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Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation could be a trendy methodology of irrigating a crop. Various researches have shown that drip irrigation offers thirty-fifth a lot of crop yield. During which the crop is given drip irrigation by special instrumentation. At the present, most of the farmers have started acceptive it. There are presently several smart corporations obtainable for drip irrigation.

In standard farming, we tend to be accustomed irrigate by the irrigated system. That wasted a great deal of water. And there was additionally a drag of the water. This methodology continues to be obtainable wherever there’s a lot of water obtainable. We all know what reasonably injury is caused by it. Are Giving a lot of water reduces the nutrients that the soil naturally aerates and will increase with irrigation.

Smart yield will be obtained if the crop is irrigated as per the need and on time.Factors like crop kind, soil type, season, etc.Are taken into thought for a way abundant water is needed for the crop. Peanuts would like water however it desires a correct fundamental measure. If we tend to water it while not gazing at the time, its roots rot and it turns yellow. Therefore the water demand of every crop is different.

How to do drip irrigation.

Before adopting a drip irrigation system, we should always contemplate several things. Before applying it in our field, we want to induce the drip irrigation fitted in keeping with the kind of our soil like black soil, loamy soil, Stone soil, or paddy land. Additionally, confine mind the irrigation system and opt for the filter consequently.

Before adopting drip irrigation, our lands are surveyed. We want to grasp what proportion of water they have. We tend to additionally take into consideration how abundant wetness our soil stores and the way much evacuation power it’s. Taken into thought.

What proportion water evaporates ought to even be taken into thought. A dripper ought to be placed in its tube consequently.Separate hose for farming and hose for different vegetable crops so enough water is offered. Before selecting drip irrigation, check up on the system for irrigation and opt for its kind filter.

Maintenance of drip irrigation

Incredibly vital because it is incredibly high-priced and therefore the government provides one-time help. Collect and store the letter throughout the time of year so the letter doesn’t overflow with excess water. Maintain and collect it even before plowing within the field. If the letter is unfolding within the crop like cotton and that we are running the ramp to get rid of the weeds, then the letter could also be broken. Therefore, it ought to be organized close to the trunk of the plant so it’s not broken.

After we are irrigating through a bore, some reasonably salt is coming back into the water. These salts collect within the letter and stop the dripper. This may injury the letter and therefore the entire drip system. To stop this, use some chemicals obtainable within the market which will take away the salt.

After we don’t wish to reap, the drip is closed, therefore we tend to keep it spherical and collect it.This collected letter is injured by rodents. Therefore to stop it, apply medication or powder thereon so rat-like creatures cannot damage it.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

The most important good thing about drip irrigation. If any is water saving. Irrigation water is that the most significant thing about agriculture once soil. The general public is aware that water is life however they are doing not concentrate on the management of its correct use. We tend to all recognize that water could be a distinctive gift of nature however we tend to don’t use it I agreed. Regarding ninety-seven Percentage of the water within the oceans is within the type of saltwater and a pair of Percentages is holding on within the type of ice on mountain ranges. The remaining one Percentage of the water is offered for use to us.Most of the water obtainable to use is employed in agriculture. There’s pressing would like these days to use irrigation water within the best manner doable.

At a time once the incidence of root diseases in crops is incredibly high, drip could be a helpful issue for immediate delivery of essential nutrients to the roots. In crops like cotton, if we have got one plant for the foundation. Illness like Floor ants, what proportion of labor is needed while not drip, however in drip, this work is simpler. Once there’s a shortage of rain, your crop will be saved at low value.

Government assistance in drip irrigation

Government help in drip irrigation is five hundredths. During which five hundredth help is given by the government, And two-hundredth help is given by the district panchayat in several cases. To induce that facilitate, the farmer ought to 1st arrange the number of drip slot in his land and make contact with the workplace of an honest quality company. Can additionally give data on how abundant it’ll value and the way much cash the govt will give. Copy of 12.8, bank bankbook, Aadhar card. The govt provides this help one time per life farmer account holder.

Necessary supporting evidence::::::::7.12.8 copy of farmer’s land, bank bankbook, Aadhaar card


Farm pond best use in our farm

Farm pond is a handy tool for providing water for irrigation when there is a water problem. Farm ponds raise the water level in the soil. Field pond are one of the many ways to prevent rainwater runoff. Sack closure, check dam, well-bore recharge method helps in maintaining water level in the soil. Farming of farmer friends is not possible without irrigation. Every farmer friend must understand this and build a farm pond.

Farm ponds are very important for a semi-arid region. Rainfall depends on our agriculture and is very erratic. In areas where it rains more, water is easily available. But in case there is another rain after a long face-to-face break after one rain, the field can be irrigated from the pond for irrigation.

