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Method of making vermicomposting

The process of making vermicompost is very simple. Videos for vermicompost will be easily loaded into your language from YouTube. After the creation of the earth, with the evolution of many kinds of organisms also came into being, including a worm. So far different types of earthworms 3000 species were observed. 503 in India Gender reported. Worms, according to Darwin The farmer has a plow.

In the form available in the native region of the plant Unprecedented overwhelming task of delivering nutrients Worms do. Dr. According to Barrett’s observation, the worm, which looks like a palm-dead body without mold formation, attracts our attention with its movements. Culture is full of wonders. Nature has a constant cycle. Aristotle called the earthworm the gut of the earth.

Worms are usually 15 cm long Which is from a few millimeters to 1 meter Has length. Worms are bisexual Male and female organs are located in the same earthworm Which acts as male and female.Breathes through the pores above the body surface.Becomes aware of the tremors in the ground Lays 15 to 20 eggs depending on the species. Study of growth More than 1000 worms 2,000 per day in a conducive environment and At the end of 12 months, it becomes 8,33,000 Its lifespan is 8 to 10 years Divide the worms into three parts according to their habit of living Can be shared.

There are three types of earthworms.

(1)Epigeic living above ground.Surface and vegetation Cochineal debris and animal dung / fecal eater. This type of earthworm compost For which used to create Isinia photida worms are excellent.

(2)Anecic soils living below ground.Living on the surface and with organic matter.The eater Eudrilus Jrgen.

(3)Endogeic that live very deep in the soil.Periomicus sexaveats.

Selecting earthworms for vermicompost

The choice of earthworm for vermicompost is very important. Its choice is very important.As seen above, two types of earthworms can be used:

1. Enegic: a person who lives underground and eats organic matter.
2.Apic:living above ground.Surface and vegetation Cochineal debris and animal dung / fecal eater. This type of earthworm compost For which used to create Isinia photida worms are excellent.

Worms reproduce both male and female Has organs. Adult earthworms every 15 to 20 days.Lays eggs. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring Is.Which is called Kakun.From it the chicks are prepared.The life span of earthworms is 8 to 10 months.

Pukkhat earthworms weigh about 1 gram. Worms do not need sleep or rest. They eat only soil or organic matter. They eat twice as much food as their weight.The part of which is used for its own development and the rest which is left out in the form of material is called vermicompost.The worms are in the form of humus.

Method of making vermicompost

It costs very little to make vermicompost and every farmer has it on the farm.A porch or shed is needed to set up a vermicompost plant.Doing so can keep the sun away from rain etc. and also do not make it in a place where rain water is filled. You can use iron or wooden poles as per your convenience. To cover it up we can use the carpets used in the wedding pavilion which we get from the very cheap old ones.The porch above is naturally more beneficial if built in the shade of trees.

Make a layer of bricks half a foot deep inside the shed. After the same work, put a layer of sand about 10-15 cm on it and take the soil to a good soil and also level it.Once these three levels are ready, do the following three important things.

First layer: grass, grain above the vermi bed.Crops leaves and cane leaves are spread on it.Residues of various organic substances resistant to decomposition.Make small pieces, mix, about 10 cm. No Coating as well as steeping the residue completely.How to keep manure rubbing and water dripping.

Second layer: semi-coated compost, manure,Sludge, poultry manure about 5 cm.Be sure to spray water with coating.

Third level: Worm planting: Both the previous ones.Levels regularly for about a dozen days as needed.The whole unit gets wet but the water does not flow.Steep Approximately 50 of the weight of the remains.To maintain 90% humidity. So as to remove the heat of decomposition Will be done. Then 100 worms are introduced per meter.To do or to leave a cocoon (earthworm egg).

Level 4: Household vegetable residue,Garden waste 4 Crops 4 Weeds 4 Trees / Shrubs green.Mixed with residues (pulses, Glyricidia 4 Subabul).Curry 10 cm. No coating. Dung gas rubbish Or rubbing manure in water as required Making shades.

Level 5: Very light white Laying the soil (without chikash). More in the summer.Cover of crop residues etc. on hot days

Sprinkle a light amount of water daily To do. Sprinkle twice on hot days. drip.If we arrange the system tubes or microsprinkler
Stay more flexible. Not water to earthworms but Humidity is required. Therefore, proper amount of moisture and
Worms by maintaining a temperature of 200 to 300 c Will be able to work to the maximum. Half as required
Adding and mixing compost, green residue etc. To live.

Benefits of vermicompost

vermicompost:Worms are the natural plow of the farmer which is continuous.Remains employed in the ground.As a result many in the ground Holes fall into the ground to circulate air, water Receptive, beneficial in drainage.Organic Disruptive exchange power of matter C.E.C.Increasing soil nutrient retention increases.The acidity of the soil becomes normal and beneficial
The number and activity of germs increases.

