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Organic cultivation of cotton

Organic cultivation of Cotton is grown in many regions around the world.It is a supplement for human edible oils and clothing.It is a crop that is ready in eight months.It requires a lot of grooming. Today’s farmers use a very expensive method to increase their production. However, you will find out here what are the Benefits of how to. Grow Organic cultivation of cotton. Today in the world 0.7% Organic cultivation of cotton is adopted. Its demand is increasing tremendously. But it is much less than the current demand. So if you want to meet that demand and make more profit with less cost, adopt organic farming method and meet the demand.

Organic cultivation of cotton is on the rise due to the efforts of many organizations and companies. At present, 2% of the total cotton production in India is under organic farming. The second is the vertical cultivation of American cotton. Traditionally black cotton used to be grown in many areas but since the advent of. Bt variety, farmers have been cultivating it to make more profit. In case of fever, it is now necessary to harvest cotton from organic farming.

Why organic cultivation of cotton is necessary

Organic cultivation of cotton currently uses more pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop we grow, which is very expensive.The thing that not only harms the groom but also destroys the creatures that help in the fertility of the soil. In addition, the loss is ours.We use the same pesticide in cotton every season so that the pesticides have no effect on it as the living beings who are in control of it develop a protective force against it.As a result, many Le Bhagu companies in the market are luring farmers with lucrative advertisements. The military EO, which was regulated when it first started, is no longer affected. The rampant use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is having a direct impact on the human race. The incidence of diseases like cancer is on the rise.

Organic Cotton Cultivation in Gujarat

In order to cultivate cotton organically, the farmer has to register with the Gujarat Organic Certification Agency.No artificial fertilizers should be used. Urea, D. A. P, Potash, Amosulphate etc.No synthetic pesticides or growth drugs should be used.Not to use Bt cotton varieties.Cotton is not to be taken as an intercrop after two years.To grow border crops like sorghum or millet around the farm where you are growing cotton by organic farming method so that the pesticides used in other farms do not reach your farm.

Benefits of organic farming of cotton

Pollution in the atmosphere stops. A natural balance is maintained between the cause of loss and the cause of gain. Since cotton is harvested in the rainy season, the pesticides used at that time are washed away with the rain and go into the water. This is harmful to the aquatic life. This problem can be solved if you adopt healthy farming. There are high prices in the market. Any textile or oil we make from organic cotton is of high quality.
Manor and fertilizer for cotton organic farming

In organic manure you have the kind of nutrients symmetrical. But since that quantity is very small, more quantity needs to be given. It can be planned accordingly.Crop rotation, intercropping and greening can be done to get symmetrical nutrients.Many farmers burn their by-products after the cotton crop has rotted.Instead, stalks, leaves etc. should be used in compost manure.More manure should be stored.In addition, liquid organic matter should be given such as anesthetics, vermiwash etc. Cow urine is very beneficial.

Cotton survival and its control

In order to survive and control Organic cultivation of cotton, first of all, the growth of cotton crop must be good and the crop must be healthy.Good quality should be chosen for this natural control. As many measures as possible should be taken to prevent the infestation of pests.Traps, cage crop light traps and pheromone traps should be used for this purpose.

Traps, cage crop light traps and pheromone traps should be used for this purpose.
Take steps accordingly to grow cotton from organic farming

Selection of succulent resistant and early maturing cotton. Leave H / 5000-10000 Chrysoparl 20-25 days after planting. Use H / 5 Trichocard after 45,60,75 days to control live caterpillars. To control the infested caterpillars, use a solution of virulent ha / 250 caterpillars, 250 gms gall and 100 gms soap solution. To erect bamboo poles at certain distances so that the insectivorous bird can sit.

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Importance of birds in organic farming

There is tons of importance of birds in organic farming. I do know the farmer friends UN agency farm. Raise the elders of your house however birds facilitate in farming. today such helpful birds have become less and fewer. we all know Here you’ll establish what proportion birds get pleasure from from organic farming.Many helpful birds became extinct thanks to the indiscriminate use of pesticides by today’s farmers to form a lot of profit.