Formation of farm ponds

The formation of a farm pond consists of a pit of a certain size dug in the field which is found to be suitable for drainage and disposal of excess water.Usually the farm pond is built in the lower part of the farm. The structure of a region like Saurashtra is such that every farmer can do so. However, Bhal in Gujarat also has good facilities abroad.

A great way to ward off irregular rains. Build a farm pond in such a way that even in normal rains the flowing water of the field can be stopped.

Selection of site for farm pond

The choice of site for a farm pond depends on the type of soil, local geography, drainage capacity of the soil, rainfall intensity and distribution. For that, it is very important to know which side the water flow is on and how much more water can be stored. Landslides that are characterized by rapid drainage of water should be avoided by constructing farm ponds in areas with high levels of stone.

When it comes to local geography, choose an area in which farm ponds are constructed at a lower cost and more water can be stored.We should not like the geography where our farm ponds break down and our manure is washed away in more rains.

The more the catchment area for the water coming into the farm pond. The more it will benefit and it also needs to be protected as much as it is protected by natural vegetation. If the catchment area is prone to soil erosion, more rainfall can wash away the soil and make the field pond shallower, reducing water storage capacity.

Benefits of farm ponds

The benefits of farm ponds are realized only when water is needed for irrigation and when it is used.The water level rises.The soil that is washed away by the rains from the field can be taken back and filled in the field when the field pond is empty.

Nowadays due to submersible motor pumps water is being drawn from the ground at a great depth while the rhythm of the ground is getting deeper. At such times, farm ponds help to raise the water level in the soil. We use the slogan “Water is life”. But to make it meaningful, we have to make efforts to save water. The Gujarat government has explained the importance of water through Jal Shri Krishna Campaign.

Government assistance in farm ponds

Government assistance is very much available in farm pond. The government is planning a lot to make the farmers understand the importance of water. Economic recharging is done to recharge the well. There is money for the cost of building a borewell for the recharging of the borewell. As well as for farm ponds also different assistance is given according to different financial years.

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Solar energy

Solar energy is a pollution free energy start. Solar energy we get from the sun. What is needed to do any work in today’s time is called energy.As human beings derive their energy from food, there are many sources of energy.Many of these resources are limited or will be lost in the near future and are also polluting and expensive. So you have to find unconventional energy sources to meet this limit.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy. When we are talking about adopting organic farming and why not if we are not talking about the sun, a natural energy source. The source of all the energy on earth is the sun. The food from which we get energy also gets tires by getting energy from the sun.

Today, everyone must understand the importance of solar energy and increase it as much as it is consumed. The price of crude oil is increasing day by day which has a direct impact on the economic condition of human life. Consumption is frozen since our green earth is polluted. So let’s make more use of solar energy together and save the precious nature given by nature.

Use of solar energy in agriculture

In the field of agriculture, solar energy can be used in many ways.If the use of solar energy in agriculture is increased, then farming will become much easier and costs can also be reduced.

Farmers use diesel engines to irrigate our crops. Which is not affordable at the present time. Many farmers use electric motors. In today’s time when all the farmers are irrigating at the same time, the power load is reduced. As a result, the motors go bad or they have to wait for the lights. Have to wait in.

At present, the government provides solar powered pump sets to farmers for only Rs 20,000. Which is very useful.Solar pumps are used for irrigation and drinking water.

Solar dryers are used to remove moisture from many agricultural crops after they are ready.The short time between the two crops is responsible for the decline in production today. The second crop is grown before it becomes moisture free so that the next crop Under the circumstances that micro-organisms grow which cause damage to the crop. The sun should heat up as much as the ground. This is also part of solar energy. Solarisation is required for soil maintenance purposes.

Many crops need cold storage to get fresh to the market. And vegetables and fruits can be kept fresh. The material for making it is easily available from the market. The government also helps a lot in building a pack house. Also useful are solar cookers, solar lanterns, solar water heaters, solar street lights, home lights etc.

Working method of solar pump

The working method of solar pump is similar to the working method of electric pump. But here DC power is produced by solar cell. Therefore, it is very important that maximum solar light reaches the solar plate. Plates that retain more than 90% working capacity for more than 10 years are available. It should be preferred. The energy received from solar is DC. A converter is required to convert it.

Solar array: This is the main part of a solar pump. It converts solar energy into electrical energy. It is made from silicon. Solar plate of the same capacity as you want to run the pump should be used. 900 watts for one horse power. Using the plate.

Motor Pump Set: There are two types of solar pump set available in the market, AC or DC.

Solar tracking system: which is an automatic or man-made arrangement with the help of which the arrangement of getting sun light to the plate.

Electric Parts: Maximum Power Point Tracker, On Off Swiss, Controller for DC Motors and Accident Prevention for Motor without Water.

The size of the solar pump and its configuration

Good quality and long lasting AC and DC in the market. There are two types of pump sets available. Use 1 horsepower if needed for drinking water and 3,5 and 7.5 horsepower if used for irrigation. This pump set can be installed anywhere. This is a blessing in disguise, especially in inaccessible areas where electricity has not yet reached.
Automatic should be selected.

