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Organic cultivation of cotton

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Organic cultivation of cotton

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Organic cultivation of Cotton is grown in many regions around the world.It is a supplement for human edible oils and clothing.It is a crop that is ready in eight months.It requires a lot of grooming. Today’s farmers use a very expensive method to increase their production. However, you will find out here what are the Benefits of how to. Grow Organic cultivation of cotton. Today in the world 0.7% Organic cultivation of cotton is adopted. Its demand is increasing tremendously. But it is much less than the current demand. So if you want to meet that demand and make more profit with less cost, adopt organic farming method and meet the demand.

Organic cultivation of cotton is on the rise due to the efforts of many organizations and companies. At present, 2% of the total cotton production in India is under organic farming. The second is the vertical cultivation of American cotton. Traditionally black cotton used to be grown in many areas but since the advent of. Bt variety, farmers have been cultivating it to make more profit. In case of fever, it is now necessary to harvest cotton from organic farming.

Why organic cultivation of cotton is necessary

Organic cultivation of cotton currently uses more pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop we grow, which is very expensive.The thing that not only harms the groom but also destroys the creatures that help in the fertility of the soil. In addition, the loss is ours.We use the same pesticide in cotton every season so that the pesticides have no effect on it as the living beings who are in control of it develop a protective force against it.As a result, many Le Bhagu companies in the market are luring farmers with lucrative advertisements. The military EO, which was regulated when it first started, is no longer affected. The rampant use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is having a direct impact on the human race. The incidence of diseases like cancer is on the rise.

Organic Cotton Cultivation in Gujarat

In order to cultivate cotton organically, the farmer has to register with the Gujarat Organic Certification Agency.No artificial fertilizers should be used. Urea, D. A. P, Potash, Amosulphate etc.No synthetic pesticides or growth drugs should be used.Not to use Bt cotton varieties.Cotton is not to be taken as an intercrop after two years.To grow border crops like sorghum or millet around the farm where you are growing cotton by organic farming method so that the pesticides used in other farms do not reach your farm.

Benefits of organic farming of cotton

Pollution in the atmosphere stops. A natural balance is maintained between the cause of loss and the cause of gain. Since cotton is harvested in the rainy season, the pesticides used at that time are washed away with the rain and go into the water. This is harmful to the aquatic life. This problem can be solved if you adopt healthy farming. There are high prices in the market. Any textile or oil we make from organic cotton is of high quality.
Manor and fertilizer for cotton organic farming

In organic manure you have the kind of nutrients symmetrical. But since that quantity is very small, more quantity needs to be given. It can be planned accordingly.Crop rotation, intercropping and greening can be done to get symmetrical nutrients.Many farmers burn their by-products after the cotton crop has rotted.Instead, stalks, leaves etc. should be used in compost manure.More manure should be stored.In addition, liquid organic matter should be given such as anesthetics, vermiwash etc. Cow urine is very beneficial.

Cotton survival and its control

In order to survive and control Organic cultivation of cotton, first of all, the growth of cotton crop must be good and the crop must be healthy.Good quality should be chosen for this natural control. As many measures as possible should be taken to prevent the infestation of pests.Traps, cage crop light traps and pheromone traps should be used for this purpose.

Traps, cage crop light traps and pheromone traps should be used for this purpose.
Take steps accordingly to grow cotton from organic farming

Selection of succulent resistant and early maturing cotton. Leave H / 5000-10000 Chrysoparl 20-25 days after planting. Use H / 5 Trichocard after 45,60,75 days to control live caterpillars. To control the infested caterpillars, use a solution of virulent ha / 250 caterpillars, 250 gms gall and 100 gms soap solution. To erect bamboo poles at certain distances so that the insectivorous bird can sit.

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