Methods of organic farming

Pesticides used in organic farming

There are many types of pesticides available in the market to control crop pests for higher quality and higher production. All these pesticides protect our crops from pests but the crops produced from their consumption are very harmful to the human body.Fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, beans, peppers grown with such pesticides are very harmful.

So how do we control pests or insects in our crops? Is there any other way to control the organisms that are destroying this crop? The answer to this question can be found according to our organic farming method and we have to make a concerted effort so that it is used to the maximum and people get pure and excellent quality agricultural produce.

Total use of pesticides in general Since 90 to 95% of the consumption is in agriculture. Significance depends on the size of the problem.
The main enemy of the peasant friends was found in various crops.There are diseases and pests 80% of crops are destroyed. Suckers, whiteflies, droughts and viral diseases. Usually causes crop failure Some even when grain is stored Insects and rodents cause damage
Factors that directly or indirectly affect crop production. Accurately and effectively The use of pesticides is essential for prevention.

By using pesticides indiscriminately Deficits are likely to contain residues. Which has a detrimental effect on the health of the consumer. In addition to its export of export oriented farm products Reaches the opposite effect. Of pesticides in general Insufficient time between sprinkling and harvesting, Use and requirement of pesticides without recommendation Deficit in excessive amounts and frequent use Substances are likely to contain pesticide residues.

In order to protect our crops, it is very important to first identify the pests and insects that cause damage. When are these pests more common? How does the damage? This is very important to know as it is very important to take precautionary measures to protect your crop from such pests especially at the time when the crop is beginning to germinate.

Residues of pesticides in crops

The question of pesticide residues is now spicy.Crops like cumin and fennel are more common.This results in stagnation of exports and also in consumption in the domestic market due to increased consumer awareness.Decreases may be noted. The second is vegetable crops is coming. Including pesticides in some types of vegetables.Remains questions are more prevalent.

Of vegetables Apply pesticides only after weeding Should. Dudhi, Turiya, Galka, Karela and some others Vegetables in which the top can be peeled Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice Should be removed. Vegetables and fruits Insecticides in crops Determining the intervening period (waiting period) Vegetables and before the waiting period Deficiencies due to not peeling or weaving fruits The question of pesticide residues does not remain. Of vegetables Rinse it well with clean water before use Should be washed.In doing so the outside of the vegetables.The amount of pesticides on the surface is reduced.Washing vegetables with water reduces residue Proportion especially vegetables with rough surface.There are more than smooth surface vegetables.

Some types of fruits or vegetables, after using the pesticide, do not go away completely even if we clean it in any way, such as cauliflower because its composition is such that the pesticide liquid is inside it.

At present, mangoes are infested with gold which stings and rots for a long time. The pesticide used to control it is very harmful. Similarly, the insecticide called Corrosion used in eggplant crop is very harmful to the human body. The amount of powder given for the control of the root in such crops is also found in the oil obtained from it in the laboratory.

Residues of pesticides in export oriented crops

Various farms exported from Indea Products include cotton, mangoes, grapes, bananas, peppers, May include chillies, chillies, etc. This
Their analysis before exporting farm products It is important to know the amount of pesticides used. In such crops maintaining the interval between sprinkling and sloping. Comes and adopts integrated pest management. If so, this kind of question can be solved to a large extent. There is currently a very popular good farming approach. In export oriented agricultural products if adopted Residual questions of pesticides can be avoided.

Excessive use of pesticides, spraying and Inadequate interval between harvests, recommended More and more frequent use of pesticides and counterfeiting Use of pesticides.

Reducing pesticide residues as well as side effects Remedies for

  • Farmers bring vegetables to market First wash with clean water. because. Disinfectants by washing vegetables with clean water Residues decrease. Residues decrease. More in proportions smooth surface vegetables Absorbent type pesticides Than the remnants of tangent disinfectants A way to wash with clean water to minimize Effective.1 hour after spraying Of different drugs by washing the samples taken Reduction of residues in different vegetables The proportion was 20 to 70 percent, while on the fifth day. The reduction rate from washing the samples is 15 to 68 .Percent. Thus fresh vegetables have a higher rate of pesticide reduction.
  • Agricultural Chemistry Recommended by the University of Agriculture Appropriate amount as required Use only. Vegetables in any case Do not use monocrotaphos in crops.
  • Do not harm predators and parasites Do not use such agrochemicals.
  • Lemongrass is a herbicide And the manufacture of lemon oil, corn oil, Custard bean powder, mint leaf powder Etc.
Organic pasteurized list
  1. Jivamrut
  2. Nimastr
  3. saptparniextrext
  4. Dashparniextrext
  5. fireim
  6. etc……
Methods of organic farming

Crop diversity in our farm

Crop diversity means how long a farmer is growing crops in his field. To achieve good targets in agriculture, crop diversity must be seriously considered.

