Virus of papaya

The virus of papaya crop is responsible for reducing your farm income. Our papaya farmers are very much bothered by the virus of papaya which is spreading very fast and has a bad effect on our crop production. This type of virus can be active up to a radius of 5 km and if it is present in the crop of last 4 years then it can become active if this crop is taken in that soil again at the present time.

Is there no permanent solution to the papaya virus? How can we protect our papaya cultivation? Can we control this virus in the way shown in organic farming?

Before solving the above questions, it is very important that we identify the virus of papaya.

Symptoms of papaya virus

A virus called yellow mosaic causes its leaves to turn yellow and dry.Its leaves become visible during the fall season.Its new leaves are also found to be hard and distorted in the wells so that the effect on the full growth of the plant is not less or no fruit at all. Therefore, control of this disease is very important for good production.

The leaves of any plant are found to be green.This is because of the chlorophyll in the leaf.But the virus destroys the chlorophyll in it so in its initial symptom it starts to turn yellow and deform.It is impossible to get excellent fruit across the road as it affects the fruiting process.Although sometimes the leaves look yellow due to lack of magnesium and zinc. But we can get it through manure.


Do you know the list of organic farming tools?

The demand for organic farming tools is increasing a lot today. Seeing that, where are the organic farming tools? It is important for every farmer to know the details of how to take care of it. As people today are beginning to understand the importance of organic food, you have to start organic farming to meet the demand of the people.

Today the cultivable land is getting less and less while on the other hand the demand for non-chemical food like vegetables, fruits, grains, ghee, milk is increasing. To meet this situation we have invented many technologies to get more produce. Organic farming tools have played an important role in making this task easier.

In organic farming we use implements like tractors, various tools for tillage, various implements for drawing water for irrigation, drip system for conveying liquid roots, pumps for spraying. If we do not take proper care of these equipment’s then we will have to buy new ones or repair them later. How can we afford this?

We use farm implements for different purposes. First we plow the land, level the land after plowing or break up the piles, sow, weed, irrigate, control other crop damage caterpillars or micro-organisms. After the crop is ready, we use many tools to harvest it.

The government also gives us very good financial support when it comes to buying all these organic farming tools. My post for that. After buying these tools, if you do not take proper care of them, you can get loss, so let us know about various such tools.

For plowing list of organic farming tools


Rotavators are used today to prepare the field immediately after plowing instead of plowing. If we understand the importance of organic farming, it cuts the crop we have already planted and installs it in the soil. That is very important for mulching. As the crop is ready it burns its roots which damages the soil. Instead, an organic farm tool called a rotavator is very useful.

2.A machine for cutting cotton stalks

When it comes to harvesting crops like cotton, tur, eggplant, there are many benefits of cutting the stalks and burying them in the ground instead of burning them. Which establishes natural elements in the soil. In addition, the elements present in this crop decompose and make the soil more fertile. The moisture holding capacity of the soil is increased.

3.Hydraulic reversible disc plow

This type of plow consists of main frame, disc assembly, rock shaft and spring based furrow wheel and gauge wheel. Other few models have disc plows with 2,3 and 4 discs which can be rotated due to hydraulic system so can be plowed simultaneously.It can be increased or decreased as required. It depends on the disc angle 40-45, the cutting width and its tilt angle 15 to 25 depth.

The more depth we cultivate, the greater the benefit. This will deepen the weed seeds on the surface of the soil and improve the growth of the crop on the nutrients deep in the soil. Plowing should be done every three years with the help of this tool.

4.Laser Land Leveler

The soil should be level so that we can get the required water to the crop well and its roots are not washed away. This tool helps you to level the soil which can increase the productivity of the soil. Land erosion stops. It works well once the alignment work is done.

The more fertile the soil, the easier your organic farming will be. Crops like paddy can be filled with the same amount of water. It maintains the same depth.

In addition to the above tools, shovels, shovels, five or eight donor tools are also used to plow the land or cultivate a horticultural plant. All these organic farming tools that make the soil loose help in planting another crop.

For sowing list of organic farming tools

1.Paddy transplanter

The equipment is powered by a single wheel and is connected to a diesel engine. The machine is of the riding type and passes through the nursery in four, six, and eight rows. The front wheel receives power from the vibrator, angle clutch and gear box. The propeller shaft receives power from the gear box for plant transport. Includes tray-mat type nursery. It is manipulated by the scroll shaft mechanism.

The belt converts the motion obtained by the pulley into a spherical motion. The gear and the joint are connected in such a way that it moves in the same direction.

Paddy crops like paddy can be sown very well.Now such machines have also come for sowing crops like onions.The place where the plant is planted is broken and the rest of the body remains the same.A proper distance is maintained between the plant and also.Fast work saves time.With the invention of this organic farming tools, the work that lasts for working days is completed in just a few hours.


In the first field, a wooden spade was used to sow the seeds and the seeds were lowered into the soil with the help of pipes and teeth. In which the man himself planted the seed can sometimes be more or less. It was a lot of hard work to get it fitted and ready to be planted. Which looked very irregular.

There are many tools available today to do this job. It is capable of sowing very well. In which we can give the required nutrients in the seed and soil together in the form of compost. It has the setting to install the seed at yoga depth.

3.Zero teal Sowing.

