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Dashparni extract In organic farming

Method of making Dashparni extract:(દશપર્ણી અર્ક )

Dashparni extract: (Dashparni extract) In this word alone we know that Dash means ten leaf in English which means Liv which has the offense of controlling insects naturally. Collect the leaves of ten such plants and boil them to get the liquid which is used in agriculture as an insecticide.

1)200 liters of water, 20 liters of cow urine and 2 kg of manure. Mix this mixture by wood, Add 500 mgs turmeric powder + 500 mgs ginger sauce + 10 mgs asafetida powder.

2)Mix this mixture and cover overnight. The next day add 1 kg chilly sauce + 500 g garlic sauce + 1 kg tobacco powder to this mixture and keep it away from rain and sun,

3)Add 2-2 kg of all the pedigree leaves in the above mixture::::

  • Neem
  • Indian beech(karanj)
  • Castor, Custard apple
  • Daturo, Billy leaf, Nagod
  • tulsi, Golgotha
  • Karla, Papaya
  •  Calotropis gigantea
  • Mango, gooseberry
  • Turmeric, Ginger
  • Karen,babul, Bordi
  • Kuwadio Jasud and Sargavo (frist 5 leaves)

Keep in the shade for 30-40 days.Stir daily for 1-1 minutes

Sprinkle:200 liters of water + 6/8 liters Dashparni extract(દશપર્ણી અર્ક ). Can be used for up to 6 months

Dashparni extract Advantage(દશપર્ણી અર્ક )

For all kinds of living, caterpillars and thrips

Dashparni extract benefits

As far as the methods used in organic farming are concerned. The biggest benefit is only for the environment and the human body or other organisms. Nowadays, farmers spend a lot of money on their farms and use chemical hazards, pesticides or other herbicides, chemical liquids or powders. We know that these are very harmful.

No chemical of any kind is used to make Dashparni extract. This is its major advantage as it is expensive to use in chemical farming. And the crop or food prepared from it is very harmful to human health. Because chemicals do not leave its effect for a long time and cause many problems in the human body.

The big advantage is that you don’t have to buy anything from the market to make this liquid that reduces your farming costs.

In organic farming we have to collect a lot of natural things in the fertilizers or pesticides we make. People today do not pay much attention to this method as they want quick results. Even though they know how much damage the crop produced in their farm using chemical substance does to human life, they ignore it for their own profit.

The farmer is called the tat of the world. So how can a tat give contaminated food to his offspring? Friends, understand the meaning of this title you got, turn back to organic farming and give the world the purest food.

Crops like coriander in winter are very useful in controlling the fungal disease called bhukichhara.Cabbage in cotton crop or custard apple is very effective in controlling mealybugs. I myself have controlled this through the Dashparni extract:(દશપર્ણી અર્ક )

Dashparni extract: (Dashparni extract) can cost around Rs 100-200 to make. If you don’t have time to make this, you can also get it ready in the market at this price.

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Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract(સપ્ત ધાન્યનાંકુર અર્ક )

Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract is a desi method of preparation. We don’t have to buy anything from outside to make it.Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract is made from seven grains ripening in our own farm. Which every farmer who does organic farming knows.Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract The answers to all the questions about how to become a Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract can be found here.

making sapta cereal extract:

Take 100 grams of sesame seeds in a bowl
Take enough water to dissolve the sesame seeds
Take 100 mgs of Mugna seeds
100 mgs of pigeon pea seeds
100 mgs of Choli seeds
100 mgs of Math seeds
100 mgs of Desi Chickpeas seeds
100 mgs of wheat in a donation bowl with enough water to submerge in water.
making sapta cereal extract:

Good Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract “On the third day, remove the seventh grain from the water.Conserve that water.The seeds that we have used to make this extract will germinate faster by keeping it in the can for germination.Make sauce after 1 cm germination.200 liters of water + 10 liters of cow urine.Preserved water + Cereal sauce.Stir the mixture so that the whole mixture thickens.Cover with sack for 2 hours.This prepared mixture can be used after 48 hours.

Best Sapt Dhanyanankur Extracts Benefits

Sapt Dhanyanankur extract is very cost effective and offers more benefits for our organic farming.Here is the complete information to make it.

By spraying it, the seeds of our crop are compensated.If we use it on crops like coriander, chickpea or soybean, its seeds will grow well.As a result, the weight of the farm is also halved.And there is a lot of sweetness in the crops prepared in this way.And it is also very beneficial in terms of health.

The method of making any fertilizer or. You can make it yourself by looking at it and you can use it easily.