Solar rooftop

Understanding the importance of solar energy, a lot of subsidies are given by the government. Today, there are many agencies working to make it easy for you to use it even in home consumption The nearest taluka level agency can be contacted to install solar panels of the same capacity as we have power consumption.

Solar energy and people’s belief

People know about solar energy and its importance but there is an illusion in the minds of many people that it is very expensive but if the government helps you a lot then why wait. Many people are afraid of false rumors about its warranty. If there is a guarantee system available in the market for more than 10 years, use it and become a partner in keeping the environment clean.

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Mulching is Low pies are a good farming method.

Mulching is an ideal farming method of applying a special type of plastic wrap around the plants in our field. Mulching allows a good crop to be harvested with less drinking while maintaining soil moisture for a long time. The material used to cover the soil is called mulch. Mulching helps to test for weed and temperature moderation to store moisture. Mulching means not only plastic method but also dry leaves. Pieces of paddy, husks of paddy, pieces of sorghum, wood powder. Dry grass, dried leaves of sugarcane, coconut leaves are used.

Today’s humans have to adopt a scientific method to cope with some of the natural factors for farming. As he adopted the scientific method as a human being, more and more challenges kept coming in front of him. He also has a business of farming. Farming is a nature based business in which rain, weather and water are all natural. Among them is the situation of erratic rainfall due to today’s global warming.

Crops of mulching method

Mulching is grown in crops like watermelon, sweet potato, cucumber, strawberry. Mulching is very beneficial for the fruits which are ripening on the ground. For crops like tomato, mulching does not cause spoilage. For watermelon, mulching does not cause yellowing.

Basically, two different types Substances are used as mulching Is coming.

(1) Organic mantle
Organic matter or dried leaves, paddy Firewood, paddy husk, sorghum firewood, wood Wheat, dry grass, dry leaves of sugarcane, coconut Bran, paper etc. Use of organic coating Then there is the problem of disposal but not easily It is difficult to meet enough everywhere

(2) Inorganic mantle Plastics that move inorganic substances Inorganic mulching is used as a coating. The variety used for inorganic mulching. The type of plastic used.L.L.D.P. EDemand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. However, there are also plastics available in the market today that decompose into the soil after a crop is completed.

Benefits of mulching

  • Maintains moisture in the soil
  • Reduces temperature by covering the soil.
  • Provides favorable soil moisture for root and plant growth
  • Prevents manure from moving away
  • Seed germination is very fast and weeds are very rare.
  • A respectful environment is provided for earthworms and other soil micro-organisms which are beneficial to the crop.
  • The crop matures in a short time
  • Improves soil micro-environment.
  • Saves water
  • Effective for dry type farming
  • Increases crop yield and keeps crop clean
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces heavy rainfall as well as soil compaction caused by it.
  • Prevents soil erosion by water as well as air

Caring for mulching

You don’t have to be very careful to do mulching, you have to suffer a lot of damage. Before mulching any crop, break up large mounds of soil, weave pieces of wood or stone. Give the required fertilizer first. Mulching can be done before sowing.

It is very important to prevent the plastic from tearing. Holes in the shape of a circular exit of the plant To provide. Plastic tear by making square holes Going. Use a hot material to drill holes so that the paper can stop cracking.

Before laying the plastic cover on the ground As the seeds germinate and come out easily Maintain a fixed distance between the two plants of the crop so that Drilled holes and plants out of holes It is easy to come.

Of iron pipe for laying plastic sheet Wrap the plastic around the belt If it comes, it is convenient to use stone Rotate and move barley. Be careful not to fill the air.

To prevent the plastic layer from filling with air and others 6 inches above the woman to keep her grip. Laying the soil or pressing the layer into the ground. Debt is very important. While covering the coating film
The edges are automatically coated with clay.

Mulching costs

The Mulching cost is the cost corresponding to the crop you want to do. 80% area coverage in vegetable crops
Estimated indicator cost to mulch approx. Hectare, 20,000 / – per sq.m. i.e. 2 per sq.m. Fruits To cover 50% of the area Estimated indicative cost approximately15,000 / – per hectare That is 1.50 per sq.m.

Subsidy for mulching

The government provides money to the farmers to help them in farming which is known as subsidy.The farmers are given a certain percentage of financial assistance to buy equipment and seed plants. The rules are according to each aid and different financial years. This, one can visit the government’s farmer oriented website and get the required eighteen proofs to get the money.

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Importance of birds in organic farming

We observe the importance of birds in organic farming on a daily basis.Birds feed on small caterpillars, fungi, small living creatures. These creatures are a hindrance to the growth of our crops and are used by these birds as food. In addition, as birds move from one plant to another, good pollination also results in excellent fruit. Therefore, birds are very important in organic farming.