It is very useful to plant a crop like wheat immediately after taking a crop like rice. Since the soil does not have to be plowed to do so, the previous moisture helps the next crop to grow and less water is needed for the soil.
Which is mostly useful for sowing non-irrigated crops.

For Harvest list of organic farming tools

Most of the time we need small tools like daily grinders for harvesting. But it wastes a lot of human labor and time. Today it has come very fast in the work.

1.Wheat cutter

Wheat is one of the most widely used wheat harvesters in the world for its wheat harvest.In a more productive region like Punjab, this machine is very large which is used for cutting wheat and separating grains from it.


Threshers are used to separate peanuts, any type of cereals, pulses.Earlier this process was very time consuming and equipment like tractor had to be driven on its heap to separate the seeds which also caused a lot of losses. Today this task has become very easy.

Today such tools are also available for weaving green groundnuts as well as cotton. These organic farming tools have made our farming much easier and faster.

3.Combine harvester

Different types of combine harvesters have 2 to 6 friendly long cutter bars. Its function is to cut, press-cut and disassemble donations.

This machine is uniform and well company and also presses and cleans the donations. The work can be done on time.The crop can be delivered to the safe house in case of sudden change in the environment.

For Sprinkle list of organic farming tools

Earlier, hand pumps were used to protect crops from pests.Today, battery powered or solar powered pumps are also available.Vehicles like large tractors can be fitted with multiple fountains at once and can be sprayed into more land in less time.Helicopters are also used for this purpose in some countries.

For Irrigation list of organic farming tools

Rental was first used for irrigation and then diesel engines were used which were very expensive. Irrigation work became much easier with the advent of electric pump sets after the discovery of electricity. It also uses drips or sprinklers to grow more crops with less water. This method works very hard to provide fast nutrient-rich liquids.

There are also other types of organic farming tools such as a tilting current machine for crop protection, a solar ferment trip for catching fuds. These tools have created a great agricultural revolution.


Is Farm Animals The Most Trending Thing Now?

Farm Animals is One of their businesses that can be done with low-cost farming.Farm with an animal’s business goal is done for milk, wool, meat, or for travel or for breeding animals with load-carrying capacity.

Even if we don’t have much land in Farm Animals, even if we don’t have much land, we can raise a good income by raising them in a small barn. Today, many people are earning good money through this farm animal business. According to the geographical situation of the world, animals everywhere. There are different types of birds found on our farm.

What are the types of farm animals?

Today the demand for milk, meat, eggs, beef, wool, leather, and all these things is increasing tremendously. As the demand increases, so does the profitability of the business. This is why it is natural for people to be more attracted to this profession. Here are the details of the animals and birds for those Farm Animals.

1.Farm Animals of Cow

There are many breeds of cows in our world. Its milk is very beneficial. For the intellectual development of the child, very easy for digestion, to increase the number of sperm in the male, for tuberculosis, to give a malnourished child with nuts, to give strength to the old or infirm. For the beauty of the face, the yellow carotene in milk gives it a lot of benefits in increasing the brightness of the eyes.

Looking at the above benefits, can you imagine how much profit you can get from raising this cow in the future? You can start a farm animal business by choosing a less fertile place for it as well as providing suitable accommodation as well as suitable facilities for grazing and drinking water. For that, choose more and longer lactating breeds. It should be properly groomed by an experienced person to give us more milk. It should be provided with essential nutrients.

2.Farm Animals of Goat-Sheep

The main purpose behind raising sheep and goats is its wool from which warm garments are made.This animal is specially reared especially in cold countries.Merino sheep which gives good quality wool is found in Australia.

Chickpeas should be soaked in the diet of sheep and goats for 4 hours to increase their weight. Shake off the cake that grows after removing the oil from the cottonseed for more milk. Due to a large number of these animals, many people have to take care of them which affects our profits. In today’s market, such an animal should be milked or other grooming machines should be installed in our Farm Animals in a short time.

3.Farm Animals of horse

Horses are helpful for people traveling in inaccessible areas in mountainous areas where our modern vehicles cannot reach. Many people also raise them for hobbies. There are many breeds of them.

Horses should be taken care of more than other animals.They should be given food that gives them more strength.There should be separate living facilities for females. Special knowledgeable people should be kept in the breeding school.

4.Farm Animals of camel

The camel is more adapted to desert areas. Therefore, it is bred systematically in many parts of the world, including many breeds in Rajasthan, India and Kutch, Saudi Arabia.

There has been a lot of research on camel’s milk which has very good benefits. The first is herbal medicine for diabetes, which is useful for both types of diabetes. It needs more calcium for a high bone structure. It can be used.It has proved to be a very beneficial factor for mentally retarded children. If we do not get this milk easily, its powder can also be obtained online.

These Farm Animals can be said to be excellent due to their high demand due to the good demand for camel milk.

5.Farm Animals of Alpaca and llama

It is very beautiful and lively. You will also be tempted to gal with it when you see its baby.It is raised for its wool.Which is used to make very precious woolen garments.

6.Farm Animals of Rabbits

Farm Animals of Rabbits
Farm Animals of Rabbits

There is a belief among the people behind raising rabbits that it is very useful for rainfed in our house. But it is mainly used for beef. Many people also buy it from your Farm Animals for a hobby by paying a high price. Carrots and coriander are very popular. For its rearing, a protective wall or fencing should be made to protect it from other prey.

Rabbits are very timid in nature so choose a place with a quiet and natural environment for their rearing.