Cereals cooked with excessive pesticides are responsible for inviting a terrible disease like cancer for our body. The extracts prepared by this method are more suitable to get rid of it.

Zero budget farming

Zero budget farming is not today but tomorrow we all have to adopt it.Our farming today is very expensive and the crops we grow are very harmful for the next generation. If we want to see our next generation happy and prosperous This will be changed.I have tried very hard in my site, my farmer friends, zero budget farming, that is, my goal is to turn to organic farming.

Here we have nature running our life.It is it that creates new micro-organisms.And it has also created the natural cheese for its control.
With this in mind, we have to use it to control the pests or fungi that are causing damage in our agriculture in the manner given here.

Other liquids like sapt-dhanyanankur-extract





dashparni Extract


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Importance of Nimastr(નિમાસ્ત્ર ) in Organic Farming

What is Nimastr?How was it made?All questions will be answered.

Method of making Nimastr:

200 liters of water

cow urine 100 liters of fresh

cow dung 2 kg and

bitter neem 10 kg

Cover the mixture with linen and keep it in the shade for 48 hours. Mix this mixture well in the morning and evening of the day. Stir circularly so that it blends well.


In Nimastr(નિમાસ્ત્ર ), a plant with bitter properties like neem is used.We know that neem leaves are commonly used to control any pest infestation. This helps in controlling the growth of micro-organisms in our field, such as caterpillars and other micro-organisms.

Nimastr(નિમાસ્ત્ર ) use in our farm

Farming was done in our country without the use of chemical hazards or pesticides. Farmers kept a lot of livestock. Ox was compulsory for every farmer. The farming that our elders did 30-35 years ago was very good. It didn’t use any fertilizers or pesticides, that’s why they ate 100% organic food than what we eat today. They were even stronger than us. You also know this.

Since people accepted agriculture as a business, chemicals have been used extensively to make more profit. What was the result in the end? There are various cancers in the human body. Nimastr is very much needed to solve this problem. has increased tremendously. The stretch we plant at the time of sowing the seed in the soil. For that we should use solid biomass.

jivamrut, or extract given in my website? Does it cost anything? So why wait? Now go back !!! Adopt organic farming. And there are advantages.

If we want a quick result of organic farming, then it is a hasty decision. Because the pesticides or hazards that we make here indigenously and add to our crops, the result is a little slower than other chemical elements.
But it lasts for a very long time and does not have any side effects and we do not have to spend more money on our farming. We also try to persuade our neighboring farmer friends to adopt organic farming.

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What is a aganistera?(અગ્નિઅસ્ત્ર)

An aganistera is a disinfectant made from a natural substance in organic farming.It can also be compared to a jivamrut or a nimastr but to make this we have to heat it. We use fire to make it hence its name Agni Astra.

Method of making aganistera(અગ્નિઅસ્ત્ર)

Method of making aganistera:

  • Cow urine 20 liters,
  • Bitter neem leaf sauce 2 kg,
  • 500 gms of chili sauce,
  • Desi Garlic Sauce 250g
  • and 500 grams of tobacco powder

The above mixture over low heat till it comes to a boil. Then let cool. After the above mixture is completely boiled, keep stirring it for two days. Doing so will make the thickest mixture of aganistera ready to spill into the pump.

What to use?

We currently have electric or solar-powered pumps. They have the capacity to fill 14-16 liters of liquid. Put two liters of aganistera in this pump and fill the rest of the pump with water. Before putting this two liter solution in the pump. Or a pump sink can be damaged if not sieved with a sieve.

The benefits of agniastra: For control of all kinds of pests,Plant-eating caterpillars,Fruit caterpillars,Flower bud caterpillars(Also especially useful for cotton gin).more

Friends, since we woke up in the morning, we have to adopt organic farming. This liquid is completely cost free only. We have to work hard to get information in it. The good health of human beings !!

But you know the long term results and you are also suffering. Here are some tips to help you grow more crops or control pests
It will be 100% beneficial.

aganistera(અગ્નિઅસ્ત્ર) benefits

When we eat fruit crops like rhubarb, borer, caterpillars often come out of it. If there are such pests in our farm or in other types of fruits, agniastra will be very useful to remove them.

The leaves of our crops are eaten by many living creatures and their growth is stopped. For example, when we look at the furrows in the field crops, we find that there are pests in them. This solution will be very useful to remove it.

Diseases in plant roots can also be controlled if drip facility is available.
In my land, the root carcass of chickpeas was used to control the entire plant in just 4 days.

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earthworms and its benefits in farming

Earthworms are constantly plowing our fields.The waste that they excrete during their defecation by eating soil as food becomes very useful for the soil.The holes made by earthworms in the soil keep the air circulation well, which is beneficial for the crop.