Remember twenty years past these days, after you were a toddler. At that point, birds like crows, cockroaches, parrots, crows were whirling around you!How several peacocks you see after you head to your farm! and the way happy you’re to visualize it.The herons are going to be happy once your father drives the oxen within the field. The herons can eat the insects that set out of it.This is what you’ve got seen such a lot of birds.?Now the time isn’t far-flung friends that some birds consequent generation will solely see within the image.Example. The vulture, Samadi, Ghorad that is on the verge of extinction.

Causes of extinction of birds

According to several researchers, mobile towers area unit believed to be accountable for the extinction of little birds like cockroaches. But I think about these birds to be pesticides employed in agriculture.The pesticide we have a tendency to use to manage the infestation of military caterpillar, cabbage caterpillar, inexperienced caterpillar or different insects in cotton is accountable. Sometimes we have a tendency to combine these pesticides within the gall and provides it to the crop for management. How will this stupid life grasp that drugs has been mixed during this gourd! The poor individuals eat it as food and meet death.

Usefulness of birds in organic farming

Herons area unit terribly helpful to United States in organic farming. In our farming, caterpillars area unit dormant. If these cochetas area unit propagating their offspring within the right surroundings then such cochetas area unit increasing their population by the millions.If herons use such cocheta as food, then friends, assume what percentage free eagles a heron chuck will facilitate United States. thus cannot we have a tendency to prepare for a lot of such birds to return to our farm? Peacocks area unit terribly protecting in agriculture against rat infestation. In Farm, rats area unit wasting all crops, particularly wheat.

In addition to those birds, bees play a very important role within the method of natural fertilization for wonderful buzz in our agriculture.

Bees area unit essential for wonderful fruit for crops like poet. Additionally, bees area unit the simplest fruit for all farming crops. Even reptiles like snakes save United States from the torment of rats. If you explore it like this, the animals around United States area unit terribly helpful in our farming. Thus we have a tendency to area unit taking advantage of cultivating them.

What can be done for bird breeding ???

We can do tons for the breeding of birds and that we ought to breed them as a result of we all know the advantages.A tree ought to be planted on this facet of our farm so such birds will realize a natural place of refuge.In order for the birds to possess a decent natural surround, nests ought to be organized thereon tree so they’ll become a permanent refuge there. If they die thanks to non-availability of water particularly in summer, water ought to be provided. We have a tendency to do organic farming in our farm thus there’s no crisis for them currently. So friends, let’s begin these days and save the surroundings.

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Jatropha biodiesel

The use of Jatropha biodiesel has inflated in recent times. Jatropha biodiesel could also be a whole biodiesel. you may have seen biodiesel boards at fuel pumps in several places. Why is biodiesel made from it? The seeds from a plant known as Jatropha square measure extracted by yellowing.It is a page pollution free diesel. My main focus is to make a lot of use of it and contribute to environmental cleanliness.You can realize complete data concerning Jatropha here.

Introduction to Jatropha plants

Introduction to Jatropha plants

You will have seen the plants on the aspect of the watercourse at intervals the forest or at intervals the fallow land. Jatropha can be a castor kind of crop. It conjointly has twelve varieties. it is a crop that will be taken for twelve months.Black soil is a lot of appropriate for it. It’s fully grown like cotton. Once you sow it for the first time, bring its seeds from the market. Then you don’t got to take it for the second time. several farmer friends don’t even think about Maine to cultivate this Jatropha.

But friends, if not nowadays, then tomorrow we have got to adopt it. In today’s time, the demand for diesel has inflated tons, that is why its worth is in addition increasing day by day. The diesel we tend to use is implausibly restricted. It looks to be missing at intervals the close to future. You know that. The diesel we tend to square measure presently victimisation conjointly emits legion harmful gases, that is answerable for warming.

Jatropha could be a freshly discovered thanks to deal with the shortage of diesel.With its facilitate, the large value of commerce fossil oil to our country will be greatly reduced which is able to profit our country below one pretext or another. Jatropha diesel does not value the maximum amount as you’d wish to create reception. Diesel will be obtained by constant methodology as we tend to extract oil from groundnut, sesame, castor, rye etc.