7.Farm Animals of Poultry

Today, people in and around big cities prefer poultry farming. Poultry farms are in high demand for eggs as well as non-vegs. I will tell you what to take care of before you talk about this business.

The poultry farm used to make a good profit but now the cost has gone up.
The food you use to grow it is currently costly. In addition, many poultry die at times due to viral infections. So if you try measures to protect our bird from such viruses, you will surely succeed in this.

8.Farm Animals of duck

People who want to raise ducks should first buy their chicks which can be started with less money. Depending on the species, it is decided whether you will get income from it through eggs or beef. More work happens more in the cold season.

Duck eggs contain more protein as well as eggs produced by male ducks for medical use. Therefore, for more income from our farm, we should also raise male ducks.

Dirty and clean farm animals

Dirty farm animalsClean farm animals
Poultry – Poultry is often chewed.
Its chew is very smelly.
It is also included in dirty farms
as it is in large numbers in very small space and cannot be cleaned well. But this dirty chew is very useful in organic farming. Which makes a good profit by selling.
The rabbit looks clean and beautiful to all the animals. You don’t like dirt so its farm is clean.
If you refuse regular cleaning of water made for ducks, it is also included in the dirty farm.Large animals like cows, buffaloes, camels, llamas, alpacas urinate and defecate for a short period of time in a day so they can be included in pure Farm Animals.

Special care of for farm animals

The business for Farm Animals should be done very carefully and the loss can be more than the profit.

  • We need to take precautionary measures to protect our birds from infection.
  • Choosing high breeds for the purpose for which we raise animals or birds for maximum profit.
  • Behaving lovingly for the grooming of the organisms in it as it will give the organism more product for you.
  • An experienced person who can take care of the farm animal should be taken care of before setting it up.


How profitable is milk production today?

Even today, many non-farmers have taken up the business of giving more importance to milk production in the city. Milk production has increased exponentially since the quality of milk was checked and the price was fixed. You get more profit on milk on fat and SNF. People have become very aware of this business. There is not enough production for this. Which gives more profit in this business for the future.

Milk production is getting as much as people need today. The advantage of this opportunity is that some tax collectors are playing with the health of the people by giving low quality milk.So you have to think about how to produce better milk.

People keep cows and what is their usefulness. To encourage it, Gujarat gives Rs. 900 per cow. per month to the beneficiary’s account.

Amul Arpan, the country’s largest dairy, has been working tirelessly to raise awareness among the people as to why their domestic animals give more milk.Today, barcoded badges are also used to identify animals. Today, your animal gets the same health facility as a human being. Just like you get the benefit of 108 emergency health services, a doctor team is present for your animal just by calling.

How to increase milk production?

Farmers have to adopt scientific method to increase milk production. They want to know how to give better and higher quality milk to their lactating animal.Selection of high quality animal for excellent milk production so that it gives long distance milk. This animal should be selected for sterilization for second or third time. So you should be very careful about your animal choice. Animal husbandry is very important in milk production

It is very important to select the best male for cow and buffalo which gives maximum production for breeding. Today research is being done to give birth to more nests in animals.

Don’t use less than average males. Use artificial insemination as much as possible. Our animal should be cared for for several months even after fertilization.Fetal testing should be done at the end of three months by a good doctor. And after weaning, raise the calf in a way that is ready for milking in three years.

The lactating animal should be fed achilles to increase the milk. Use a clean cutter to cut the grass given to the animal so that it will benefit a lot. Its energy is low. Light grass like kadab can be fed with boiled grains.

Water the lactating animal once a day. At 10 o’clock at night and at 5 o’clock in the morning, you must give water to the other animal.

Just as a human needs water at the end, another animal needs 90-100 liters of water during the day which is not enough twice. In summer, if possible, cold water should be given and the animal can drink water as per his choice.More milk production is to make a good profit for everyone but there is a lot of indifference towards animal husbandry so that the animal can get a good run according to the season as well as a good shelter from cold heat and rain and if possible build under a neem tree.

To get more milk from our other animal, rub the cane on its udder while we are milking. We should treat it with love. Amic music also has a good effect.


Medicinal crops in our farm

By cultivating healthful crops, Farmer friends will earn a lot of financial gain. How to grow healthful Medicinal crops for him where he’s I offer his info here. There square measure several Medicinal crops on our farm that we have a tendency to might not recognize the healthful properties of.


Isbagul is named ‘Ghodajiru’ within the native language. Isabagul is all beneath cultivation in our country. Ati with the most important space among a similar healthful medicinal crops. It is a vital crop. In Gujarat, primarily Banaskantha, Kutch,In districts like Mehsana, Jamnagar and Rajkot etc. It is planted.

Isbagul the foremost vital half within the seeds of Isabagul. there’s husk thereon that is half-hour of the seed. Uses its seeds and husks within the systema alimentarium. And elimination of inflammation of the mucose membranes of the channel. Internal organ ulcers, hemorrhoids and sexually transmitted disease. It’s accustomed treat constipation and symptom helpful drugs.

autochthonal drugs practitioners largely use Isabagul in their drugs. Its market is additionally recovering each year as there’s a lot of demand for its drugs. It’s created like flavorer cumin. It doesn’t need a lot of water. So friends, why forget such a healthful Medicinal crops!

