Methods of organic farming

Controlling other organisms

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Good production can be achieved only by controlling the organisms that are hindering the growth of the crop.The controlling living beings is all the living beings that are not enough for just other micro-organisms.To control what is damaging our crops.We should also control stray cows, nilgai or other animals that cause damage to crops.

A natural way to keep pests away from your crop is to grow more trees in unused areas of your farm. Birds take refuge there as soon as they are raised. Protect them as they control pests or other pests that damage our crops. Will do it for free. This is just organic farming.

Importance of bees in organic farming:

InĀ organic farming, bees produce excellent fruits. Bees are very beneficial for our fruit bearing crops so we should not use chemical pesticides for their growth.

While bees sit on plant seeds to collect honey, the pollen sprouts with their feet, which naturally contributes to the best seed-fruits.

Importance of bird in farming

My farm once had peanuts and there were a lot of military caterpillars in it. At that time peanuts are grown more in our area. So there were a lot of caterpillars in the surrounding fields too. But I did not do it because the herons had made a lot of nests on the trees around my farm. I observed that these herons did not go to other people’s farms but ate caterpillars in my peanut field. In just one week, the caterpillars disappeared! So Beards are useful Controlling other organisms.

When we think about controlling other organisms, sometimes useful organisms in some crops also damage other crops. For example, if a bird damages a grain crop, it needs to be controlled at that time.

What are the natural methods of controlling other organisms?

Spraying of jaggery and detergent powder solution to remove mealybugs in cotton crop.The caterpillars that are found when plowing produce many caterpillars, so let the soil heat up after plowing.

The control of nematodes like throat is eliminated by giving neem smoke.

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