If arable land is to be saved, we must take care of it.After taking the crop in the soil, the nutrients in it grow by pulling the crop.Again when we have to grow another crop we have to add the necessary nutrients to that crop.

We can restore the missing nutrients in the soil by adding different types of fertilizers.Many people cover the old silt of the lake.Due to the good amount of organic matter in it, the soil becomes very fertile.Poultry manure can also be added. Indigenous manure can also be added.Mix castor meal for mango crop.

Symptoms of earthworms:

  • Native earthworms only eat soil.hey help to mix minerals and air within the soil and help with aeration as they eat the soil itself.
  • If it does not get soil, it goes away or falls asleep
  • Native earthworms can also work at different temperatures
  • The native earthworm comes 7 times above the ground soil.
  • earthworms feces contain 7% more nitrogen, 9% more phosphorus, 11% more potash, 6% more lime, 8% more magnesium and 10% more sulfur than the soil it eats. In addition, the crop is rich in other essential nutrients. Sujalam -Sufalam makes the land. That is why earthworms are called farmer’s friend.

Before I used chemical fertilizers and pesticides in my soil to grow useful organisms like earthworms but now I can find 100+ earthworms in one cubic foot of soil.Rupee spending is seen without work.

Method of making vermicompost

What is Vermicomposting? The vermicompost we use to soften the soil is made for the worms that are worms to enrich our farm. Vermiculture means “worm-farming”.

To make vermicompost, Making vermicompost requires plastic to retain moisture. Cow or other animal dung urine. Cereal stalks etc. Neem leaves. To make any pesticide or medicine we must use water till. For vermicompost also lick the water in the pit first. Then apply one layer after another as directed.First make a pit and take a plastic bed in it. Be careful not to tear the plastic. After doing so, add manure again. Always keep the vermicompost in the shade to retain moisture and increase the growth of earthworms. Vermi compost is ready in 20 days! Now you can use it.

For this purpose, after cutting the waste in other parts of your farm like leaves, wheat with a thresher, the increased cuttings will be put to good use.

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Jivamrut is an excellent crop protector

Mix in 5-10% water and give 100-150 liters per acre.

jivamrut making method:

  • 5 kg of fresh cow dung,
  • Cow urine of native cow 5 liters,
  • 50 grams of lime and A handful of clay under the Banyan tree.(For 100 kg of seeds)
  • Mix all the above in 20 liters of water and cover with linen and leave overnight.

At the time of sowing of seeds, good heat is available for rapid germination and soaking of jivamrut seeds in the shade so that not a single seed remains without germination.

Benefits of jivamrut:

Horticulture has good benefits in plant root development

A good amount of earthworms like farmer’s meat grows

Sowing the seeds is a chemical layer which is not ready. Immediate delivery of fruits and vegetables to the market and ready-made money-making agricultural products are detrimental. Troubleshoot this problem? So make it Jivamrut and use it

Jivamrut is an ultra-modern organic fertilizer.So far we have only used in agriculture full of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. What kind of birds and animals jivamrut you see? How many birds do you see now? So all these sins we have committed.

In agriculture, we keep certain crops for 2-5 years after planting at a time or some fruit crops for more than 15 years. So it is natural that these crops take the nutrients from the soil from one place. Reduce it. For its good production, make a solid pesticide and put it near the plant plate which gives nutrition to our horticultural crop to give more fruit.

Normally we reap a crop like sugarcane in 2-3 years, does the lifespan of sugarcane last? You may not believe it but if you produce sugarcane from organic farming, its lifespan is about 150 years !!

Organic farming uses more JIVAMRUT than you can search.

Methods of organic farming

Crop diversity in our farm

Crop diversity means how long a farmer is growing crops in his field. To achieve good targets in agriculture, crop diversity must be seriously considered.

Crop diversity paves the way for a wide selection of crops grown in the area. Scraper can make a good profit where more crop diversity is found.

Crop diversity depends on the quality of the soil. There are many fertile areas where many paddy crops can be grown.While in some areas only one crop can be grown. For example, Bhal region of Gujarat, wheat and chickpea crops, Charotar region for you, For Valsad Chiku as well as Kanam cotton crop is more.

In general, the lower the star of agricultural technology, the less variety there is. While poor farmers are more interested in crop diversification

The understanding of cropS diversity is in a very broad sense.