Black cumin

Black cumin this can be a winter crop. Its plants square measure two to two.5.Feet high, the trunk is spherical and straight. Its leaves square measure four to five. Inches long, 1 to 1.5 inches wide grooves and. It is bitter in style. it’s pale purple flowers Comes. Its life turns yellow at harvest stage and therefore the crop is shortly torn to dry and therefore the seeds. Being light-weight, it falls. The seeds square measure black and its. Above square measure concerning eight to ten long raised lines. These seeds square measure pungent in smell and extremely bitter Used as a de wormer.

This crop is like cumin. If there’s a lot of frost or cold, there’s injury. Therefore, it’s important to watch out during this crop.The largest advantage of black cumin is that it keeps away the animals that square measure discomposed by its smell so the night awakenings don’t seem to be ragged. And if the weather is favorable, an honest product is obtained.

Mindhi Awal Sena / Sonamukhi

Mindhi Awal totally different in numerous areas called. Army in Hindi, Sonamukhi in Sanskritic language, In Bengali, it’s called Sandhanamkhi, Sonamukhi.The use of leaves and capsules as a laxative for symptom.It is utilized in drugs Soak in water at midnight, mash within the morning, strain.Used for drinking jagghery.Cenoside in capsules (anthroquinone glycoside) The name may be a chemical.It’s noted for its laxative properties And recognized within the world’s pharmacopoeias is finished .


Asalio twenty third super molecule in inexperienced foliaceous vegetables,20.5% of the road and one.53% of pure mathematics. Eating Asalia dish is reasonable and tons to induce victuals B-1, metal M and Iron. an honest remedy is respiratory disorder, cough, hemorrhoids, TB of the lungs.Etc. Asalia seeds square measure terribly helpful in pain a hundred mg of Asalia seeds contains a hundred mg. the maximum amount there’s iron.

farming may be a complementary business. we have a tendency to try our greatest to grant a lot of milk to the animals. If we have a tendency to offer our animals a lot of milk, then this farming is great as a result of the animals offer a lot of milk.

Kalmegh / Desi Kariyatu

Shishi kariyatupan kariyatuk jane kalamegh however he says it will be big all over within the state of Gujarat.However, all told styles of fever terribly helpful. T.B., heat diseases, worms, inflammation. And tremors, talk, high pressure level, diabetes,Useful in intestinal colic, symptom etc.


Hence it’s referred to as Ashwagandha healthful medicinal crops tons in Ayurvedic and Unani drugs . It’s vital to induce eliminate swelling and decay of its leaf joints utilized in diseases. Powder of Ashwagandha root utilized in weight gain, sexual disfunction, flatulence, anorexia, skin diseases and sleep disorder. Aging and Hi B.P. Don’t take this powder forever. there’s the recommendation of piece of writing.

Ashwagandha plant is employed in drugs to cure most masculine orgynaecological diseases.Which is one among the foremost wide found herbs within the forest.But it may be big at our peril if it's cultivated. Seedlings for that may be ordered from several nurseries or perhaps on-line.

White muesli

White breakfast food White breakfast food is very important as a tonic healthful price. Mati may be a vegetable Growing demand abroad and in proportion to demand presently because of declining production within the forests. Prices square measure rising. Its dry roots as a herb Used. That is understood as musli. The number of musli in every musli plant is ten To twelve or a lot of Its length is eight to ten cm. Has its nutrients. Substances square measure primarily carbohydrates third-dimensional, pottery three to four-dimensional, Fiber five to six and glucoside third-dimensional. gastropod.


Sheda-pala of the farm in dry space and therefore the fallow land is usually perennial. Agattya may be a healthful plant. It’s simple to spot The plants square measure unfold on the bottom. Flowers on the plants. Most of the time, it’s found everywhere the place.A flower or panchag is employed.


Ashwagandha Dodi to check four differing kinds of dodi in Gujarat. it’s found within the monsoon that flowers in clusters.Dodi, whose scientific name is Telpsma pallida. accustomed create a sort of Dodi flower vegetable. this kind of dodi leaf is spherical. Dodi primarily contains antibiotic, ray alkaloids, glycosides, There square measure active ingredients like tree gosside etc. Dodi primarily in pains like boils, eye ailments, colds etc. Useful. Its fruit is extremely massive in size. The second form of cut is additionally referred to as dodi extract flower.The scientific name is Holostema annularium.Its roots and leaves square measure used, that is rainy.

Rija kind dodi that is understood as malti or huge dodi is extremely fanatical and its vines is powerful. It’s perennial and its scientific. The name is Dregera volubilis. whilst the fourth form of dodi alive. Known as Leptadenia reticulata. The leaves square measure comparatively long and elliptical.The scale of the flower is comparatively tiny. the scale of the fruit (dodva)But tiny in life. Phytosterols steigmasterol, beta-sterols,Gamasterol and leptadine square measure the active ingredients.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a crucial a part of Ayurveda.It is thought-about to be a preferred healthful plant additionally to drugs. Extensive in creating cosmetics for some years. Whole of ‘Alloy Product’ is being employed.Many creations by name area unit presently out there within the market is formed from sorghum. Burn plant plants lightweight inexperienced long,Juicy and has tiny thorns on the sides of the leaves

The season is hot and wet in Africa. The dry space is taken into account to be the origin of burn plant. Except Gujarat that has additional rain. largely found in several areas. The importance of burn plant. Due to ‘alloin’ that has laxative properties additionally to its juice (water) cosmetics. It’s used a great deal in creating Of interest. The most element is ‘barbolin’ that is in style.
It is terribly bitter. The juice dries to a dark brown color. The substance is found in ‘alloin’, elio or musabar is thought as Ayurvedic drugs. Herbs helpful in gynaecology from burn plant within the methodology. Go to Kumari Asav, Kumari Dhrita, Kumari Pak etc.In addition to broth, liver .Useful in organ growth, fever, inflammation also as cancer.