Crop diversity paves the way for a wide selection of crops grown in the area. Scraper can make a good profit where more crop diversity is found.

Crop diversity depends on the quality of the soil. There are many fertile areas where many paddy crops can be grown.While in some areas only one crop can be grown. For example, Bhal region of Gujarat, wheat and chickpea crops, Charotar region for you, For Valsad Chiku as well as Kanam cotton crop is more.

In general, the lower the star of agricultural technology, the less variety there is. While poor farmers are more interested in crop diversification

The understanding of cropS diversity is in a very broad sense.

Variation index=Total percentage area under sown crop/Number of crops

Advantages of cropping diversity:::::::::

  • 1.In areas where there are not enough facilities for erratic rainfall and irrigation. The farmer grows several crops in one season for which the soil fertility-nutrients should be sufficient. At which time the farmer can make more profit by reducing the production impact. Caused by natural disasters through crop diversification.
  • 2.To support his family, the farmer grows several crops. At a time which is called crop diversity.
  • 3.Farmers cultivate many crops to establish nitrogen in the soil and increase its growth, many scientists have claimed that. Crop diversity is also necessary. If the crop diversityS is not adopted.If the crop diversityS is not adopted.
  • 4.Crop diversityS creates new employment opportunities as people get jobs for sowing, weeding and harvesting for different crops which is also an advantage of crop diversification.

Awareness of crop diversityS is a modern farming method. Today many farmers are aware of the benefits of it. And farmers in more crop. diversified areas are also using fertilizers to keep their soil rich in nutrients.

Methods of organic farming

Controlling other organisms

Good production can be achieved only by controlling the organisms that are hindering the growth of the crop.The controlling living beings is all the living beings that are not enough for just other micro-organisms.To control what is damaging our crops.We should also control stray cows, nilgai or other animals that cause damage to crops.

A natural way to keep pests away from your crop is to grow more trees in unused areas of your farm. Birds take refuge there as soon as they are raised. Protect them as they control pests or other pests that damage our crops. Will do it for free. This is just organic farming.

Importance of bees in organic farming:

In organic farming, bees produce excellent fruits. Bees are very beneficial for our fruit bearing crops so we should not use chemical pesticides for their growth.

While bees sit on plant seeds to collect honey, the pollen sprouts with their feet, which naturally contributes to the best seed-fruits.

Importance of bird in farming

My farm once had peanuts and there were a lot of military caterpillars in it. At that time peanuts are grown more in our area. So there were a lot of caterpillars in the surrounding fields too. But I did not do it because the herons had made a lot of nests on the trees around my farm. I observed that these herons did not go to other people’s farms but ate caterpillars in my peanut field. In just one week, the caterpillars disappeared! So Beards are useful Controlling other organisms.

When we think about controlling other organisms, sometimes useful organisms in some crops also damage other crops. For example, if a bird damages a grain crop, it needs to be controlled at that time.

What are the natural methods of controlling other organisms?

Spraying of jaggery and detergent powder solution to remove mealybugs in cotton crop.The caterpillars that are found when plowing produce many caterpillars, so let the soil heat up after plowing.

The control of nematodes like throat is eliminated by giving neem smoke.

Methods of organic farming Organic Farm New Organic manure

Importance of cows in organic farming

The lineage of the cow is believed to be concerning one thousand thousand years past and it started in Asia. There area unit concerning thirty vital species of cows in Republic of India.

Breed of cows: In INDIA

               Gyr or Gir cattle, Rathi cattle, Krishna Valley,  Dangi cattle, Tharparkar cattle, Kherigarh, Gaolao, Sahiwal cattle, Red sindhi, Umblachery. Kenkatha,Ponwar cattle, Bachur cattle, Red kandhari, Ongole cattle, Hallikar, Deoni cattle, Gangatiri, Kangayam cattle, Hariana vcattle. Amrit mahal, Vechur cattle, Khillari cattle, Malvi ,Mewati cattle, Nimari cattle, Brahman cattle. Nagori, Bargur cattle, Malnad Gidda, Pulikulam ,Punganur cattle, Alambadi, Guzerat, Sunandini, Nelore etc..

