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Jivamrut is an excellent crop protector

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Mix in 5-10% water and give 100-150 liters per acre.

jivamrut making method:

  • 5 kg of fresh cow dung,
  • Cow urine of native cow 5 liters,
  • 50 grams of lime and A handful of clay under the Banyan tree.(For 100 kg of seeds)
  • Mix all the above in 20 liters of water and cover with linen and leave overnight.

At the time of sowing of seeds, good heat is available for rapid germination and soaking of jivamrut seeds in the shade so that not a single seed remains without germination.

Benefits of jivamrut:

Horticulture has good benefits in plant root development

A good amount of earthworms like farmer’s meat grows

Sowing the seeds is a chemical layer which is not ready. Immediate delivery of fruits and vegetables to the market and ready-made money-making agricultural products are detrimental. Troubleshoot this problem? So make it Jivamrut and use it

Jivamrut is an ultra-modern organic fertilizer.So far we have only used in agriculture full of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. What kind of birds and animals jivamrut you see? How many birds do you see now? So all these sins we have committed.

In agriculture, we keep certain crops for 2-5 years after planting at a time or some fruit crops for more than 15 years. So it is natural that these crops take the nutrients from the soil from one place. Reduce it. For its good production, make a solid pesticide and put it near the plant plate which gives nutrition to our horticultural crop to give more fruit.

Normally we reap a crop like sugarcane in 2-3 years, does the lifespan of sugarcane last? You may not believe it but if you produce sugarcane from organic farming, its lifespan is about 150 years !!

Organic farming uses more JIVAMRUT than you can search.

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