There area unit {many additional}medicinal crops than the healthful crops mentioned higher than which might be grownup on our own and with less effort to create more profit.

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄Keep cows and create farming prosperous.🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄


Babycorn is an Excellent vegetables

Babycorn could be a reasonably little seasonal vegetable like corn. Early stage or young dodo means that Babycorn. By the word dodo we have a tendency to mean the seeded fruit from the crop of maize. It is not simply another plant however maize during which the hair comes out a touch on the 50-55 days Once planting however the crop before the version doesn’t happen.

This sort of babycorn additionally earns an honest financial gain by causation it abroad.At present, China and Asian country square measure the most important producers of Babycorn. Bharat consists of Meghalaya, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, geographic region, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. There square measure superb opportunities for it cultivation in Gujarat because the farmers here square measure presently creating an honest profit by taking yank maize from their fields. If they grow it in their fields, they’ll get an honest crop and profit.

Babycorn incorporates a sensible quantity of fiber and is wealthy in phosphorus, creating it a delicious vegetable, soup,Semantics, fritters, vegetable biryani, pasta, sauce, cutlets, celery, vegetable,Kofta, Kadhi, Mansurium, Raitu, Jam, Marmalade, Barfi, Halwa, Kheer, Avoid in oil. It may be exported on an outsized scale by tin packing. Therefore, a food process company will build a profit by catching with farmers and mercantilism on an outsized scale.

The benefits of babycorn

Babycorn is wealthy in nutrients and what’s given here is in step with its chickpea weight. Macromolecule 15-18%, sugar content zero.016-0.020%, phosphorus zero.6-0.9%, atomic number 19 2-3 $, fiber 3-5 $, calcium 0.3-0.5 $ and antioxidant 75-80 $ / one hundred mg.It additionally contains vitamin B, vitamin B and vitamin B complex. additional in Babycorn could be a low calorie and sterol free high fiber vegetable.

Babycorn has the subsequent advantages for human health:

Is a low calorie vegetable.
Helps maintain weight.
High in fiber and fat. Race keeps the stomach clean.
Rich in nutrients and rich in parasites as well as minerals.
Helps to lower blood sugar.
Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.
Digestion is quick.

Corn selection for bebikorn

Corn could be a sensible choice forBabycorn provided that it’s wonderful. Matures sooner than fifty five days(55) ought to be elite. Opt for the kind that has additional eyes, its shape, size ought to be sensible. Doda ought to move. Usually the grain line is equally organized like selecting the yellow corn selection which may offer sensible value within the market.

Criteria of wonderful Babycorn

Length of Doda: four to nine cm. Diameter: one to one.5 cm. Color: Cream Yellow. female internal reproductive organ alignment: parallel uniform. Grade for native food processing: terribly little.


Planting of maize for babycorn is generally irrigated throughout the year. But don’t plant it in summer heat because it is additionally marketed in cold like egg plant. Do forty five cm to thirty cm or thirty cm to thirty cm between the 2 edges. Seed rate twenty kilo per square measure.

Before sowing, it’s necessary to unfold the seeds to safeguard the soil from the germs that square measure destroying the seeds. Use garbage and body waste to kill putt. Don’t use alternative chemicals. Here we have a tendency to square measure talking regarding organic farming. This putt is incredibly helpful. I have been giving this putt in groundnut and sorghum for the last three years.

Babycorn high seed varieties VL78 and forty two,H.M 4,COBC one finish yellow hybrids-1. Maize research facility, Anand University GMYA Suggests.

What to do to get excellent babycorn ??

Babycorn loses its quality if the method of alienation takes place. To prevent this mature, the male flower within the higher a part of the corn plant ought to be force out before the male skin starts to emerge and turn out it.If do able, this action ought to be done daily whereas cutting the stalks.Due to that the standard of babycorn is nice.Also, since there’s no mature, notwithstanding it’s too late to interrupt the stalks, the seeds sit along so a wonderful crop is created.

Babycorn pest protection

So as to safeguard Babycorn pests, the pesticides shown in organic farming. Like Jivamrut, Brahmastra, Dashparni Extract, Nimastr ought to be used. You created some nice points there.


Water and land conservation

The importance of each water and land conservation is extremely high in agriculture.If human life is to be created healthy and long lasting, water and land conservation should be done.Both of those are valuable assets for the farmer.Once the association between the 2 is broken, the farmers can have to be compelled to suffer a great deal.

Water and land should be preserved to fulfill the present shortage of bread, article of clothing and housing within the world. Soil health and accessibility of water moreover as addition of essential organic fertilizers are able to do alimentary production. In our country, a great deal of rain water falls on the land per annum however 90% of their water is mixed within the ocean that we have a tendency to cannot recycle.

We have to figure exhausting to urge our drink even supposing it’s descending. We have a tendency to are to blame for it. As a result of we have a tendency to don’t store rain and it flows into the ocean that isn’t ought to have re-emergence.