Jatropha can be a genus of flowering plants at intervals the rosid family, Euphorbiaceous. Another common name is nettles purge. It contains or so a hundred and seventy species of succulent plants, shrubs and trees. Most of these square measure native to ground, with sixty six species found at intervals the previous World. Plants manufacture separate male and female flowers. Llike several members of the family Euphorbiaceous, Jatropha contains compounds that square measure extremely harmful.

Jatropha species have historically been utilized in basketmaking, tanning and dye production. within the 2000s, one species, Jatropha curcas, generated interest as associate degree oil crop for biodiesel production. The stems of haat square measure used for basketmaking by the Seri folks in genus Sonora, Mexico.The stems square measure cooked, split associate degreed soaked through an elaborate method.The blood-red dye that's typically used is created from the basis of another plant species, Krameria grayi.Spicy Jatropha is cultivated as a decorative within the tropics for its endlessly blooming crimson flowers.Buddha belly plant  was accustomed tan animal skin and manufacture a red dye in North American nation and therefore the southwestern u.  s..It is conjointly used as a house plant.The oil from Jatropha curcas is especially born-again into biodiesel to be used in diesel engines.The cake ensuing from oil extraction, a protein-rich product, will be used for fish or animal feed.

It’s also a biomass feedstock to power electricity plants or to supply biogas, and a high-quality organic. In 2007, Goldman Sachs cited Jatropha biodiesel conjointly of the foremost effective candidates for future biodiesel production. It’s proof against drought and pests, and produces seeds containing 27-40% oil averaging thirty four.4%. The remaining press cake of Jatropha seeds once oil extraction might even be thought of for energy production.

However, despite their abundance and use as oil and reclamation plants. None of the Jatropha species square measure properly domesticated. And, as a result, their productivity is variable, and thus. The long-run impact of their large-scale use on soil quality and conjointly the setting is unknown. 2009 analysis found that. Jatropha biodiesel production needs considerably a lot of water than different common biofuel crops, that initial yield estimates were high. Earlier, higher estimates from World watch Institute had prompt that one acre of cultivation might yield 202 gallons (4.8 barrels) of biodiesel. Jatropha biodiesel is in addition being studied to be used as a carbon sequestration plant in arid regions.

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Benefits of feeding silage.(સાઇલેજ)

Silage(સાઇલેજ) animal feed

What is silage ??

                      Silage is hold on inexperienced fodder that is employed in summer.Any grain crop whose seeds square measure ripe.What’s there will be used.Sorghum, millet, maize, barley. Growing 2For hours Dry on the farm Is in debt.Then clean it employing a cutter 1-1.5 inches Cut into slices awe-inspiring. This slice, No air In such an oversized place In large rooms or By pressing within the luggage Is crammed.This lasted for forty five days In gap the luggage doesn’t return.And To ferment the fodder Is paid.

In sight of constant increase within the value of concentrate feed ingredients and their restricted handiness. Inexperienced fodder is taken into account a cheap supply of nutrients for the dairy farm animals. Whereas increase in inexperienced fodder production per square measure of land has been stressed. It is equally vital to conserve inexperienced fodder to make sure regular provide for feeding animals.

particularly throughout the lean periods. Preserving inexperienced fodder within the type of provender is one in all the most effective choices out there to make sure. Regular provide of quality fodder through completely different seasons of the year. What’s SILAGE? Silage is that the preserved inexperienced fodder. Having wet content within the vary of sixty five to seventy per cent. Fodder crops made in soluble carbohydrates square measure incubated when. Chaffing for 45-50 days beneath anaerobic conditions.

Sugars present in the fodder are converted to lactic acid

that acts as a preservative and a decent supply of pronto possible sugars for the tum microbes. Beneath correct storage. Condition, provender will be hold on even up to 2 years. Sensible quality mustn’t have any butanoic acid. which provides off flavor to silages. If correct anaerobic conditions aren’t maintained. Silages created would have butanoic acid content in it. Crops appropriate for IT creating.

