother.

Onions contain each water-soluble vitamin and phytochemicals that increase the effectiveness of water-soluble vitamin in your body. Quercetin is over simply a funny wanting word. It’s conjointly a plant flavonoid that possesses potent antioxidants, that fight against cancer-causing free radicals.

Where as adrenal cortical steroid is completely traditional, an excessive amount of of it will harm muscle tissue and cause super molecule breakdown within the body. Raw onion conjointly promotes production of HDL which is that the smart cholesterin that you just got to keep healthy. Cholesterin is presently chargeable for cardiopathy. Onion seed provide a bonus for its management.

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Millet is your best food

Millet is a grain. Its bread is created.Its bread is extremely notable in Gujarat and Surashtra. If you’re in any huge town of the planet and if you order a Gujarati plate, you’ll before long realize in your dish you would like millets bread. In Gujarat, Banaskantha is legendary for It. Millet is wealthy in carbohydrates. it’s a decent serious food that takes plenty of your time to digest. Millet food is claimed to be sensible for someone.

If you ever travel toGujarat, you would like to order a loaf of millets bread. If there’s eggplant vegetable, if there’s eggplant paste, then it’s terribly fun to eat with bajra, brother! you would like to come back to Gujarat to get pleasure from the pleasure of sitting below the shade of nim tree in summer. If you have got created lentils of Adad and have an onion with you, if you eat it once with Millet Rotla, you are feeling like feeding it once more and more. The Itcrop is ready with the smallest amount chemicals. But here, friends, we tend to area unit talking solely regarding organic farming. No. Milet is extremely sweet to dine in summer.

Importance of millet

Benefits of Millets And Its Side Effects . Wide mature round the. World as cereal crops or grains for human food and as fodder. nutritionary worth of It. World to supply basic nutrition for several developing nations.Health Benefits of it. Consumption of It in massive amounts helps decrease lipid levels within the body.It is vital owing to its unambiguously high content of nutrients., it contains high starch levels, B vitaminscalcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and fats.}

Millets contains soluble fiber, which produces a viscous substance in your gut. In turn, this traps fats and helps reduce cholesterol levels.It is rich in phenolic compounds, especially ferulic acid and catechins. These molecules act as antioxidants to protect your body from harmful oxidative stress.

Benefits of eating millet

Millet is particularly most well-liked by the individuals of Kathiawadi in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In several countries of the planet, if you attend a building for dinner and order a waiter to serve Gujarati  thali, you’ll undoubtedly realize millet bread in your thali. This millet has several edges because it contains antioxidants, supermolecule and plenty of vitamins.

The many results researches on the regular intake of millet in many of the standards for what food is needed for the body area unit positive.

Damage caused by eating millet

Injury caused by feeding millet Millet is digestible terribly slowly in our body because it is high in fiber. thus people who work less ought to use wheat rather than millet as their daily food.

Excessive millet diet is answerable for issues like constipation.

Enjoy raw mille

Get pleasure from raw Millet you’ll be staying within the town thus you’ll have a awfully tasty meal at a 5 star building. however have you ever ever devoured a roast ponkh of raw millets dunda? If not, generally choose the sector close to you and take the dunda, fry it outside and eat it. Comment here. however delicious it feels.