According to a folk belief, the arrival of Nilkanth birds on the day of Dussehra makes the whole year go well. This belief explains the importance of birds in organic farming. If we are told by our ancestors which birds help us in farming. Birds are part of a natural link in pest control for growth and development.We should create an environment where they can roam in our fields.

In the natural farming that took place years ago, wild animals, humans and birds lived in harmony.But over the last few years, the method used to meet the demand for farm produce in the market and in the lure of making more profit has had a huge impact on the naturally occurring factors and pushed the farming business to the brink of loss. If we want to get quality goods and make more profit then we have to understand the importance of all these factors and save it. And that is possible only if we all turn to organic farming.

Grain crops are damaged by many birds but it should be ignored as other creatures have as much right as you have on this earth. Also these birds should be seen as pesticides. Some birds also control rodents.Today, humans have eliminated deforestation on Earth, and as a result, these birds have turned to our farms as they continue to be home and food.

Some of these birds come in search of food.Some come in search of habitat and some come in search of activity. So we must know and understand its importance. In addition to seeds in crops, grasshoppers are food for birds. Our farms provide a more conducive environment for the birds than the forest. The availability of safe drinking water such as farm plants, surrounding trees, insects found as food, nesting wells and birds attract the birds.

Insect-eating birds

Insectivorous birds are slaughtered more than other birds during the year.One has to go back in history to see how important birds is.When the Indian Kabar had to be relocated to Mauritius in 1962. Today, the Indian Kabar spreads across Africa, Southeast Asian countries and the continent of Australia.And plays an important role in the control of other pests. However, the tomb is currently declared an invading and unwanted bird in Australia.

Heron: Heron is also known as cattle heron.It is mostly found with animals. We will have a living account of harassing animals.
Even the cattle, as if they were his friend, co-operate peacefully even though they come to eat him alive.
When plowing the field, the insects that come out of it come to eat the heron. The heron plays a very important role in controlling the green caterpillars.

Black Koshi:Catching flying insects in the blink of an eye. It is a great pleasure to see them flying and doing tricks in the air.
The Black koshi is a fast insectivorous black bird.You must have seen cattle sitting and riding.

Vyaa:It is a kind of tomb coming from the region in winter. Most of the time it arrives at the time of Navratri.
When it comes, our old men say that the rainy season is over. It is a kind of tomb coming from the region in winter. Most of the time it arrives at the time of Navratri. When he arrives, our old men say that the rainy season is over. He is very talkative and can be seen in groups wherever he is. It does little damage to the millet sorghum crop but speeds up the control of green caterpillars in the chickpea crop.

Conservation of insectivorous birds

Once the birds realize their importance in organic farming, they should consider increasing their population in good proportion. Their basic needs should be met.Insectivorous in the farm environment Very little to save the birds In our opinion
The purpose of pest control is achieved.

Most insectivorous birds in the crevice Does the nest. If a natural crevice is not available. On a tree in a field or on a pillar or a building. The benefits of such birds from laying artificial nests are long Get up in time. Many generations of life-loving organizations distribute garlands. Their cooperation can be taken.Wreaths can be made from the best method from waste.

Feeding Food for birds is another important Is required. Growing in the shed or seam of the field. Goras tamarind, yellow, mulberry, wad, umra or pipla. The fruit of the gooseberry trees will last many birds Attracts. Also Shimla, Panarvo and Kesuda flowers Attracts birds. Birds attracted by fruits and flowers, Also reduces pests from surrounding crops.

In order to attract the birds, food like mamara-gandhiya should be placed. “But they should be careful that the dogs and cats that eat it do not reach there.”Arrange for birds to sit in the middle of the field.

Why do birds become alienated from the farm ??

We know that birds are very important in organic farming but nowadays it is less common in our farms. We know the reason for this. The use of pesticides as well as chemical fertilizers on our farms. As a result, the pests become poisonous and the birds that use them as food die. This is the main reason why birds are running away from our farms.

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Beekeeping is very important to meet the demand for honey. Beekeeping centers are increasing today. So far we have been getting honey naturally from the forests. Today, due to the high demand for honey, many farmers are earning good money by making honey legally through beekeeping centers. The government provides a lot of assistance to farmers for beekeeping. Organic farming is a part of it. As the number of bees increases, so will the benefits to the plant world.

A bee is a colonial insect that collects honey and pollen from thousands of flowers. Bees are excellent in horticultural crops. Because the bee sits on the flower to collect honey, the pollen from its feet is counted from one flower to another.
Which produces excellent fruit which produces excellent fruit. It is excellent for horticultural crops like Moringa, Mango Farm, Guava etc.

Bees are beneficial to humans economically as well as to the environment. There are four types of honey bees in India. 1. Satpudiya 2. Bhuga 3. Bhamriya 4. Damar honey bee. The bee builds a hive in a well, on cotton twigs, on a tree. A hive contains 25,000 to 150,000 bees, including a queen bee, a male bee, and a worker bee.