Variation index=Total percentage area under sown crop/Number of crops

Advantages of cropping diversity:::::::::

  • 1.In areas where there are not enough facilities for erratic rainfall and irrigation. The farmer grows several crops in one season for which the soil fertility-nutrients should be sufficient. At which time the farmer can make more profit by reducing the production impact. Caused by natural disasters through crop diversification.
  • 2.To support his family, the farmer grows several crops. At a time which is called crop diversity.
  • 3.Farmers cultivate many crops to establish nitrogen in the soil and increase its growth, many scientists have claimed that. Crop diversity is also necessary. If the crop diversityS is not adopted.If the crop diversityS is not adopted.
  • 4.Crop diversityS creates new employment opportunities as people get jobs for sowing, weeding and harvesting for different crops which is also an advantage of crop diversification.

Awareness of crop diversityS is a modern farming method. Today many farmers are aware of the benefits of it. And farmers in more crop. diversified areas are also using fertilizers to keep their soil rich in nutrients.

Methods of organic farming

Controlling other organisms

Good production can be achieved only by controlling the organisms that are hindering the growth of the crop.The controlling living beings is all the living beings that are not enough for just other micro-organisms.To control what is damaging our crops.We should also control stray cows, nilgai or other animals that cause damage to crops.

A natural way to keep pests away from your crop is to grow more trees in unused areas of your farm. Birds take refuge there as soon as they are raised. Protect them as they control pests or other pests that damage our crops. Will do it for free. This is just organic farming.

Importance of bees in organic farming:

In organic farming, bees produce excellent fruits. Bees are very beneficial for our fruit bearing crops so we should not use chemical pesticides for their growth.

While bees sit on plant seeds to collect honey, the pollen sprouts with their feet, which naturally contributes to the best seed-fruits.

Importance of bird in farming

My farm once had peanuts and there were a lot of military caterpillars in it. At that time peanuts are grown more in our area. So there were a lot of caterpillars in the surrounding fields too. But I did not do it because the herons had made a lot of nests on the trees around my farm. I observed that these herons did not go to other people’s farms but ate caterpillars in my peanut field. In just one week, the caterpillars disappeared! So Beards are useful Controlling other organisms.

When we think about controlling other organisms, sometimes useful organisms in some crops also damage other crops. For example, if a bird damages a grain crop, it needs to be controlled at that time.

What are the natural methods of controlling other organisms?

Spraying of jaggery and detergent powder solution to remove mealybugs in cotton crop.The caterpillars that are found when plowing produce many caterpillars, so let the soil heat up after plowing.

The control of nematodes like throat is eliminated by giving neem smoke.

Organic Farm New

Scientific method of calculating farming costs.

An enlightened person calculates the book or income of any of his business with such precision that he knows that through it he gives more idea about where to improve his business further. In this way our farming is not a business, so the cost of farming must be calculating very accurately.

It is important to take into calculating when we do any big or small activity. We can know how much loss or profit we have made in this business and we can plan to make more profit by improving it further. calculating farming costs is also a business. So it is very important to it in a scientific way.

In agriculture, from the beginning of the harvest to the time of harvest, we have spent a lot of money on fertilizers, pesticides or other labor.In addition to this, the interest we have often taken from the bank should also be included in the cost. Farmers are very indifferent in this matter. What doesn’t grow is asking such questions.

See for yourself why there are benefits to calculating farming costs and then you will automatically do the same.

Utility for the farmer

By keeping an account of his income and outflows, the farmer will get an idea of how much profit has been made from the witch crops and how much damage has been done to the crop.Advance planning of the farm gives an idea of how much money is required for which crop.

Which crop to grow in agriculture should be considered in advance which helps in borrowing the money required for sowing from the bank and can avoid further losses by borrowing on interest or from others. Lower costs will have a direct effect on your profits. In short, if we want to enrich more agriculture, we have to calculate the cost of farming.

Utility for government

If an agriculture minister like India wants to develop the country, development will be possible only with the help of farmers. That is why the government makes new agricultural policy reforms every year. Today we have the task of fixing affordable prices in groundnut or other crops grown in our region. Our calculations are taken into account to determine these prices.

The calculation of farm cost is the main eighteen to determine the lagutam prices.

Our farming is based on nature. Sometimes more rain fails. Sometimes not a single drop of water falls from the sky and we are not a crop. Involuntary infestation of locust-like organisms helps the government to prevent damage to our finished crop. The government decides to compile these figures and benefit the farmer.

The government or some big agency buys or uses the farmer’s land for development works. How much damage should be done to the farmer’s crop?To solve this question the calculation of farming cost is taken into consideration. Farmers often challenge the court for not getting proper compensation and the court also gives judgment keeping these records in mind.

