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Why is organic farming necessary ??

         What is organic farming? Want to know all the importance of organic farming ??My dear brothers and sisters living on earth, today we are very much disturbed by natural calamities, right ??? People of no other planet are responsible for that distress, but we are responsible. The more modern man became, the more alienated he became from the environment. Humans dig deep into the environment to develop themselves and make more profit and as a result many problems like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, hurricanes, corona, dengue, wildfires, global warming have arisen. The agro-industry contributes more to this problem.

The use of two forms of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to get higher yields in agriculture has had a lethal effect on the environment as we know it. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroys the natural elements of our high yielding soil and the crop produced by the use of chemicals continues to give us the gift of new diseases as well as disrupt the climate.

We have to work together to solve all these problems. It is 100% that we have to adopt organic farming not only today but also tomorrow. So what is organic farming in my site ?? How to do this ?? Definition of this. Various components of it. Organic manure method etc. information will be available. If you have any questions about this, you will need to comment.We use a chemical called Reno at the time of sowing groundnuts. If we eat groundnuts from it, we feel a lot of stomach problems.You have also lost a lot of other things. Remember the time 20-25 years ago today when you were going to your farm. What kind of birds and animals did you see? How many birds do you see now? So all these sins we have committed. So let’s adopt sustainable farming together and save the environment.

Definition of organic farming

So let’s adopt sustainable farming together and save the environment.Organic farming is known as live farming, sustainable farming and eco farming.According to the World Commission on the Environment,Organic farming is a development that satisfies the current tissue needs without compromising its ability to meet the needs of future generations.”