Benefits of beekeeping

If bees are reared along with other crops, fruiting gives 10-20% more yield to the crops. The honey obtained from bees is useful for religious, social and medicinal purposes. One kg of honey provides 3500 kcal. 13 liters of milk equals 12 dozen apples and 65 eggs.

The wax obtained as a by-product after taking honey is used in electricity, paints, varnishes, candles, cosmetics, printing and sports equipment.In addition to honey bee honey, the venom contained in its sting is used in its injection as it is used in tumors and airborne diseases. One hive gives one to one and a half kg of honey. Raising these bees reduces unemployment.


Honey is Panchamrut used in an auspicious ritual. We are comparing a virtuous person with honey. A delicious and fragrant substance made from the juice extracted from flowers by bees. Honey is a natural gift to us. What a wonderful act to collect, you can’t prepare for it in an experiment school. The bee sucks the juice of the flower and collects the saliva which accumulates in its stomach. There it is converted into honey.Then it is stored in the honeycomb cell.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion After that action,The bee closes the cells that contain the cells.According to one estimate, one kilogram of honey is produced when a present bee sucks honey from twenty-five million flowers. The honey bee pulls as much honey as its own weight in one round. The color, flavor and aroma of honey depend on the type of flower it attracts.

A bee that collects honey from a fruit or flower farm. It is called a floral honey.A nectar, lychee, purple, eucalyptus and kamala flowers are made in the same way as jat flower honey. Each of these honey has different taste, aroma and color and its properties. Honey does not spoil for a long time which is a definite gem from the honey you get from the pyramids.

Honey is always made up of sugars. It mainly contains dextrose and fructose, water, a small amount of sucrose and minerals.
Gives strength immediately after taking honey. It is famous as a high quality food. Honey is easily digested. According to Ayurveda, including honey, it is short, tasty, astringent, astringent, desirable to the eyes, is a lantern, an ulcer, purifier of the nerves and also delicious.

Beekeeping farming

In addition to the naturally available honey, honey is now obtained from beekeeping centers by keeping beehives in a specific environment in which bees are reared on a large scale. This is a great benefit to the fruit industry as well as the agricultural industry. Many environmental organizations and khadi village industries in India help and provide complete information to the farmers in bee keeping.

A farmer who wants to set up a beekeeping center can start with just five boxes. The initial cost for setting up these units is estimated at Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000 It will cost less as there is more paddy. More costs come in labor. But as the farm gets bigger, the cost also goes down. Another cost comes in the form of wax sheets. Cow urine should be sprayed to protect Kathiri.Jute mats are used to cover the hive.

Annual income of beekeeping

The annual income of bee keeping comes from honey, beeswax and newly formed bee colony. An average of 35 kg of honey is obtained per hive. If we calculate such Das Patti honey Lake, we get 350 kg of honey which you can estimate.This calculation is only for honey.Now the wax is 7 kg per unit of 700 grams which is multiplied by the market price. This way the first investment returns 70% in the first year.

Proper use of bee breed, proper arrangement of bee keeping, proper use of bee keeping tools to make more profit in bee keeping. It is very important to control the harmful insects in bees as well as other calamities.

Organic farming and beekeeping

Friends, today the problem of global warming has arisen due to human instincts. Due to which beehives are becoming extinct. Flowers are losing their fragrance.In that case, if we adopt this organic farming method, your invaluable contribution can be made in cleaning the environment.

If we grow honey, there is a lot of benefit in farm production. For example, in my farm, I grow moringa.
Many farmers use jaggery to get an excellent crop if honey bees come on it when it flowers. This process occurs naturally if the farmer raises bees.

Over the past two decades, many people have made a lot of money through factories, stocks and the Internet.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says, working at home is a dream for many people. Even better, you can make money with your phone now.

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Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom has now started in many countries of the world.The increase in mushroom is likely to be due to increased consumption.Mushrooms are widely used in countries like Netherlands, Poland, China, Italy. Before knowing the benefits of mushrooms and their use, it is very important for us to know more about mushrooms. The belief that some people in India urinate from dog urine is totally baseless and unscientific. Mushrooms are a type of fungus. Many of us also refer to it as the cat’s top. It is especially found during the rainy season.It feels very soft as soon as we pull it in our hands.

It is found in the rotten garbage during the monsoon season. Like a toy umbrella !!He is a mortal. Which cannot make its own food due to lack of chlorophyll. It cannot be divided into different organs like other plants.Its consumption is increasing in five star hotel restaurants. It is used as a vegetable.Mushroom are used in soups, Punjabi vegetables, salads, pilafs, pakodas etc.

