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Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract(સપ્ત ધાન્યનાંકુર અર્ક )

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Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract is a desi method of preparation. We don’t have to buy anything from outside to make it.Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract is made from seven grains ripening in our own farm. Which every farmer who does organic farming knows.Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract The answers to all the questions about how to become a Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract can be found here.

making sapta cereal extract:

Take 100 grams of sesame seeds in a bowl
Take enough water to dissolve the sesame seeds
Take 100 mgs of Mugna seeds
100 mgs of pigeon pea seeds
100 mgs of Choli seeds
100 mgs of Math seeds
100 mgs of Desi Chickpeas seeds
100 mgs of wheat in a donation bowl with enough water to submerge in water.
making sapta cereal extract:

Good Sapt Dhanyanankur Extract “On the third day, remove the seventh grain from the water.Conserve that water.The seeds that we have used to make this extract will germinate faster by keeping it in the can for germination.Make sauce after 1 cm germination.200 liters of water + 10 liters of cow urine.Preserved water + Cereal sauce.Stir the mixture so that the whole mixture thickens.Cover with sack for 2 hours.This prepared mixture can be used after 48 hours.

Best Sapt Dhanyanankur Extracts Benefits

Sapt Dhanyanankur extract is very cost effective and offers more benefits for our organic farming.Here is the complete information to make it.

By spraying it, the seeds of our crop are compensated.If we use it on crops like coriander, chickpea or soybean, its seeds will grow well.As a result, the weight of the farm is also halved.And there is a lot of sweetness in the crops prepared in this way.And it is also very beneficial in terms of health.

The method of making any fertilizer or. You can make it yourself by looking at it and you can use it easily.

Cereals cooked with excessive pesticides are responsible for inviting a terrible disease like cancer for our body. The extracts prepared by this method are more suitable to get rid of it.

Zero budget farming

Zero budget farming is not today but tomorrow we all have to adopt it.Our farming today is very expensive and the crops we grow are very harmful for the next generation. If we want to see our next generation happy and prosperous This will be changed.I have tried very hard in my site, my farmer friends, zero budget farming, that is, my goal is to turn to organic farming.

Here we have nature running our life.It is it that creates new micro-organisms.And it has also created the natural cheese for its control.
With this in mind, we have to use it to control the pests or fungi that are causing damage in our agriculture in the manner given here.

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