For a bank as well as a lending institution

Banks as well as lending institutions lend to farmers for various crops. This bank or other lending institution gives loans on the basis of calculating the prevailing farming cost to determine the amount of lending. There should be no more.

It should not be further so that this amount is used for non-productive work and the burden of interest does not increase and does not harm the income. When the farmer needs money, he gives the farming paper and asks for a loan for its various activities. The cost of farming is very useful to determine the amount to be given to the farmer.

Excellent method of calculating farming costs

The market will boom only if our agriculture is viable. And we have to try to make our agriculture viable. We have to turn to some modernity. Because how much better life. The people of any country can live depends on its rich farming. It will be a great loss for the near future.

In agriculture today, the cost of heavy machinery like tractors, removal of seeds, fertilizers, weeds as well as the cost for harvesting are increasing. That is why it is very important for us to calculating farming costs. By doing so, we realize that this crop has suffered a lot in the last year while the other crop has made more profit at a very low cost.

Generally, we calculate the cost of farming by the farmers only using the money paid for the fertilizer used in it, the seeds or the rental equipment brought for its cultivation or harvesting. But this calculation is very wrong. If we calculate the cost of farming, we should consider not only the fertilizer seed but also the interest of the capital used for it and human labor.

CACP implemented across the country. The method should be kept in mind.CACP. The Government of India established its Agricultural Pricing Commission in 1965. Collecting cost calculation statistics helps in determining the minimum farming Costs.

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Coriander cultivation best in summer

Coriander is very beneficial if cultivation in summer. Like coriander salt, we have green spice used daily in our cooking. In agriculture, we can get more profit by growing vegetables in less land in a short time. To get better money, coriander should be grown in summer. As there is very little coriander in the market at that time. Winter is more suitable for coriander. It takes a lot of effort to grow it in summer but you can grow it according to the method given here.

Coriander can also be grown in common soil. It usually has a temperature of 20 degrees C to 25 degrees C. People cultivate this crop more in winter. We did not plant coriander for its seeds. We used its leaves to make various vegetables or other dishes more delicious.With this in mind we have to see the same as its leaf grows.

It should be irrigated immediately after sowing. Coriander seeds are very hard so it takes a long time to soften. Keep irrigating it after its weeding so that moisture does not dry on it. So if there is any kind of weed, dry it, make its ash and fill it in the pump and spray it. This is an best and organic method of weed removal. Here on my blog I have talked about 100% organic farming method.

Coriander cultivation best in summer tips

Keep watering the coriander. Make sure that its surface does not dry out. If the plant should flower after 20 cm fast, remove it. Doing so will make its hair grow on its leaves and it will grow well which will give us a good price in the market.

Coriander When we use it for the purpose of trading its leaves, we should choose seeds that have even higher filling rate and green with good green matter. We must see that we do not like seeds that have clustered seeds.

Heat is essential for the growth of any plant but coriander does not tolerate too much heat so it should be shaded when it is exposed to more sunlight.

A nethouse should be set up to create an artificial shade system in which the government subsidizes very well. However, if its cost is not affordable to the common farmer, there is another option. We should choose the netted carpet when we go to the diner. The carpet should be tied to a wooden pole in such a way that you can get it very cheaply from the surrounding pavilion service at a second price and shade the coriander crop which can provide adequate protection against the scorching heat of summer.

When the price of coriander is sky high in summer, the farmer friends must take advantage of this opportunity to earn good money fast. Even those who do not have land can get this opportunity fast money. Those who have open space around the house can use clay in small plastic trays. And coriander can be grown by mixing native manure. Today many people have also turned to Hydroponics Katie, which is making a good profit in less space and less water.

What care should be taken in coriander cultivation??

Coriander takes about 3 weeks to grow. During this time keep watering the top surface of the soil so that it does not dry out. And keep the bhaj so that not a single seed of it will fail and all the sown seeds will germinate. Prune it immediately so that it grows to 20 cm for more branches. To make it available in liquid form with organic nutrition for further development.

When the coriander is ready to be taken to the market, do its company very carefully.Make sure that it does not crumble and the soil does not come with its roots.If coriander is grown after growth, its company should be done with the help of suitable company in such a way that the roots are not uprooted.

Diseases in coriander:

Farmer friends coriander cultivation A very important disease in the coriander crop is famine. The symptoms of which are white fungus on the coriander which also turns white. If further infestation occurs, the whole plant becomes white and the growth of the plant is hampered. Which affects its weight and quality which leads to damage.

Spraying the liquid made from the vegetation around us or cow dung for fixation with its ORGANIC method. Will stop it and regain your coriander growth.