The usefulness of mushrooms as food

Mushrooms are rich in taste, aroma as well as high quality nutrients. They are rich in phosphorus and protein.Contains minerals like sodium and potassium. Vitamin B, C, K, Thiamine amino acids as well as some rock antioxidants are in high amounts which can be said to be very good.According to doctors, 100-200 grams of dried mushrooms are very nutritious for an adult. 400 grams of mushrooms have 100 kcal.The digestibility of the protein in it is very high. It is in proportion to the amount of protein we get from animals.

Mushrooms contain sufficient amounts of lysine and tryptophan amino acids. They contain less than one percent fat. And high levels of free fatty acids. At present, the incidence of various heart diseases like high blood pressure, valve problems has increased so much that it can be considered as a mushroom blessing for the people.There are benefits to carbohydrates as well. In short this mushroom protects against many diseases so it is more suitable to adopt it in the diet.

The benefits of mushroom cultivation

Before knowing the benefits of Mushroom cultivation, it is very important to know how to cultivate it. Mushrooms are grown with 100% organic farming method.Therefore, it can be called a complete organic food. It has a big advantage. Mushrooms are usually found growing in the monsoon on the heap of organic manure we make, on the heaps of its by-products after taking wheat.

As Mushroom cultivation is easy and cheap, it will be a blessing for small and landless farmers.Less investment and more profit can be a source of permanent profit in the area where aerial farming takes place.Minimal use of pesticides etc. is required for soil seeds. Increased recall of mushroom crop after harvest can be done as organic manure, animal feed as well as to produce biogas. Giving more incentives to grow mushroom crop can give more jobs to women as it is likely to be a good benefit at the village level.

As the use of mushrooms as food increases, human beings should have enough other food. The mushroom crop is ready soon so that the money they have invested can be returned quickly and it can be taken in any season, while in other crops the capital is invested for some season and some time.By-products of wheat, paddy, etc. can be used to grow mushrooms, so it can be said to make the best from waste.If more emphasis is placed on its cultivation, the problem of unemployment can be avoided.

Mushroom cultivation method(1)

There are many ways to cultivate Mushrooms. Cultivation in a plastic bag: Good quality pulleys of paddy or wheat are preferred for making Mushrooms. Growing mushrooms in this way requires a measuring bag of oil cans, bevistin, 37% formalin, and seeds. Soak the first straw in fresh water for 4 to 6 hours. After doing so, drain the excess water. Or soak the pearl in water with a temperature of 80C. Then drain the water again. Fill in a plastic bag only after it has cooled completely.

Fill the bag / 5-6 kg in such a way that 70% moisture is maintained after the straw is prepared in this way. But when filling this straw, add 200 gms of seeds as 10 kg of straw at 10-15 cm. Keep pushing lightly. Once the bag is full, tie its mouth tightly and make 20 to 5 small holes with stitches on all four sides so that air can flow. It can be awkward. Arrange the sacks thus prepared on wooden horses and keep them for 40 daysTo 200 cm.

To keep the temperature in the dark in a humid place with 5 to 20% humidity. Thus in 15-20 days with white stalk of straw. Mushroom fungus The whole rote will be covered. Then open the plastic bag by opening the plastic bag with a sharp paddle. In four to five days of doing so Going to the head of the citation will start to come out of the mushroom and one The mushrooms are ready to be cut in a week. Which can be harvested and sold.

Mushroom cultivation method(2)

For Mushroom cultivation The paddy straw is green in color Don’t be soaked by rain or other water. Should be seedless and strict and The ox’s feet should not be trampled underfoot. First of all, spread paddy or wheat straw in the sun Curry dried and cut into two feet lengths of cloth Fill the bag and close the mouth. When to create this Bags in 100 liters (10 buckets) of water 2.2 g of carbendazim and 2.5 ml. Add formalin for 12 to 15 hours Keep the canister. The next day these cots out of the water Drain the straw on a sloping spot Debt.

Arrange a piece of bamboo or wood on a brick or stone in such a way that air can circulate.The length and width of the bed should be 1 meter and the straw should be arranged in a quadrangle on it. One kg of straw should be used according to the bed. After doing this, add seeds and put soybean or tuvar dal powder on it. Do three or four layers in this way and work the same. After doing so, cover and cover it regularly so that it retains moisture. In 4-5 days it starts sprouting and will be able to sell in 2-3 days.Thus 2-3 crops can be taken from each pan.

Types of mushrooms

King oyster Mushroom, white oyster mushroom can be grown in August-September. Mushrooms in Gainord, black oyster mushrooms. The most button mushroom is eaten a lot and its good packing for delivery anywhere is found in the market. Its seeds are easily available to you and at the same time you get a lot of guarantees. By cultivating mushrooms in this way we can get more profit with less investment.