Plant roots in this hole as well as in the soil.Develops easily to deep. Worms Oxygen is excreted in the excreta as well as the main and So that the secondary nutrients are in balanced proportions.Plants grow faster. Good plant roots Scientists’ observations on evolution show that.The wall of the hole made by the earthworm on which.For vermicasting and mucus plant roots.Provides a nutrient rich medium. In addition and Gibberellin type growth regulators which plant growth.

Is responsible for. In addition the breakdown of organic matter.Meanwhile producing a specific type of substance in the interval
Happens. See the exact kind of effect on the plants.Get E.g. Thiamine, riboflavin, biotin,.Nicotinic acid, pyrifoxin and B-12
Parasites whose growth is increased by being absorbed by plants.Bacterial ticks, actinomycetes or fungi are found.Tree potophane is used by growth hormones.Amino acids are converted into indole acetic acid.Growth-producing substances are produced. Of lignin Plants that absorb interstitial substances.Can withstand water deficiency well. Cinemaile Alcohol, cinemaldehyde, vanillin, ethyl Valinate and eugenol for dry, ocher or rot diseases.Inhibits growth. Thus the immunity of the plant
Is higher. Using earthworms Infestation of worms by growth of some parasitic fungiDecreases In addition the germs in vermicost / compost.Disease control as it produces antibiotics Happens.

Excellent vermicompost

To make good and fast vermicompost 200 to 400 sec It is necessary to have a temperature.Worms have a low temperature of 30C in the new environment.Lives up to temperature but efficiently.Can’t work 200 cm during vermicompost.Increase in temperature due to decomposition of organic waste Possible. In making vermicompost to prevent this from happening.Don’t overcook it.

The opening should be filled so as not to overheat.Can be prevented from occurring. As well as proper watering.Sprinkle with appropriate moisture as mentioned above.Maintaining the temperature can be controlled.Adequate humidity, pH. And maintaining temperature.Come and the right kind of earthworm, its number.As well as providing him with a balanced diet
The production of vermicompost can be made profitable.

Production cost of vermicompost

The production cost of vermicompost varies from 5 to 6 units per unit. If we increase the length and width of the unit, the cost does not make much difference. The project also earns good money by setting up many farmers for trade.

Methods of organic farming Organic Farm New Organic manure

Importance of cows in organic farming

The lineage of the cow is believed to be concerning one thousand thousand years past and it started in Asia. There area unit concerning thirty vital species of cows in Republic of India.

Breed of cows: In INDIA

               Gyr or Gir cattle, Rathi cattle, Krishna Valley,  Dangi cattle, Tharparkar cattle, Kherigarh, Gaolao, Sahiwal cattle, Red sindhi, Umblachery. Kenkatha,Ponwar cattle, Bachur cattle, Red kandhari, Ongole cattle, Hallikar, Deoni cattle, Gangatiri, Kangayam cattle, Hariana vcattle. Amrit mahal, Vechur cattle, Khillari cattle, Malvi ,Mewati cattle, Nimari cattle, Brahman cattle. Nagori, Bargur cattle, Malnad Gidda, Pulikulam ,Punganur cattle, Alambadi, Guzerat, Sunandini, Nelore etc..

Breed of cows: In The world

Holstein Friesian cattle(H.F.), Jersey cattle, Shorthorn, Ayrshire cattle, guernsey cattle, Dairy shorthorn, Angus cattle, Hereford cattle, Simmental cattle. Limousin cattle, Charolais cattle, Norwegian red, Galloway cattle, Chianina, Normande Red Poll. Belted Galloway, Belgian Blue, Maine-Anjou, Lakenvelder cattle, Pie Rouge des Plaines, Ankole-Watusi, Pinzgaues cattle. Swedish Red-and-White, South Devon cattle, Beefmaster, Kostroma, Parthenaise, Marchigiana, Salers cattle, Murnau-Werdenfels cattle etc...

Importance of cows in organic farming:

Importance of cows in organic farming recent cow pee is basically ninety fifth water. 2.5% carbamide and a two. 5% mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes.

Edges of Cow Urine:(For humans)

The edges accrue from the inhibitor and antimicrobial properties of cow’s pee and its distillates. Associate degree inhibitor prevents different chemicals from combining with gas and forming free radicals. Free radicals will have a harmful impact on living cells and area unit thought to pave the manner for cancer, diabetes, and even aging. Studies show that the antimicrobial property of recent cow pee is love ofloxacin – an artificial antibiotic prescribed often for treating microorganism infections.