The fodder crops, like maize, sorghum. Oats, Pennisetum glaucum, and hybrid mathematician made in soluble. Carbohydrates square measure most fitted for fodder ensiling. Quality of provender will be improved with the employment of appropriate. Additives like sirup, urea, salt, acid etc. sensible  qualities. Like pickles from sensible and top quality and silages Smells bitter. Silages ought to be a decent golden color. It mustn’t be sticky.

Benefits of feeding silage.

Silage works as inexperienced fodder in summer. Silage is a lot of alimentary than inexperienced fodder. Milk production includes a noticeable profit and fat is sweet. With the assistance of provender, useful germs get into the abdomen of the animal. That destroys unhealthy germs. Inexperienced fodder will be hold on for up to 2 years. Silages is employed but inexperienced fodder. Silage takes up less area than identical quantity of inexperienced fodder.

so the house stays clean. Animal wastage of fodder will be prevented. Regarding half-hour Fodder will be saved. It means , Saving vi kilo in one mound of fodder – fifteen / twenty / – is saved per day. One in all the foremost efficient ways that to feed cows. Reduced reliance on bought-in feed from feeding wholesome, home-produced forage. Improved returns from. One in all your farm’s main assets – your grass. Hidden’ edges from a a lot of forage-based diet – e.g. Improved cow fertility and cow health.

Green fodder    V/S silage

Benefits of feeding silage.

20 kg per animal per day is required. V/S 5 kg per animal per day is required.
If the pieces are rejected, it is wasted. V/S Mandatory dismemberment to stop spoilage and provide adequate nutrition to the animal

Silage could be a very hip fodder for kine. Developed countries already adopted this straightforward and helpful technique however countries like. So you’ll save cash and work force if you trust this set up.If government take interest and supply silages.Tools like silages presser and bailer then i hope sooner it’ll be a preferred technique to feed kine.

Methods of organic farming Organic Farm New Organic manure

Importance of cows in organic farming

The lineage of the cow is believed to be concerning one thousand thousand years past and it started in Asia. There area unit concerning thirty vital species of cows in Republic of India.

Breed of cows: In INDIA

               Gyr or Gir cattle, Rathi cattle, Krishna Valley,  Dangi cattle, Tharparkar cattle, Kherigarh, Gaolao, Sahiwal cattle, Red sindhi, Umblachery. Kenkatha,Ponwar cattle, Bachur cattle, Red kandhari, Ongole cattle, Hallikar, Deoni cattle, Gangatiri, Kangayam cattle, Hariana vcattle. Amrit mahal, Vechur cattle, Khillari cattle, Malvi ,Mewati cattle, Nimari cattle, Brahman cattle. Nagori, Bargur cattle, Malnad Gidda, Pulikulam ,Punganur cattle, Alambadi, Guzerat, Sunandini, Nelore etc..

Breed of cows: In The world

Holstein Friesian cattle(H.F.), Jersey cattle, Shorthorn, Ayrshire cattle, guernsey cattle, Dairy shorthorn, Angus cattle, Hereford cattle, Simmental cattle. Limousin cattle, Charolais cattle, Norwegian red, Galloway cattle, Chianina, Normande Red Poll. Belted Galloway, Belgian Blue, Maine-Anjou, Lakenvelder cattle, Pie Rouge des Plaines, Ankole-Watusi, Pinzgaues cattle. Swedish Red-and-White, South Devon cattle, Beefmaster, Kostroma, Parthenaise, Marchigiana, Salers cattle, Murnau-Werdenfels cattle etc...

Importance of cows in organic farming:

Importance of cows in organic farming recent cow pee is basically ninety fifth water. 2.5% carbamide and a two. 5% mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes.