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Kitchen Garden

We all must have heard the name Kitchen Garden. Now a lot of people are beginning to understand the importance of a Kitchen Garden. Which is a very good thing. A Gujarati is saying that “the kitchen wants thirteen things every day. “According to him, for most vegetables, housewives have only one question every day, what is the vegetable today? Exactly the same is true for almost every housewife. At times certain types of vegetables are grown less in agriculture.As a result, its price skyrockets.The price of vegetables goes up, the budget of housewives gets disrupted.

Kitchen Garden is very beneficial to meet the price of vegetables. The biggest advantage of vegetable garden is that it does not use any kind of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. So naturally, its benefit is that our body gets pure food. There are many methods for the kitchen garden. There are many methods for this. It can be easily grown in low soil.

In addition, the water that is supplied in it is also used for additional household water.

Where can vegetables be grown in the kitchen garden?

Vegetables are a nutrient in the daily diet. Abundant is a very important part. Getting nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C,

Vitamin-B-3, Vitamin-E, Folic acid, Iron, And magnesium is in the required amount. This is secondary In addition to nutrients. The first to grow vegetables withstanding plants such as Ladiesfinger, Guar. After raising it, make a pavilion using bamboo. Vine type vegetables can be grown on it.

Along with vegetables, spice crops like chili, ginger, turmeric should also be grown. Also, some herbs with medicinal properties should be grown, such as Arduino, Tulsi, which cures cough and cold. You know the benefits of turmeric. Turmeric is used for any cosmetic medicine or powder. Aloe vera can be planted around the vegetable garden which is very beneficial. Aloe vera is used in everything used to repel mosquitoes. One of the many things we see in many homes is the Kitchen Garden.

That people give bath soapy water for irrigation in this Kitchen Garden which is very harmful. Usually, we add coriander to make the vegetable delicious. This coriander can be taken to the vegetable garden as its price goes up a lot as it is produced less in summer. If there is more space, then lemon plants should also be grown. Lemon water is very useful in summer. It is also very useful in cooking. In summer, we should drink more lemon drinks which retain water for our body and protect it from heat.

Kitchen garden if everyone should grow in the fallow land around their house. By doing so, everyone should get fresh and pure vegetables. The farmer brothers are not able to grow enough vegetables to reach the population of our planet. So that if it looks fresh and good, think how many such fertilizers such vegetables are. Some special malls offer good and refined vegetables, but not everyone can afford them. That’s why Friends is so essential.

How to further develop the kitchen garden ??

For further development of the kitchen garden, better use of organic manure results in better production. Worm manure can be used for more production.Because of the shade in the vegetable gardenearthworms grow naturally.Taking care of certain vegetables in the Kitchen Garden in such a way that it gets enough sunlight, its growth is stunted.Dirty water should not be given at all in the Kitchen Garden.

Organic Farm New

Importance of spice crops

If we wish to create our food delicious, we want spices, brothers. We tend to should perceive the Importance of spice crops. Many people conjointly combine spices to precise themselves effectively. There’s a maxim however here we’ve to speak regarding spice crops adult in organic farming. In India, spices like seafood, cinnamon, cloves, ilaisi etc are adult in giant quantities. Within the sixteenth century, several traders from European countries came to the new waterways of Republic of Asian country for the spices of India.

High quality within the world since times of yore In cultivation, production and export of spice crops As India is favored.It’s thought-about because the home of spices Is returning. Favorable climate and soil in our country thanks to this over fifty spice crops area unit cultivated. Chili, Ginger, Turmeric, Coriander, Fenugreek, Onion, Garlic in vegetable and spice crops within the State of Gujarat. Gujarat ranks initial within the country for productivity of seed spices. Thus Importance of spice crops. whereas Gujarat could be a priority within the world for the productivity of cumin and anise. That’s why all the process industries of those crops area unit principally established in Gujarat.

Spice crops area unit thought-about to be terribly dangerous as they’re a lot of prone to diseases and pests. Therefore the space beneath cultivation will increase heaps. Traditional Anyone UN agency has farmers just like the main crops for planting these crops there’s no such issue as pre-planning. However of irrigation Major crops keeping visible  convenience and value. Planting of those crops within the surplus land once planting Happens.

Importance of spice crops

Most of the farm climate areas of the state Seed is appropriate for cultivation of spice crops. Farms of Gujarat, Kutch, Saurashtra, Srinagar and North Gujarat. Weather for ginger, turmeric, onion garlic, fenugreek etc. Excellent six. In arid and semi-arid areas of Gujarat. The provision of drink is incredibly low Narmada. Even once the completion of the theme, our irrigated space is approx no more than five hundredth.Large amounts of tax may be simply collected by mercantilism spices and their price further merchandise.

Vegetable spice crops area unit a lot of economically viable than wheat, cotton, rye, chickpeas thanks to low demand of seeds. Fertilizers, irrigation, labor and capital and high market costs. Basic exchange for the event of the country. There’s a desire permanently Indian spices within the countries of the globe. Demand is high thanks to quality. prime quality. Foreign exchange by increasing the export of spices.