Moreover, in states like province and province, the flow of water because of serious rains erodes the soil and makes it unfertile.This reduces the tillable land. you have got to conserve water and land conservation for the valve to succeed in this case.

The water is given for irrigation by the govt by stopping the flow of water by constructing dams on the watercourse through schemes like Jal Shri Krishna, Sujalam Sufalam Yojana, Sauni Yojana. Farmers irrigate through the canal.

Is given so the question of water work arises moreover because the salinity of the soil comes down that reduces the productivity of the soil. Click here for a lot of info on soil and conservation and post to my farmer friends.

Damage from over-irrigation

The issue of a lot of irrigation should be mentioned after we speak seriously concerning water and land conservation


Soil Health Card

Soil Health Card provides information on soil type, soil nutrients, soil fertility, soil salinity and toxicity. With the Soil Health Card, a farmer can significantly increase his agricultural production. The productivity of crops in agriculture depends on the health of the soil. Soil Health card is very important to maintain soil fertility. This method can be used to determine which nutrients are available in the soil, which nutrients are depleted as well as the nutrients required for future maturation.

Benefits of Soil Health Card

The benefits of Soil Health Card are many. I am sure you will follow it too. The soil health card can be used to provide nutrients to future crops in the form of organic manure by knowing where our soil is deficient in nutrients.

This method can be used to know the salinity and salinity of the soil and to get the corresponding crop. Salt resistant crop Wheat as well as paddy can be taken as bhasmikta resistant.

Crops like castor, rye can be taken in sandy soil. Peanut, sesame, cumin can be grown in medium black soil. The educated farmer is taking information from the village servant and taking crops like white musli as well as aloe vera. The information provided in the Soil Health Card is useful for the farmer for three years. Good profits can be made by planting suitable crops.

The Soil Health Card includes farmers’ queries and kiosks. Save land records in the database. This whole process is called ‘Soil Health Card‘. The e-data menu compiles all the information related to farming to the farmer. When and how much fertilizer to give. Which fertilizer to give to which crop. How to choose seeds. Planting time. Weed information. There is information on how to prevent pest infestation.

We farmers mostly use more fertilizers like urea or DAP. Tightening of the soil reduces fertility. If organic manure is used instead, the depleting elements in the soil can be eliminated. More irrigation through canals increases the salinity of the soil which can be remedied.

Soil Health Card Information

Soil Health Card information is as follows. PH soil reaction:Lime recommendation below 5.5 acidic or manure, camost manure and green manure. Normal 6.5 to 7.5 Recommended corresponding bhasmic 8.5 plus gypsum for all crops.

When the pH is below 5 and above 8.5, there is an imbalance of nutrients in the soil. Moisture in alkaline soils makes it difficult to cultivate as the soil hardens. Also the availability of available nutrients decreases. The use of gypsum to solve this problem remains a beneficial factor. The use of manure, green manure, vermicompost, etc. To overcome this problem is beneficial.

The pH number of Gujarat soil is around 7 to 8.5. If this number is 8.5 and the soil is loamy then give 1 ton gypsum per hectare.If it is 8.7 then give 2 tan gypsum.If it is 9 then give 3 tan gypsum. The amount of gravy salt should be 1-2 as normal.

If the soil salinity is less than 0.4, sow sorghum, maize, wheat, paddy, sunflower and potato. Grow crops like cotton, wheat if it is more than 0.6Only available potash, sulfur, phosphorus, organic matter etc. Can be known from the soil health card. It can also be use in its form.

Summary of Soil Health Card

At present, farming is considered as a lucrative business like an industry. Farmers sow only when they see that more profit will be made from kaya crops. In order to reap economic benefits, it is important to maintain and be aware of soil fertility. It is very important to check the irrigation system of the crop, selection of ripe seeds, availability of nutrients.

Our country has made great strides in becoming self-sufficient in the field of Khadi security. In which some farmers have increased the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which is a total detrimental factor.

Deforestation has increased land erosion. Due to urbanization, arable land is getting less and less. As the canal irrigates, the soil level rises, but so does the salinity. Conversely, in areas where there is no canal facility, groundwater is drained more and seawater mixes with groundwater, which is detrimental. Frequent cultivation of one acre reduces the fertility of the soil and also increases the growth of harmful organisms.

All the above problems can be solved with Soil Health Card.December 5 is celebrated as World Land Day in view of the growing problem of soil pollution in the world which is a form of human hazard.2015 was celebrated as World Soil Day. Its main purpose is for people to understand the importance of land and to try to prevent sustainable change as well as food security.

What to do to increase the productivity of the land

The Soil Health Card definitely helps to increase the productivity of the soil.Calling the soil our mother is a living thing because it keeps the soil alive by doing many biochemical processes.Land availability is increasing.

If the soil temperature rises then these organisms are destroyed which reduces the fertility of the soil. We burn it in the soil after harvesting wheat or cotton which destroys the nutrients by increasing the soil temperature. Deeper tillage also warms the soil so the soil is less. Natural crop cover tires should be used to keep warm.

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is responsible for the destruction of earthworms and organic farming methods should be adopted. Excessive tillage also affects crop production as the nutrients required for the crop are found only in certain parts of the topsoil. More depth should not be plowed as it takes 10-15 years for the organic matter to form in the soil.