Breed of cows: In The world

Holstein Friesian cattle(H.F.), Jersey cattle, Shorthorn, Ayrshire cattle, guernsey cattle, Dairy shorthorn, Angus cattle, Hereford cattle, Simmental cattle. Limousin cattle, Charolais cattle, Norwegian red, Galloway cattle, Chianina, Normande Red Poll. Belted Galloway, Belgian Blue, Maine-Anjou, Lakenvelder cattle, Pie Rouge des Plaines, Ankole-Watusi, Pinzgaues cattle. Swedish Red-and-White, South Devon cattle, Beefmaster, Kostroma, Parthenaise, Marchigiana, Salers cattle, Murnau-Werdenfels cattle etc...

Importance of cows in organic farming:

Importance of cows in organic farming recent cow pee is basically ninety fifth water. 2.5% carbamide and a two. 5% mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes.

Edges of Cow Urine:(For humans)

The edges accrue from the inhibitor and antimicrobial properties of cow’s pee and its distillates. Associate degree inhibitor prevents different chemicals from combining with gas and forming free radicals. Free radicals will have a harmful impact on living cells and area unit thought to pave the manner for cancer, diabetes, and even aging. Studies show that the antimicrobial property of recent cow pee is love ofloxacin – an artificial antibiotic prescribed often for treating microorganism infections.

Edges of Cow Urine:(For organic farming)

Whole world has currently recognized the medicative, agricultural and amount of cows. Cow is that the solely animal within the world whose milk, dung and pee all have nice worth for humans. There is nothing emotional or non secular concerning it. It is pure science supported experience. One cow reared in our yard is needed in ten acres of organic farming (zero budget farming). Its dung we tend to pee provides the subsequent edges. create Jivamrut,make saptrparni ark,make dash parni ark,make nimastr Etc. Cow urine-manure is employed for organic farming plant food and medication.

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Benefits of Whyte Farms Organic Milk

Organic cow milk is very suggested for babies additionally as adults.Because of its Brobdingnagian edges a number of that area unit.Farm recent cow milk has higher levels of omega three fatty acids, that is needed for healthy growth. The cows don’t seem to be given any antibiotics or injections – their diet is high-quality grass. The grass-fed cow milk isn’t contaminated with residues of pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones’. It is made in inhibitor properties. Our Grass-fed cow milk contains a lot of of vitamin E, carotene and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Higher CLA helps in increasing the body’s rate, muscle growth and immunity to diseases. The desi cow milk helps in preventing muscular degeneration. Pure cow milk helps in reducing muscle and joint pain

Geer cow Ghee

Gir cow clarified butter has been given a title of “Rasayana” in writing superior herbs and food that works surprise for the general health and promotes longevity and well-being.This clarified butter is very useful and suggested for folks having. Issues like piles, fisher and fistula. It promotes digestion, helps in developing bone, protects arteries, offer immunity and plenty of a lot of. Cow clarified butter helps in up biological process systems by invigorating secretion of enzymes, it’s conjointly simple to soak up because it consists lower chain fatty acids.

Organic Buttermilk

Indian cow milk is tasty, healthy, and also the best supply of diverse vitamins and minerals, this is often one thing that we tend to all understand and comply with. But did you recognize that many different milk product too have constant goodness of milk, with some additional advantages? For instance, organic milk has varied healing properties too and is very placed in writing. Natural butter milk is simple to digest. It has a bitter style and astringent properties in it that is hot in nature, that fosters digestion. According to some ancient texts, milk mitigates Kaph and Vata. There area unit several mentions of the advantages of organic milk even in writing.

Wherever it’s been utilized in treatment of inflammation, spleen disorders. Gastro enteral disorders, biological process disorders, lack of craving, and anemia. milk could be a nice supply of nutrition. as an example it’s made in Ca and B, and conjointly a superb supply of metal and cobalamin. Any diet which incorporates naturally soured foods like milk, sourdough breads, yogurt, and pickles offer all the enzymes required within the epithelial duct for enhancing digestion and to assimilate all the nutrients from food

What are the advantages of cattle farming?

victuals oxen are used for the assembly of milk. Draught oxen area unit used for labour connected. With agriculture like cultivation Irrigation and hauling. Cattle farming will increase the general financial gain of. The farmers and lift their commonplace of living.Animal wastes will be used for enriching soil. It provides employment to an oversized range of individuals.