Virus of papaya

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The virus of papaya crop is responsible for reducing your farm income. Our papaya farmers are very much bothered by the virus of papaya which is spreading very fast and has a bad effect on our crop production. This type of virus can be active up to a radius of 5 km and if it is present in the crop of last 4 years then it can become active if this crop is taken in that soil again at the present time.

Is there no permanent solution to the papaya virus? How can we protect our papaya cultivation? Can we control this virus in the way shown in organic farming?

Before solving the above questions, it is very important that we identify the virus of papaya.

Symptoms of papaya virus

A virus called yellow mosaic causes its leaves to turn yellow and dry.Its leaves become visible during the fall season.Its new leaves are also found to be hard and distorted in the wells so that the effect on the full growth of the plant is not less or no fruit at all. Therefore, control of this disease is very important for good production.

The leaves of any plant are found to be green.This is because of the chlorophyll in the leaf.But the virus destroys the chlorophyll in it so in its initial symptom it starts to turn yellow and deform.It is impossible to get excellent fruit across the road as it affects the fruiting process.Although sometimes the leaves look yellow due to lack of magnesium and zinc. But we can get it through manure.

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