Edges of Cow Urine:(For humans)

The edges accrue from the inhibitor and antimicrobial properties of cow’s pee and its distillates. Associate degree inhibitor prevents different chemicals from combining with gas and forming free radicals. Free radicals will have a harmful impact on living cells and area unit thought to pave the manner for cancer, diabetes, and even aging. Studies show that the antimicrobial property of recent cow pee is love ofloxacin – an artificial antibiotic prescribed often for treating microorganism infections.

Edges of Cow Urine:(For organic farming)

Whole world has currently recognized the medicative, agricultural and amount of cows. Cow is that the solely animal within the world whose milk, dung and pee all have nice worth for humans. There is nothing emotional or non secular concerning it. It is pure science supported experience. One cow reared in our yard is needed in ten acres of organic farming (zero budget farming). Its dung we tend to pee provides the subsequent edges. create Jivamrut,make saptrparni ark,make dash parni ark,make nimastr Etc. Cow urine-manure is employed for organic farming plant food and medication.

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Benefits of Whyte Farms Organic Milk

Organic cow milk is very suggested for babies additionally as adults.Because of its Brobdingnagian edges a number of that area unit.Farm recent cow milk has higher levels of omega three fatty acids, that is needed for healthy growth. The cows don’t seem to be given any antibiotics or injections – their diet is high-quality grass. The grass-fed cow milk isn’t contaminated with residues of pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones’. It is made in inhibitor properties. Our Grass-fed cow milk contains a lot of of vitamin E, carotene and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Higher CLA helps in increasing the body’s rate, muscle growth and immunity to diseases. The desi cow milk helps in preventing muscular degeneration. Pure cow milk helps in reducing muscle and joint pain

Geer cow Ghee

Gir cow clarified butter has been given a title of “Rasayana” in writing superior herbs and food that works surprise for the general health and promotes longevity and well-being.This clarified butter is very useful and suggested for folks having. Issues like piles, fisher and fistula. It promotes digestion, helps in developing bone, protects arteries, offer immunity and plenty of a lot of. Cow clarified butter helps in up biological process systems by invigorating secretion of enzymes, it’s conjointly simple to soak up because it consists lower chain fatty acids.

Organic Buttermilk

Indian cow milk is tasty, healthy, and also the best supply of diverse vitamins and minerals, this is often one thing that we tend to all understand and comply with. But did you recognize that many different milk product too have constant goodness of milk, with some additional advantages? For instance, organic milk has varied healing properties too and is very placed in writing. Natural butter milk is simple to digest. It has a bitter style and astringent properties in it that is hot in nature, that fosters digestion. According to some ancient texts, milk mitigates Kaph and Vata. There area unit several mentions of the advantages of organic milk even in writing.

Wherever it’s been utilized in treatment of inflammation, spleen disorders. Gastro enteral disorders, biological process disorders, lack of craving, and anemia. milk could be a nice supply of nutrition. as an example it’s made in Ca and B, and conjointly a superb supply of metal and cobalamin. Any diet which incorporates naturally soured foods like milk, sourdough breads, yogurt, and pickles offer all the enzymes required within the epithelial duct for enhancing digestion and to assimilate all the nutrients from food

What are the advantages of cattle farming?

victuals oxen are used for the assembly of milk. Draught oxen area unit used for labour connected. With agriculture like cultivation Irrigation and hauling. Cattle farming will increase the general financial gain of. The farmers and lift their commonplace of living.Animal wastes will be used for enriching soil. It provides employment to an oversized range of individuals.

Organic manure

Disadvantages of using pesticides and fertilizers:


Other forms of farming use venturesome pesticides and fertilizers that may have an effect on the physical body. The employment of pesticides and fertilizers will increase the danger of cancer, metabolism diseases, asthma, depression, anxiety, endocrine imbalances and lots of others. Physical body is extremely vulnerable thus ‘pest’ (pesticides) result the body and reduces its functioning in numerous potential ways in which. :

For example:
Peanut fodder ready from the foundation illness of groundnut like groundnut is employed for disinfectant powder inflicting symptom within the animal and lots of abdomen ailments ar caused if human consumes its oil.


