Do you know the list of organic farming tools?

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The demand for organic farming tools is increasing a lot today. Seeing that, where are the organic farming tools? It is important for every farmer to know the details of how to take care of it. As people today are beginning to understand the importance of organic food, you have to start organic farming to meet the demand of the people.

Today the cultivable land is getting less and less while on the other hand the demand for non-chemical food like vegetables, fruits, grains, ghee, milk is increasing. To meet this situation we have invented many technologies to get more produce. Organic farming tools have played an important role in making this task easier.

In organic farming we use implements like tractors, various tools for tillage, various implements for drawing water for irrigation, drip system for conveying liquid roots, pumps for spraying. If we do not take proper care of these equipment’s then we will have to buy new ones or repair them later. How can we afford this?

We use farm implements for different purposes. First we plow the land, level the land after plowing or break up the piles, sow, weed, irrigate, control other crop damage caterpillars or micro-organisms. After the crop is ready, we use many tools to harvest it.

The government also gives us very good financial support when it comes to buying all these organic farming tools. My post for that. After buying these tools, if you do not take proper care of them, you can get loss, so let us know about various such tools.

For plowing list of organic farming tools


Rotavators are used today to prepare the field immediately after plowing instead of plowing. If we understand the importance of organic farming, it cuts the crop we have already planted and installs it in the soil. That is very important for mulching. As the crop is ready it burns its roots which damages the soil. Instead, an organic farm tool called a rotavator is very useful.

2.A machine for cutting cotton stalks

When it comes to harvesting crops like cotton, tur, eggplant, there are many benefits of cutting the stalks and burying them in the ground instead of burning them. Which establishes natural elements in the soil. In addition, the elements present in this crop decompose and make the soil more fertile. The moisture holding capacity of the soil is increased.

3.Hydraulic reversible disc plow

This type of plow consists of main frame, disc assembly, rock shaft and spring based furrow wheel and gauge wheel. Other few models have disc plows with 2,3 and 4 discs which can be rotated due to hydraulic system so can be plowed simultaneously.It can be increased or decreased as required. It depends on the disc angle 40-45, the cutting width and its tilt angle 15 to 25 depth.

The more depth we cultivate, the greater the benefit. This will deepen the weed seeds on the surface of the soil and improve the growth of the crop on the nutrients deep in the soil. Plowing should be done every three years with the help of this tool.

4.Laser Land Leveler

The soil should be level so that we can get the required water to the crop well and its roots are not washed away. This tool helps you to level the soil which can increase the productivity of the soil. Land erosion stops. It works well once the alignment work is done.

The more fertile the soil, the easier your organic farming will be. Crops like paddy can be filled with the same amount of water. It maintains the same depth.

In addition to the above tools, shovels, shovels, five or eight donor tools are also used to plow the land or cultivate a horticultural plant. All these organic farming tools that make the soil loose help in planting another crop.

For sowing list of organic farming tools

1.Paddy transplanter

The equipment is powered by a single wheel and is connected to a diesel engine. The machine is of the riding type and passes through the nursery in four, six, and eight rows. The front wheel receives power from the vibrator, angle clutch and gear box. The propeller shaft receives power from the gear box for plant transport. Includes tray-mat type nursery. It is manipulated by the scroll shaft mechanism.

The belt converts the motion obtained by the pulley into a spherical motion. The gear and the joint are connected in such a way that it moves in the same direction.

Paddy crops like paddy can be sown very well.Now such machines have also come for sowing crops like onions.The place where the plant is planted is broken and the rest of the body remains the same.A proper distance is maintained between the plant and also.Fast work saves time.With the invention of this organic farming tools, the work that lasts for working days is completed in just a few hours.


In the first field, a wooden spade was used to sow the seeds and the seeds were lowered into the soil with the help of pipes and teeth. In which the man himself planted the seed can sometimes be more or less. It was a lot of hard work to get it fitted and ready to be planted. Which looked very irregular.

There are many tools available today to do this job. It is capable of sowing very well. In which we can give the required nutrients in the seed and soil together in the form of compost. It has the setting to install the seed at yoga depth.

3.Zero teal Sowing.

It is very useful to plant a crop like wheat immediately after taking a crop like rice. Since the soil does not have to be plowed to do so, the previous moisture helps the next crop to grow and less water is needed for the soil.
Which is mostly useful for sowing non-irrigated crops.

For Harvest list of organic farming tools

Most of the time we need small tools like daily grinders for harvesting. But it wastes a lot of human labor and time. Today it has come very fast in the work.

1.Wheat cutter

Wheat is one of the most widely used wheat harvesters in the world for its wheat harvest.In a more productive region like Punjab, this machine is very large which is used for cutting wheat and separating grains from it.


Threshers are used to separate peanuts, any type of cereals, pulses.Earlier this process was very time consuming and equipment like tractor had to be driven on its heap to separate the seeds which also caused a lot of losses. Today this task has become very easy.

Today such tools are also available for weaving green groundnuts as well as cotton. These organic farming tools have made our farming much easier and faster.

3.Combine harvester

Different types of combine harvesters have 2 to 6 friendly long cutter bars. Its function is to cut, press-cut and disassemble donations.

This machine is uniform and well company and also presses and cleans the donations. The work can be done on time.The crop can be delivered to the safe house in case of sudden change in the environment.

For Sprinkle list of organic farming tools

Earlier, hand pumps were used to protect crops from pests.Today, battery powered or solar powered pumps are also available.Vehicles like large tractors can be fitted with multiple fountains at once and can be sprayed into more land in less time.Helicopters are also used for this purpose in some countries.

For Irrigation list of organic farming tools

Rental was first used for irrigation and then diesel engines were used which were very expensive. Irrigation work became much easier with the advent of electric pump sets after the discovery of electricity. It also uses drips or sprinklers to grow more crops with less water. This method works very hard to provide fast nutrient-rich liquids.

There are also other types of organic farming tools such as a tilting current machine for crop protection, a solar ferment trip for catching fuds. These tools have created a great agricultural revolution.

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