Edges of Cow Urine:(For organic farming)

Whole world has currently recognized the medicative, agricultural and amount of cows. Cow is that the solely animal within the world whose milk, dung and pee all have nice worth for humans. There is nothing emotional or non secular concerning it. It is pure science supported experience. One cow reared in our yard is needed in ten acres of organic farming (zero budget farming). Its dung we tend to pee provides the subsequent edges. create Jivamrut,make saptrparni ark,make dash parni ark,make nimastr Etc. Cow urine-manure is employed for organic farming plant food and medication.

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Benefits of Whyte Farms Organic Milk

Organic cow milk is very suggested for babies additionally as adults.Because of its Brobdingnagian edges a number of that area unit.Farm recent cow milk has higher levels of omega three fatty acids, that is needed for healthy growth. The cows don’t seem to be given any antibiotics or injections – their diet is high-quality grass. The grass-fed cow milk isn’t contaminated with residues of pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones’. It is made in inhibitor properties. Our Grass-fed cow milk contains a lot of of vitamin E, carotene and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Higher CLA helps in increasing the body’s rate, muscle growth and immunity to diseases. The desi cow milk helps in preventing muscular degeneration. Pure cow milk helps in reducing muscle and joint pain

Geer cow Ghee

Gir cow clarified butter has been given a title of “Rasayana” in writing superior herbs and food that works surprise for the general health and promotes longevity and well-being.This clarified butter is very useful and suggested for folks having. Issues like piles, fisher and fistula. It promotes digestion, helps in developing bone, protects arteries, offer immunity and plenty of a lot of. Cow clarified butter helps in up biological process systems by invigorating secretion of enzymes, it’s conjointly simple to soak up because it consists lower chain fatty acids.

Organic Buttermilk

Indian cow milk is tasty, healthy, and also the best supply of diverse vitamins and minerals, this is often one thing that we tend to all understand and comply with. But did you recognize that many different milk product too have constant goodness of milk, with some additional advantages? For instance, organic milk has varied healing properties too and is very placed in writing. Natural butter milk is simple to digest. It has a bitter style and astringent properties in it that is hot in nature, that fosters digestion. According to some ancient texts, milk mitigates Kaph and Vata. There area unit several mentions of the advantages of organic milk even in writing.

Wherever it’s been utilized in treatment of inflammation, spleen disorders. Gastro enteral disorders, biological process disorders, lack of craving, and anemia. milk could be a nice supply of nutrition. as an example it’s made in Ca and B, and conjointly a superb supply of metal and cobalamin. Any diet which incorporates naturally soured foods like milk, sourdough breads, yogurt, and pickles offer all the enzymes required within the epithelial duct for enhancing digestion and to assimilate all the nutrients from food

What are the advantages of cattle farming?

victuals oxen are used for the assembly of milk. Draught oxen area unit used for labour connected. With agriculture like cultivation Irrigation and hauling. Cattle farming will increase the general financial gain of. The farmers and lift their commonplace of living.Animal wastes will be used for enriching soil. It provides employment to an oversized range of individuals.

Organic manure

Disadvantages of using pesticides and fertilizers:


Other forms of farming use venturesome pesticides and fertilizers that may have an effect on the physical body. The employment of pesticides and fertilizers will increase the danger of cancer, metabolism diseases, asthma, depression, anxiety, endocrine imbalances and lots of others. Physical body is extremely vulnerable thus ‘pest’ (pesticides) result the body and reduces its functioning in numerous potential ways in which. :

For example:
Peanut fodder ready from the foundation illness of groundnut like groundnut is employed for disinfectant powder inflicting symptom within the animal and lots of abdomen ailments ar caused if human consumes its oil.


Use of pesticides harm the setting for future. Pesticides will destroy the full land and create it’s soil ne’er no usable once more. Excessive use of pesticides will contaminate water and soil , create vegetables and fruits less wholesome. Setting suffers loads because of the poison (Pesticides).


Food is additionally littered with pesticides as petidsides contain biologically active agents that damges the food. Food is  essential for the living organism to measure and if the farmers do not grow foods organically. Then the health of furthur civilisation of individuals can have an effect on loads and that they will have symptoms of on top of mentioned diseases. 


If current generation individuals were littered with pesticides then it’ll have facet effects on subsequent generation. Thus generation can have a result albeit that wasn’t their mistake. It’ll cause acute effects , skin issues , result the systema nervosum, cancer etc.



Organic food product are healthy, wholesome and contain countless protien that helps physical body grow. Organic farming keeps our installation clean by stopping that impure flee.Organic farming conjointly saves the land frond contamination by creating soil fertile. For growing food you need to have a healthy soil. If you contaminate the soil by putt pesticides and fertilizers in it , the food won’t grow wholesome.Farming ought to solely be finished organic materials like plant and animal waste.If farmers try different farming techniques then it’ll have fatal result on setting and slowly increase in rate of pollution therefore increase in heating. Organic farming conjointly helps in encouraging birds and different natural predators to measure thier life merrily in their farm land.