Use of pesticides harm the setting for future. Pesticides will destroy the full land and create it’s soil ne’er no usable once more. Excessive use of pesticides will contaminate water and soil , create vegetables and fruits less wholesome. Setting suffers loads because of the poison (Pesticides).


Food is additionally littered with pesticides as petidsides contain biologically active agents that damges the food. Food is  essential for the living organism to measure and if the farmers do not grow foods organically. Then the health of furthur civilisation of individuals can have an effect on loads and that they will have symptoms of on top of mentioned diseases. 


If current generation individuals were littered with pesticides then it’ll have facet effects on subsequent generation. Thus generation can have a result albeit that wasn’t their mistake. It’ll cause acute effects , skin issues , result the systema nervosum, cancer etc.



Organic food product are healthy, wholesome and contain countless protien that helps physical body grow. Organic farming keeps our installation clean by stopping that impure flee.Organic farming conjointly saves the land frond contamination by creating soil fertile. For growing food you need to have a healthy soil. If you contaminate the soil by putt pesticides and fertilizers in it , the food won’t grow wholesome.Farming ought to solely be finished organic materials like plant and animal waste.If farmers try different farming techniques then it’ll have fatal result on setting and slowly increase in rate of pollution therefore increase in heating. Organic farming conjointly helps in encouraging birds and different natural predators to measure thier life merrily in their farm land.

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Advantages of Organic vegetables

  Organic Vegetables

 Organic Vegetables ready from Natural Ingredients while not Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers. These Organic vegetables area unit terribly sanitary  and healthy as a result of these area unit packed with supermolecule and created while not mistreatment pesticides.

Advantages of Organic vegetables

1) Organic vegetables saves atmosphere from suffering.Organic farming to supply vegetables is sweet for atmosphere. Because it doesn’t use harmful pesticides and fertilizers that makes the soil fertile.

2)The benefits of organic foods can be highest for babies. The typical baby is born with two hundred toxins and carcinogens in its body. By the time children reach their second year, most have glued the deadly limit for the toxins. By feeding your kid organic food, it’ll have regarding 1/6th the number of carcinogens in its blood. Thus you may decrease the probabilities of sicknesses considerably. Therefore, particularly for infants and children a raw organic food diet is implausibly vital.

3) Organic vegetables area unit certified. These vegetables area unit non – GMO (Generally changed foods or organics) i.e. Adult while not mistreatment modifying techniques that typically loses the nutrition of the food.

4) Organic vegetables enhance soil fertility and water quality. As we all know that the waste of animal and plants makes soil fertile. However it additionally maintain the water quality within the soil.

5)Better style. The style of organic fruits and vegetabl is usually superior to any standard manufacture. That is why several high restaurants use organic manufacture in their menu. Today, most fruits and veggies area unit manipulated to appear and keep sensible. The strawberries from your normal grocery could look nice on your cake however they need just about no style. However, the style of recent organic fruits is irresistible!

6)According to other recent studie , organic foods area unit higher for fighting cancer. And other people uptake organic food have improved system, higher sleeping habits and area unit less seemingly to be overweight than once uptake “conventional” foods.

Environmental Advantages of Organic vegetables

 Organic food facts area unit particularly putting if you think about the atmosphere. Standard farming ways erode soil and use dangerous pesticides which will take centuries before they are gone. Think about the insecticide, thought to be harmless however perceived to be very dangerous for your health. despite the fact that this chemical has been impermissible for several years. Now, it’s still found in just about all waters, people in general and animals within the world. In addition, over time, artificial persecutor controls recede and fewer that even a lot of chemicals should be used or different ways found. One of the massive benefits of organic food is that purchasing it’s a large positive impact on the atmosphere, the animals and other people UN agency continue to exist it

Some of the organic vegetabl area unit spinach , beans , tomatoes , onion , garlic , potatoes etc.

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All abouts Organic farming

Agriculture sector in India is incredibly vital because it contributes a lot of over the world’s average financial gain. This sector is that the biggest sector in India. Farming could be a apply of land cultivation for agriculture i.e. to provide crops. It’s the art of cultivating and growing soils. We all get to listen to through ”organic farming” questions-discussion-news media. however is organic farming tired India? What area unit the advantages of organic farming? Advantage of organic farming ?? what’s organic farming? however is organic farming done? What’s the advantage of this technique to the environment?