Crop diversity should be increased.Frequent consumption of the same type of crop leads to shortage of essential nutrients as it is used.Therefore, the proportion of Egyptian crop should be increased, which helps in establishing nutrients in the soil.More root crops should be grown in the soil such as onions, ropes, which contribute significantly to the establishment of more beneficial roots and other nutrients.

According to the Soil Health Card, there is no extra cost involved in adopting any farming method.There is also a method that can be easily adopted so that we can supply food to the world by making more profit with this.


Compost Manure

Compost Manure is very important to increase farm production. Compost Manure making method is Very simple. Chemical fertilizer every year in our country. The amount of nitro mass, phosphorus and potash by Is added. About 8-10 times that
The quantity is reduced from the soil by harvesting the crop. This includes nitrogen, phosphorus and Compensate for potash deficiency as well as micronutrient deficiency. In order to get a balanced amount of nutrients. It is imperative to use Compost manure and flour.

In rural areas manure is still used in large quantities as fuel. To make compost manure from the leftover manure,
But no scientific method is used. Bedding of animals according to the customary system In with the remains of crops drenched in dung-urine. Heaps are made outside the village.In the ground A pit is dug and poured into it.

Degradable microorganisms due to insufficient oxygen and moisture. As the growth of bacteria slows down, it takes a long time to prepare a good manure. It also contains organic matter and a very wide ratio of carbon: nitrogen (50: 1) due to insufficient decomposition. And other nutrients are also rarely found.As a result of which sufficient quantities are added to the soil. Even if it does, the crop does not respond and. Production is declining. In farmers due to this happening. But the interest for manure is decreasing.

Crop residues and organic matter in our country. Major cereals as waste can be found in abundance. From wheat, millet, maize, sorghum, paddy etc. Grass-waste can be found.

Nadep method of making compost manure

He was a farmer who invented the Nadep method of making compost manure. His name was Shri Pandhari Pandey. In this method animal dung is used sparingly and scientifically. Effective, fast in this method And there is a method of making organic manure in large quantities.

  • In this method more manure can be made using less manure.
  • 8 m Long, 8 m. Wide and 1 m. Of height. A rectangular tank is made.
  • This tank is made of a brick curtain. But Leaving space between two bricks alternatelyis coming. Where the wall becomes perforated. This Microbes at the time of the action of decomposing pores. Provides adequate oxygen. The number of microbes increases rapidly As a result compost is prepared in less time.
  • The bottom of the tank is made of bricks Is coming.
  • The bottom of the tank and the wall around it Coated with dung.
  • Calculated by weight in the ratio of 45: 5:50Waste: Manure (dissolved in 100 liters of water). Soil is kept in each layer Kilo waste should be spread.2 kg on it. Dissolve manure in 100 liters of water and sprinkle. Comes with 50 kg of clay uniformly The way is paved.
  • Doing 30 layers in this way fills the tank. If you want to do 10 layers for convenience, you have to use everything three times.
  • Dry leaves of trees, unused vegetables, green paddy crops can also be used as waste.
  • Garbage used to make a well-composted compost from waste-manure-soil Type falls on top.
  • Growth of microorganisms as well as bacteria. The basis of the ability to decompose used. Carbon of matter: Depending on the ratio of nitrogen.
  • Excess Carbon: Nitro mass seems to be composted from fibrous waste e.g. Wheat bran.
  • To increase the speed of composting, mix the pulp side by side with such waste and use a small amount of green leaf.

Great in about 90 to 100 days The compost is ready. From a tank About 3 to 4.5 tons of manure is released. Prepared by filling the tank three times. At least 8 to 10 tons of good manure. Can be found in comparison to manure. Almost double nitrogenphosphorus, potash and Other essential micronutrients are present in such compost Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, respectively 1-2, 1.0 and 1.5 per cent respectively.

Benefits of Compost Manure

The biggest advantage of compost manure is its low cost. If we use chemical manure in the soil, it is a very expensive soil as well as a threat to the environment. This fertilizer benefits the crop for a long time. This means that after applying this fertilizer it gives benefit up to two crops. From this manure, worms like worms grow more which is a good benefit for the crop.


organic manure

Organic manure is crated with the assistance of micro-organisms present within the soil. The advantages of organic manure are longer and more. Some microorganisms fix the nitrogen within the air into the soil. Some unattainable phosphorus establishes within the available phosphorus. Helps to decompose organic matter quickly. The compost made using these styles of micro-organisms is termed organic compost.

Organic manure

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers by farmers From the cultivation of chemical fertilizers thanks to recommendations. Tired and returning to organic farming But hesitantly, they cultivate both. The center ground of the system must be taken. Adequate chemical nitro nitrogen and compost needed it’s necessary to use a biofertilizer. Farmer friends have to remember.

Research on chemical fertilizers over the last 50 years has shown that the place of chemical phosphorus and potash in agriculture is negligible. The necessity for phosphorus and potash with the employment of organic fertilizers and biofertilizers will be negligible. Additionally, scientists recommend adding the mandatory micronutrients PRN for soil analysis. Farmer friends, it’s also important to notice. Although it’s not recommended to administer phosphorus to cotton crop, DAP fertilizer is employed.If cotton is found to be beneficial, It’sthanks to phosphorus in it Not due to the 18% nitrogen.