Drying in onion and garlic crops yet as ginger-powder from ginger, yet as from turmeric Tea industries for creating powder from chillies. At the amount t will. Less illness pests thanks to planting in arid and semi-arid areas. Organic cultivation of seed spices may be simply achieved thanks to low infestation and wish for fertilizers.

The biggest profit is from spices. If we tend to cultivate ajma, animals like nylghai ought to be from our farm. Its aroma destroys several harmful organisms within the atmosphere. several fertilizers or pesticides area unit utilized in organic farming. as an example, tenleaf extracts.

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Importance of beans

Many types of pulses area Farm unit big in our country. The importance of beans beans is several. Asian country is at the forefront of pulses production, space below cultivation, consumption, import still as variety. Its total cultivation is in 252 large integer hectares of land in Asian country. twelve styles of pulses area unit big in Gujarat. Pulses area unit principally big in Tuwer, Tea, Mug, Adad, Chola and scientific discipline. 60 grams of beans per person per day is needed. Importance of beans as a result of they’re a supply of supermolecule. It’s easier to digest and cheaper than meat. Pulses area unit made in essential amino acid that. Isn’t absorbed the maximum amount from alternative crops. Additionally, components like Ca, iron, copper, moloblendem area unit excellent.

With of these styles of nutrients offered, the importance of beans is way higher. During a country like Asian country, if we would like to fight the matter of deficiency disease, pulses should be side to the diet of kids to urge a lot of supermolecule. All the crops of beans category have root dirt. That is drawn from the air and put in within the soil with the assistance of bacterium referred to as genus Rhizobium. Which may be a terribly helpful issue for alternative crops. Mugs area unit high in supermolecule and may be big in any season therefore planting ought to be hyperbolic. In some crops, taking that distance as a crop doesn’t need fertiliser because the crop that wants yuria naturally gets yuria.


Importance of beans mug. Pulses area unit the second largest crop within the country’s agriculture. Crops have a awfully necessary place and therefore the most significant legume crop once Tuwer is mug a with the exception of being a legume crop, it’s vital in Dhanishtha cropping system because it ripens in time. Wherever there’s adequate irrigation facility an excessive amount of. Within the target cropping system throughout the summer season this Crops area unit given priority. Daily diet consists of fifty to one hundred grams of beans daily. It is necessary to seem at India’s pulses production but twenty four grams of pulses per person on a mean. offered in two to pure gold supermolecule. To satisfy this deficiency of supermolecule. Planting of summer and semi-winter additionally to monsoon. It’s necessary to try and do. Mug cultivation in Asian country is especially in.

       Rajasthan,Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu,Orissa,Occurs in Andhra Pradesh. In India in the year 2014-15.It was planted in about 30.2 lakh hectares.About 15 lakh tonnes are produced from the deposit,That is, its productivity is 3 kg/ Per hectare.Cultivation of Six Mags is mainly in North Gujarat, Kutch, Saurashtra And more than 2.5 lakh hectares in Central Gujarat.Mug cultivation is done mostly in the area.In non-irrigated, low-fertile soils and low.Since it is done by fitness, its average production is Rs.200 kg Per hectare But good.Fertile soils are fertile, over-productive.Giving, disease resistant and excellent grain quality.Planting of varieties and scientific farming.By adopting the technique, the production of mug is 1000-1200.Kg Can be obtained up to per hectare


 within the category of pulses big in our country. Location is very important. This crop grows in each season. However, most of the monsoon and winter seasons. Occurs and % in intercropping As a term crop. Adad is especially taken from state, Odisha,Going to state happens within the states.In the year 2014-15In Asian country Adad is cultivated during a total space of ​​72.7 large integer hectares Was done. About 12.5 large integer tonnes from the deposit Produced i.e. Its productivity is 206 kilogram / kilogram. Hectares, whereas in Gujarat. It’s principally central and it’s cultivated within. The northeastern a part of South Gujarat and in some components of Saurashtra.


space in varied crops big in our country And chickpeas and turmeric area unit necessary in terms of production.Tuwer is that the second most significant crop once chickpeas.Tuwer is taken into account to be native to Asian country and continent.Production was around seventy two.7 large integer tonnes.Tuwer in Asian country Despite being the second most significant legume crop, its. Average yield per area unit is two hundred to fifty kilogram. that is around, compared to alternative countries. Less is that the main cultivator of tur in our country. States Madhya Pradesh, geographic region, Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana and state area unit in Gujarat. Planted in four. 5 large integer hectares in nineteen, its production.2. 31 large integer tonnes and productivity 1108 kilogram / hour angle. Found within the districts cultivating. Tuvar within the state. Bharuch, Vadodara, Surat, Panchmahal and Kheda area unit the most ones. Increasing-less in alternative areas than Saurashtra-Kutch.