Organic farming could be a system of agriculture wherever the utilization of chemicals and artificial inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and feed additives area unit avoided. Organic farming is completed to unharness nutrients to the crops for magnified property production in associate degree eco-friendly andpollution-free surroundings.


A complete explanation of organic farming:

     Definition of organic farming:

Organic farming is explained as associate degree agriculture method that’s employed in sweetening of soil fertility by exploitation biologicals fertilizers i.e. From animal and  plant waste. Organic farming could be a nice apply for saving the surroundings from totally different chemical pesticides , fertilizers , and alternative harmful things that cause harmful result on the land. Organic farming is additionally useful in generating revenue as a result of it uses cheaper inputs like rubbish.”


       If each farmer within the world adopts this technique, five hundredth of the world’s issues are going to be solved  mechanically. The chemical fertilizers and pesticides employed by the farmer. To extend his crop yield and sensible profit area unit terribly prejudicial. The spraying of the drug is incredibly accountable for soil and pollution. Excessive chemical fertilizers cut back the natural fertility of the soil. Destroys earthworms known as farmer’s friend. This technique makes the soil fertile and fertile. Crops fully grown from this technique area unit terribly healthy for the body.

            Cereals, beans, vegetables, fruits or the rest that you simply and that i eat nowadays is sort of a sweet poison. We have a tendency to mirthfully bring fruits from the marketplace for our youngsters. Does one knowledge that contribution matures? Most of these contributions area unit artificially aged. Terrible substances like carbate area unit accustomed ripen it directly.

Organic farming

Cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits made during this technique. Area unit terribly useful, this technique is environmentally friendly. Agriculture has additionally compete a task in reducing the number of element on our planet once business. If we have a tendency to aren’t careful in time can ought to return. Today, several charitable-environmental organizations promote this technique. The govt. additionally subsidizes a great deal. Today, the govt. of India offers 900 rupees per month to a farmer to market this technique. A visionary like Shubhash Palekar is giving his time to elucidate the importance of this technique to the farmers.

This technique uses a spread of strategies to enhance soilfertility. Together with crop rotation, cowl cropping, reduced tillage, and application of compost. By reducing tillage, soil isn’t inverted and exposed to air. Less carbon is lost to the atmosphere leading to a lot of soil natural carbon.

 Farmers ought to be inspired to try to to this technique by explaining. The importance of this technique through seminars. The big advantage of this technique is that it reduces prices. for instance. If your crop is troubled with pests, you’ll spray. Nimastr, Sapt Parni Extract, etc, And management the pests. You’ll use it as a jivamrut  for the expansion of your crop. The older the cow, the a lot of useful it’s. I actually have 1500 liters over three years recent. Milk is additionally a profit issue because it gets older.

Reasons for adoption of organic farming

Initially we have a tendency to used less pesticides for chemical fertilizers. However as hybrid seeds came on, we have a tendency to started exploitation these chemicals a lot of to create a lot of profit. We have a tendency to farmers don’t knowledge a lot of and in what crop to place during which land. Most of the farmers imitate the neighbor He has no plan what his land desires is 100 percent true friends.

As a result, the standard of our soil deteriorated. The balance of nutrients needed for crop production was disturbed. As a result, the standard of our soil deteriorated. The balance of nutrients needed for crop production was disturbed. Groundwater was contaminated by the utilization of unscrupulous chemicals. If you have got tea on the farm nowadays. You have got to require water for it and beverage from home. !!

The chemical, physical and biological conditions of the soil deteriorated thanks to that. The soil became laborious and therefore the growth of natural nutrients was hampered. By the wind that affected the assembly within the end of the day.

So friends, once reading this post of mine, you want to have understood however vital this technique is, so friends. Please justify the importance of this technique to others and inspire them for this technique. Adopt this technique to avoid wasting the humanity.