Liquid organic manure is createdwithin the laboratory using microorganisms that may quickly combine nitrogen from the air, making phosphorus faster available.

Why organic manure is needed

Organic manure is cheaper than chemical manure. To be pollution free every farmer cultivates his own it’s necessary to incorporate. Within the system. Usually powder based As a previously conductive material within the production of organic manure Lignite is added. Also, powder based The storage capacity of organic manure is incredibly low only There are only six months

Liquid organic manure on the opposite hand contains a storage capacity of a minimum of one year, which too without risking the health of producing workers. Additionally drip irrigation of liquid organic manure moreover as leaf litter and as an ingredient in organic farming are often used.

Chemical fertilizers likewise as soil.It is also estimated to be harmful to human health.One liter of liquid organic manure per hectare Used, significant amounts of chemical fertilizers may be reduced.

Chemical fertilizers likewise as soil. It is also estimated to be harmful to human health.One liter of liquid organic manure per hectare Used, significant amounts of chemical fertilizers may be reduced.

Only 30% of nitrogenous chemical fertilizers of the crop seems to figure. the remainder is deep within the ground. Descends, is washed away by the rain, within the air Flies or falls, further as farming Costs increase.

Method of application of organic manure

Use of Organic manure method:The same element that’s deficient within the soil Completion should be tired the recommended quantity. More Adding it increases the number within the soil and plants. That it should have a detrimental effect on the crop. Which certifies those chemical micro-fertilizers. to shop for from a made company so on reside in it. the quantity of micronutrients as certified by the govt Have.

Of micronutrients found within the kind of kilotidate. The efficiency is sweetand so straightforward. Compared to elemental inorganic fertilizers. Five to 6 times less quantity is required. Often such fertilizers considering the value. Are relatively expensive so economically. Utilized in those crops because it seems affordable may be taken.

Draw a weed to assuage it. The oxidation of the element isn’t special and therefore the origin. In form it’s nourished within the crop. Needed the night before the hatch Soak lime in bulk. Use its drained water when spraying. in order that the acid utilized in the answer used for shaving. The effect are often prevented.

Clean micronutrients and lime water Must be filtered when filling within the pump so.The nozzle won’t be stuffed with waste.Appropriate amount of teapot or soap in each pump.The solution must be added so the sifted solution keep on with the leaf.

Usually the dew blows within the morning. Getting started after going.12 noon to five p.m.Don’t panic during now.Since the leaf-leaf pores are enclosed the meantime. The solution isn’t absorbed which is at 6 pm. Start after noon and chant till sunset

Sprinkle within the variety of as small drops as possible and every one the leaves of the crop are completely soaked. Sprinkle as. the quantity of solution and therefore the solution. Consider concentration, crop age, leaf growth etc. To make.

Nutrient deficiencies and organic manure

Nutrient deficiency and organic manure should be given.Nutrient deficiency is seen within the crop and its effect on plants should be observed.

Boron: The leaves round the growing bud are bluish is completed. Leaf edge, bud and top. Special effects occur and burning sensations develop. Stumps and seeds don’t settle. Of boron Deficiency results in proper development of internal tissues It doesn’t cause cracks within the stalks and fruit. The newly prepared fruit falls.

Sulfur: the entire plant turns uniformly yellow. See its effect on the new page immediately the method of germination is over-involved. The plant incorporates a thin stem and therefore the plant grows. Plant growth is slow and disordered Becomes dull

Iron: Iron deficiency, especially in plants. The upper leaves of the plant turn yellow thanks to lack of chlorophyll. Apparently, the aorta remains green and also the middle part. Yellowing, whitening of leaves in severe conditions, Small leaf growth stops yet as in odd circumstances. The sting of the leaf and also the top are burnt.

Magnesium: Deficiency of manganese especially “inter Dark green veins within the kind of “veins” and also the part between the veins remains straw Is displayed. Newly growing leaves fade. The old leaves within the middle turn yellow and switch red it’s a brownish tinge thereto. Even small veins remain green.

Benefits of using organic manure

Benefits of using organic manure These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. But it does not appear as fast as chemical fertilizer but is long lasting. Hygiene is maintained by using unused organic waste. The use of crop residues as organic manure provides the soil with elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash and raises the question of disposal of that waste.

Along with the main nutrients, secondary elements also become available. With the use of chemical fertilizers decreasing LEND fertility, farming costs also decrease. Mines also has a good advantage over organic manure and its subsequent crop. The use of crop residues increases the soil moisture retention capacity, heat conduction capacity, porosity and water supply to the roots.

Stretching brings deep tillage, fertilizer and water production

Organic manure nourishes the soil and increases the frequency of air growth. Unlike chemical fertilizers, nutrients do not go down deeply but stick around the roots which benefits the crop. Take more organic carbon crops and cultivate less so that the amount increases.

Adding crop residues Initially nitrogen decreases but after a while its increases. When the soil is deeply plowed by the present, the phosphorus on the surface goes deep into the soil which can be irrigated by giving liquid biological scissors to the crop.

Effect of organic manure on soil

Biochemical processes of micro-organisms are very important in terms of soil productivity. In particular, the decomposition of organic manure, the stabilization of nitrogen in the air in the soil is responsible for the variability of various nutrients in the soil vitality i.e. The activity of micro-organisms.

The physical and chemical condition of the soil changes. In addition, organic manure has many benefits and it is advisable to use it as much as possible.